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Kujii  +   961d ago
Forza is hands down the best racing game of the current gen. I game mostly on PS3 and have only purchased an xbox last year when they took a big price cut.

At the moment im 80%PS4, 20%Nextbox.
Drainage  +   960d ago
i hope the xbox launch games suck so i can pick up a ps4 without much doubt....but the ps4 launch games arent exactly anything special. infamous spinoff, kz4 looking more like cod every release, the witness aka puzzle game also releasing on the pc, driveclub looks to have potential. knack is questionable at the moment. I have a feeling the XBOX launch games will look more exciting but only exciting aka presentable.
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sl0w-m0  +   960d ago
why would you hope the games suck? it'd be your loss
sl0w-m0  +   960d ago
Damn a new forza... this is actually the first thing i heard about the new xbox that makes me want one
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TheKayle1  +   960d ago
ryse is controller+kinect
crytek is one of the few devs that when it come to push hardware they know what to do ...we r not talking about mediamolecule and i dont understand why all ppl r scared by a crytek not from the road Mediamolecule u think u can play with that sculpting game (is a game that one??!?!)...its all about the move...

all ppl scared by ryse ....
i mean just to dont forget WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS A LAUNCH TITLE?!?!?! ?!?! IS THIS A GAME?!?!?!?!

check at 2.28mins haahahah im seeing u HARDCORE PS PLAYERS doing that hahaahah
ps. just to let u konw is impossible to play instruments if not the drum maybe with the ps pretty much the video is a bs....but that sculpting shit everytime i remember it make me go to the bathroom

forza is what it is metacritics from journalist and gamers...

gt5 was one game that i been really happy to buy for my ps3..till and after i played it for a week..i must admit that passing mroe times between the horrible home menu and loadings...than in races...i get bored (ps they need to put away their patents card system !!)..and no as a gamer that playerd forza 4 ( surely gt5 physics was better than forza3) and gt5 i barely seen much difference in physics

wait they next gen console guys..wait
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