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bytefeast  +   958d ago
I can't wait to see what this little baby can do!
androidboy  +   958d ago
Yes! The future looks exciting
xHeavYx  +   958d ago
Quote from the article "Not everyone wants games to look like real life" What kind of moron would write something like that? Bitch if games are too real, and bitch if they are not. Does he think everyone is going to use Fox Engine? "hey everyone, we are announcing Borderlands 7, but since that legislation passed, we will be forced to use Fox Engine like every other developer"
MurDocINC  +   958d ago
I can't wait till Unlimited Detail Engine crashes it and every other engine.
MaxXAttaxX  +   958d ago
Haha no.
You know what the Fox Engine will have that the Unlimited Detail Engine won't?
Metal Gear Solid.

You know what else the Unlimited Detail Engine won't have? Any games.
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suzanne3n   958d ago | Spam
Ritsujun  +   957d ago
Because of FOX engine, humans abandoned reality.
I came from that awesome future.
Going back in 2 hours time.
MidnytRain  +   958d ago
Did you get your avatar from this story?
thedon8982z  +   958d ago
I cant wait to,however I must admit the only engine I consider real next gen is maybe the next frostbite engine.I am tired of developers just focusing on pretty graphics.I want to see full destruction,advance AI,and global illumination become standard.I beleive in the next gen pretty graphics will become common, so its time to move on an advance other subsections of an engine.I guess only time will tell but I still will have a blast with my PS4 enjoying every advancement made in the next gen of games.
androidboy  +   958d ago
Konami have always delivered in the lifetime (well, Metal Gear Solid onwards) I've known them
kevnb  +   958d ago
i think kojima is given too much credit. Hes a great game director with awesome ideas and direction for the game itself. But he doesnt code engines. Hes so good at what he does konami gives him all the resources he needs.
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appleandroid  +   958d ago
He is a master, any company would do the same for him :)
Batzi  +   958d ago
He is a creator and the engine was built based on what he wants and the output the engine will produce will be thanks to his ideas that programmers wrote down and followed to achieve his vision. Programmers are following orders.
Timesplitter14  +   958d ago
I don't think you know what you're talking about.

Do you really think Kojima showed up and said "Hey programmers, I've got a great idea for our next engine : it'll have to have great graphics." And then the programmers were all like "OMG we never thought of that! Now we know what to do!"?
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esemce  +   958d ago
ChipChipperson  +   958d ago
From the article, " So the question is, how real is too real? Perhaps one day there will be a limit on how realistic developers are allowed to make games, so that we always have a way to distinguish the virtual world form reality."
If you can't tell the difference between the virtual world and reality, you shouldn't be playing games then. Is someone that stupid they forgot they had a controller in their hands and that their gaming system was on? Why can movies get away with it?
dcbronco  +   958d ago
I don't think it's a matter of forgetting you have a controller( though someone that dumb would be funny). It's a matter of will the violence look so real that censors feel it's too much for younger people. We may get to the point of having NC-17 type games. I know blood can be turned off. But what happens when it's also brain matter and the look on a characters face as they are killed. It may get to the point, or I should say will. And that will not be considered acceptable to the general public.

There are few places that show real graphic violence on TV(HBO's new Vice series is one(severed head just laying next to a car after suicide bomber). And then in small doses. Games serve it in large doses. If online shooters start to look like real war, the censors will step in. We'll all think we live in Germany.
Timesplitter14  +   958d ago
In all seriousness, I'm really excited to see what the Fox Engine can do but photorealism will not be seen next gen nor next-next gen.

Also there is no such thing as "too real". I think in this day and age we've moved past the flawed moral ideals of "if you see violence on TV that means you'll want to do it too" and "shooting at cartoon people is fine but shooting at people that look realistic totally isn't".
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FantasyStar  +   958d ago
What the heck? This isn't PC news......
LAWSON72  +   958d ago
Well the engine was showed off on a pc
tubers  +   957d ago
Slippery slope!
kagamer79  +   958d ago
After seeing how impressive the detail and realistic effects that engine can produce, nintendo better hope it will run on or grace their console.
KillrateOmega  +   958d ago
The Fox Engine: Is Gaming About to Become too Real? least, not any time soon.

"Not everyone wants games to look like real life, I mean, one of the reasons we enjoy video games so much is because they help us to escape from our jobs, education and daily routines and immerse ourselves in other worlds that are essentially ours to control."

Maybe some people don't, but I feel safe in saying that the majority of gamers have no problem with a high level of graphical fidelity. Yes, there is the issue concerning graphics that have reached a point where you cannot distinguish between reality and the game, but all you really have to do is look at your hands and see if you're holding a controller. There is also the greater issue of censorship at that point as well.

The real concern should be when such a level of graphical fidelity is applied to 3D space to create illusions and holograms instead of being limited to just flat screens and monitors. However, that will lead to a whole different discussion concerning gaming and non-gaming applications and I don't feel like trying to get into that right now...
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gano  +   958d ago
Give me 2d fluid animation games.
Shyt fine. Not everything needs 3d.
People now see the diff in DBZ BOG.
nosferatuzodd  +   958d ago
Naughty dog studio Kojima studio these guys are genius when it comes to graphics I expect no less
mediate-this  +   958d ago
Hmmm... I disagree
ninjahunter  +   958d ago
Eh, the way they did everything gives it a very... Plasticy look. I think they cut a few corners they shouldnt have graphically. And yes, it looks great and all, but its pretty obvious that they didnt include the entire suite of shaders n such that are commonly used.
all_clear  +   957d ago
For that reason Kojima used pioneer kuro plasma tv in his office..the best tv for realistic picture
hesido  +   957d ago
For me, the illusion breaks as soon as a character start running AT the wall, no matter how good the graphics are. They need to fix that first :)
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abzdine  +   957d ago
Realism is important for a franchise like Metal Gear.
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airforcex  +   957d ago
I'm pretty sure Frostbite and Cry Engine have nothing to worry about.
Salooh  +   957d ago
You still can make any kind of graphics you want in this engine. You just have the option to make the details awesome :P. No one should worry about this. If the game vision aim for realistic game then it will try to achieve that. If it aim for a fantasy world it will happen but with better graphics. It's all aout the vision of the developers. It always have been like this even in ps1 and ps2. Developers always try to make the best graphics and people loved it but now developers reached a realistic looking characters and all of this started. Get over it. Gaming is evolving. More options available instead of limits so support what you like and it will continue to bring more. It's that simple. But don't overreact. People have different tastes...

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