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maniacmayhem  +   778d ago
When will celebrities, people of high positions and just everyone in general realize that Twitter is just not a place to speak your mind. Especially half a** thoughts that are newly formed in one's head.

His tweets may have seem funny and in good fun between him and his friend but publicly it looked really bad and now he's paying the price for something as stupid as Twitter. Seriously, Twitter killed this guy's career.

As we say in the industry "take it offline".
AceofStaves  +   777d ago
I had a professor in university who warned us to never put anything in writing that could come up and bite us in the arse, and I think the same principle applies online. Too bad he had to learn that lesson the hard way
artdafoo  +   778d ago
Well they either gave him the boot for being a dbag and giving them a bad name, or for basically letting the cat out the bag. I think its both.
SOULJER  +   778d ago
SERIOUS. He got fired? That's mess up he sound like he was defended his company. It's always mess up to lose a job.
Sagetech  +   778d ago
This... that is all I have to say
HonestDragon  +   778d ago
Totally saw this coming. It happened to other guys before (like that schmuck who said Tiny Tina was racist) and it will happen again so long as people don't know when to keep their mouths shut on twitter.
just-joe  +   778d ago
Moral of the story: If you work for a big company, don't say stupid stuff on sites like Twitter.
SprigganN4G  +   778d ago
JasonX43  +   778d ago
When you say something so insanely stupid that makes nationwide news and brings negative press to your place of employment, usually your resignation isn't voluntary!
DivineAssault  +   778d ago
He deserved it for speaking that way to fans.. May have cost MS a lot of customers
saint_seya  +   778d ago
Damn guess he wont get the 720 now, cuz to get interent always on u need to pay your bills...
VoiceMale  +   778d ago
I can believe ppl on here all celebrating over a guy losing his job......!!!!!! how can humans be so cold...the guy made some insensitive comments yes and some ppl were offended I get that....but never once did he say Microsoft, Xbox, Durango or any indication to his company.....being upset is one thing but seeking blood gaining pleasure from something so crucial is just disheartening....
Charles Barkley say some of the most insensitive things about cities on live tv on his job site for years and he still has his job

am a gamer like most, if not all of the posters on here but seeing the most vocal fanbase in the world get off on this is just embarrassing to me to be gamer among many.....when did we become so fuel by hate for difference of opinions and preferences?
FantasyStar  +   777d ago
You must be new to the internet.
Anonymous-based raging has been around since the day you could register for an account and not have to use your real name or personal info.

I'm guessing you've started using your real name on Youtube as well?
VoiceMale  +   777d ago
"You must be new to the internet." what the hell is that supposed to mean? who said anything about account and using real names and comment was geared towards posters on here and how cruel and cold hearted they can be...

then u showed up just on time with a dismal response ,falling flat meaning nothing and adding nothing in response...

mein empty barrels do makes the most noise...
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pissed999  +   778d ago
His attitude is representative of all of microsofta.
Pc wins (thanks to valve).
Max-Zorin  +   778d ago
His boss told him ''From the bottom of my heart''.........

Certain people have to realize giving a piece of your mind on Twitter is not a good idea.
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jameelinus  +   777d ago
That's a noob move.
Dfooster  +   777d ago
You're fired. Deal with it!
Mikelarry  +   777d ago
what an idiot, i normally feel sorry for people who lose their source of income but in his infamous words #dealwithit
Robotronfiend  +   777d ago
1) You don't give yourself nicknames, that right falls to those around you. Self made nicknames often come off as douchey.

2) Billy Baroo is a superior nickname (if he is a golfer).
GadgetGooch  +   777d ago
whamlollypop7  +   777d ago
This guy is an asshole, got a laugh from his tweets though.
Xian  +   777d ago
Tzuno  +   777d ago
Well payback is a bitch "Deal with it" remember those words now? :)))
Prcko  +   777d ago
FantasyStar  +   777d ago
We should be thankful for Adam Orth. If it wasn't for him: the community would never have learned about the Always-On DRM that Microsoft has been cooking up. In a sense, he's our favorite Pariah.
Dlacy13g  +   777d ago
As someone in a lead role at MS working on projects and software for MS he should have known better. I don't get how he didn't think the moment he got his first response on Twitter that his tweets were a bad idea. He just kept going on and on ultimately putting MS in a very bad position.

His actions most certainly warranted his termination.
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Mac42o  +   777d ago
His comments where definitely on the asshole side. But he is right its 2013 we live in a connected world .If you don't have internet in this day in age don't see why you would even purchase a game console. With Windows 8, Windows Phone, an Next Xbox rumored to be running some form of Windows 8 wouldn't surprise me with always on. If you don't like it you can always buy a PS4 lol. I know Next Gen I'll have both, F*** a console war just a marketing scheme so you buy into one company over another. If Kinect 2.0 is built in an it is always online forget about it I will just be getting a Ps4. Not giving Big Brother a eye into my home.
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BabyTownFrolics  +   777d ago
real sad
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Whisky-Warlord  +   777d ago
so long jerk ass!
VTKC  +   777d ago
Well thanks to this Adam person. Whether it was intentional or not He has actually given everyone the heads up on what Microsoft has probably been up to. I will be watching you Microsoft. All this cock and balls about DRM and mandatory online and diverting your attention to this whole Shitinect2 and TV invasion isn't looking too good for you. I am a gamer, I buy a console for the sole purpose of playing games on it. Not trying to catch up on TV and watch movies. It was bad enough the first time introducing Facebook shenanigans. For fuck sake. If people wanted to go on some social network they will turn on their pc or go to their phone. Why would they want to try to even operate it on your console? And to top it off a half assed version too. Did you really think it actually feasible? Aiming your market at casual gamers. Yeah sure that's where the moneys at these days right? Well casual gamer come and go. actual gamers are here to stay and they will stick with you when you have a console that is aimed at gamers without the bullshit. You carry on aiming at the casual. End up like Nintendo. Nintendo use to be on top of things. But since this Wii with the gimmick controllers and fake ass exercise routine games -it speaks for it self. Sony should stop wasting anymore time and money on gimmicky controllers like Move or any other innovations of such. Invest your vast money on developing the real games that your audiences are waiting and craving for, and if you still have money left over then just fucking give it away if you cant stand to holding onto it. Hey another idea. How about using the left over money to maintain the original specification of future released console? Remember how you slowly removed features from the original PS3?-Backwards compatibility?
optimus  +   777d ago
This is old news, i posted the microsoft listing looking for a creative director a day before his twitter rant... Game informer is a little sloooowww.
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