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mary23quinn   870d ago | Spam
Tei777  +   870d ago
A good telling of would of done fine, people always forget the power of their tweets. Firing him isn't going to change public perception, so essentially them firing him is like a form of punishment. Unnecessary in my opinion.
Angainor7  +   870d ago
stick your head between your legs and kiss your a** goodbye turbodrive..
swice  +   870d ago
I wonder if they REALLY fired him. Maybe they are just trying to please their fans
ReubenPatrick  +   870d ago
I kinda feel sorry for the guy now... Think about it no job and the internet made a meme just for you so that it could mock you, reminding you of the things you did. Unforgiven. never forgotten. Regardless, he was still a dick though not even replying in the most courteous and professional manner.
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