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TemplarDante  +   1029d ago
But Hideo, be realistic. Be warned.
If you go multiplatform, remain true to your self. Dont go all COD on us just because MGS V will be on Nextbox/360.
Its tempting easy money..
BUT DONT do that, please.

djthechamp24  +   1029d ago
Who gives a fuck its just a game
maelstromb  +   1029d ago
Kojima--the guy who has gone on the stump more times than I care to count in the last 9 years of this generation to proclaim that Metal Gear Solid games can not and will not run well enough on ANY other platform but Sony's PS3--is now saying he would prefer to not be limited to one platform any longer. I have to say, I respect the man immensely, but you've gotta admit that it's funny how mindsets can changed so drastically with each new generation.
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listenkids  +   1029d ago
Kojima - the guy who said MGS4 maxed out PS3.
Max-Zorin  +   1029d ago
All this soap opera over a video game.
Jek_Porkins  +   1029d ago
The guy hasn't really ever made exclusives anyway, Metal Gear games have been on Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Gamecube, Snakes been a character in Smash Bro's and the series got it's start on the MX2, even had some NES games.
baldulf  +   1029d ago
Why does he says "games" when he means "Metal Gears"?
listenkids  +   1029d ago
There is a sense of principle in Sony loyalists, in that MGS made itself known on the Playstation platform, similar to Tomb Raider or Resident Evil, and they feel like it belongs in the exclusive club.

Yes, I am disregarding the original xbox release and PC releases of MGS games, mainly due to the lack of sales or even noticability, MGS is a PS title.

I may have said something that made no sense without going back, sue me, I'm drunk.
gano  +   1029d ago
I'll wait to see what he says later.
I buy systems for the exclusives, how wasteful to buy 3 systems to play
the same games.
This multi shyt messing with order, thats how we knew what was progressive.
Games this gen was not memorable, hell half of them you can get 40 and below.
Some with shyt, wack storylines. If phantom pain suffers from less story seq, shyt will
hit the fan.
And the Kishin Asura will be kicking ass.
According to revelation.
fullmetal297  +   1029d ago
I really don't understand all this crying for a developer deciding to go mutiplatform and thinking it will ruin the quality of their gaming. Countless times I have seen PC-only developers go mutiplatform and it has not at affected my enjoyment of their games. Examples include every game every released, the Battlefield franchise, and the Crysis Series. MGS started on the NES and past Metal Gear games has been ported on Nintendo's and Microsoft consoles before, so this decision should new or any shocking.
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ATi_Elite  +   1029d ago
Console Exclusives are almost dead anyway

Microsoft has done well without even bothering to support Exclusives although I'm glad Sony still focuses on Exclusives.

Devs/Pubs are looking to have games across 4 platforms PS4/X720/PC/Wiiu unfortunately slow WiiU sales and timely programing for it may eliminate the WiiU for most multiplats.
tweet75  +   1029d ago
nintendo really should publish there games on other consoles besides there own they would sell more. They should put out zelda and mario next gen games on ps4, wiiu , and xbox.
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ShaunCameron  +   1029d ago
Um. How about a better idea? Why don't Sony and Microsoft make their own Mario and Zelda? Sony and Microsoft fans are owed nothing from Nintendo.
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WeAreLegion  +   1029d ago
This explains why Sony has focused completely on first party developers and indie devs. Third party developers no longer have allegiances. Money is tight. That is definitely understandable. It will be up to first party to decide the next generation...

...oh, and marketing in the United States. Lol. We Americans get suckered into so many things because of marketing. (See: Pet Rock)
Marugo  +   1029d ago
I hope kojima makes MGS series like call of duty, battlefiefd, final fantasy13 and release it also on pc & wiiu, so that he makes lot of money and everyone can play it and more mgs yearly to come n_n
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1029d ago
It's not a big deal anymore in my opinion. Aside from him wanting his game to be played by everyone, I can say that he wants also more money but I respect the guy. For sony fans such as myself It doesnt matter atleast Xbox fans can enjoy the game and to other PS fans, We still have a lot of exclusives so no need to break down on this.
t3gamenews  +   1029d ago
so were getting it on wii u?
Soldierone  +   1029d ago
We knew this when Konami promoted him to a higher up position. More money if he brings in more money to the whole company. At least he is keeping integrity for the most part. Konami would pull a Square Enix and have MGS 52 by now if they had their way.
Neko_Mega  +   1029d ago
I don't know if this is really what he thinks, because he never seem to be a fan on anything but Sony.

I just hope the game is good, I hate it when something that was on one system becomes on others and turns out to be crappy or full of bugs.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   1029d ago
the importance of being exclusive does the game better future overall, the importance of one platformers i believe will set ps4 and nextbox apart in bigger way then this gen, im pretty sure...

say what you want by metal gear solid just " another game know " ... exclusive counts for the most part... more support from its platform holder.
ACEMANWISE  +   1029d ago
I have played Metal Gear since the NES back in the 80's. His recent games, words, and opinions don't reflect the last 25 years of his life. It seems he's letting his company take over and it shows.

We're talking about a man who redefined gaming by creating stealth as a form of gameplay. He built an entire story that took years to tell that focused on the lives of Big Boss and the clones that related to him.

Now it's about some cyborg ninja that never amounted to the epicness of Greyfox, yet they shoehorned the character in anyway. Its now about action and speed and less about stealth and character.
ACEMANWISE  +   1029d ago
As for platform exclusivity.. he acts like this has never happened before. Metal Gear has been on multiple platforms so I don't see the purpose of his words.
Xtremist  +   1029d ago
Basically Sony still has 2 big exclusives from 3rd parties (Deep Down & New-ip from QDream) but yeah, MGS5 would have allowed them to project a much more prestigious image in regard of their 3rdP exclusives.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   1029d ago
^^^ deep was never a exclusive, trust me, and quantic dream is sony 2nd party studio,,, not third... i expect quantic dream to become member of the playstation family this next gen tho.
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Fakdafakinfakerz  +   1029d ago
If MGS5 has less contents and features than MGS4, we will all know why... Wait & see.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1029d ago
Meanwhile millions of Xbox 360 owners have yet to play MGS4.

Life sucks for people who only own one console.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   1029d ago
or... maybe people have too much to do to own two consoles?

maybe your in denial for owning both? i dont know but i surely dont feel like changing controllers every night i come back from work... do you? or are you one of those enthusiastic gamer who barely plays games and just blog bs?
bauer007  +   1029d ago
WitWolfy  +   1029d ago
Nothing wrong with spreading the game to a wider audience, some fanboys are just so selfish! First they go like "I wish more people could play the MGS games" BAM!!! Now it happens and they go like "OMG what a back stabber yoink yoink!! HE betrayed SONY durka durka!!!" Make up your damn minds FFS!

I for one welcome this AND I'll own both games on its respective next gen or current gen cosnoles.. You can count on that!
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tubers  +   1029d ago
psv.. psv... PSV!!

You made MGSPW.. now please do something similar for the VITA
Shinox  +   1029d ago
The gaming industry is dying slowly because of microsoft

don't ask why just look around you if you call yourself a gamer.
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