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GrumpyOla  +   873d ago
Great stuff.
The only thing that bothered me was the blue lock-on circle. I thought the size and colour were off.
Eyesoftheraven  +   873d ago
"But the second axe, hit you pretty hard there." hahaha!
YoungPlex  +   873d ago
OMG Speechless!!!
DivineAssault  +   872d ago
really? I think its going to be hilarious to die in all those ways.. I think those are great improvements to the game.. The graphics arent too much different than the last.. The level design looks to be much improved.. many more come to mind.. how are you speechless?
Dlacy13g  +   873d ago
Gameplay still looks challenging... I am very much looking forward to this game.
MrChow666  +   873d ago
Looks like it stays true to what made the predecessors great, I was a little worried and this changed my mind. And for those who are looking for graphics: you have no clue what this is all about!!!
MooseyXTC  +   873d ago
Looks more Demon's Souls than Dark Souls.
This pleases me.
imsocool1234  +   873d ago
omi25p: It's a sequel to the 1st one.
seanpitt23  +   873d ago
Should be on next gen consoles
Arai  +   873d ago
A second trailer has bee released according to CVG, don't know if anyone posted it or if it's a re-cap of what was shown on IGN.

Direct YouTube link:
Drakul  +   873d ago
Lads and gents welcome to the casual version of The Souls games.Sooooo poooooooor.

Another game became bitch of distrubutors.

RIP :(
thaimasker  +   873d ago
I hope your being sarcastic lol.
Drakul  +   873d ago
Unfortunately mate,

This DARK souls 2 looks brighter than Mario Bros.

Remember the first bridge in Sens Fortress; look down and see no shit but when you fall or jump down there are 3-4 Titanite Demons waiting for you, thats make the game D-A-R-K that gives name and spirit, not looking down and seeing salamanders dowwn there among the fully bright fire light.

Casual?? Yes, unfortunately.
grassyknoll  +   873d ago
You totally ignoring the bit where he walked in total darkness.
j-blaze  +   873d ago
it looks freaking AMAZING!!!
sandman224  +   873d ago
I'm so pissed I just typed a long and interesting comment about how amazing the series is and it deserves more credit than what it has gotten in the past atarting with demon souls. It's easily an 11/10 for this game. I'm pissed because I was using my iPhone 5 to type the comment out and it kick me off the web browser and that deleted my comment that a typed out earlier. . I'm so getting an s4.
Deathdeliverer  +   873d ago
To be honest, and it hurts to say it.... i'm not impressed. I wanted and had Demon Souls before people even knew what it was. It is personally the best "Souls" game to me. Then with Dark Souls I was excited at the thought of a more OPEN Demon Souls. I more or less got what I wanted and its a good game but not GREAT like the first (Although it has been repeatedly stated that demon souls and dark souls are NOT related). The online became something that NEVER happened where in Demon Souls tension was around EVERY corner. Invasions from left to right and damn was it awesome. Anyhoo, now looking at Dark Souls 2 and it all looks been there done that. For the first time I am not excited for the series. If/When the next gen "Souls" games hit maybe the series will be reignited for me. And get rid of those damn bonfire crutches. Increase the fighting styles and variety. Demon Souls was like a dungeon crawling sim, where as Dark Souls started the TONS of regen items and respawn points. Lastly. No boss in Dark Souls gave me the sense of accomplishment I got from beating ANY of the bosses in Demon Souls. Not having bonfires probably has alot to do with that. You defeated the entire level and the boss in one fell swoop. On Dark Souls you master from the last bonfire to the boss room. And it usually isnt that far.
sdozzo  +   873d ago
Don't care if it looks easy, etc. Just to have that atmosphere and gameplay back is going to be awesome.
thatCat  +   873d ago
still on the fence.
sdplisken  +   873d ago
i want this on PS4!!!!!!
MrChow666  +   872d ago
Im sure there will be a future installment for the ps4, why not enjoy this for now?
Frodosmugins  +   873d ago
people love to hate this game!
Run_bare  +   873d ago
Wow, soo amazing, I am confident and satisfy that they will make a fantastic sequel to the brilliant demon and dark soul 1.
MuhammadJA  +   872d ago
I'm not really impressed. Clearly better games are coming.
DEEBO  +   872d ago
man they need to franchise this game.not to a point of going stale but like other's on this site are saying we need a p.c version,xbox old and new,ps3,vita and ps4.and i hope it does COD numbers because it deserves it.
DivineAssault  +   872d ago
This is going to be some scary sh*t! getting ganged up on in the dark is creepy as hell.. ima love this.. Im still hopeful there will be a dual gen release since PC is getting it.. If not, oh well.. This is going to be nerve wrecking & awesome! Dying in this game is always bitter sweet
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DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   872d ago
Cool I hope we can get that ninja turtle armor, it looks impervious to back stabs. Oh and did you guys see the cape moving in the wind... sweet! Definitely looking forward to this game.
g-nome  +   872d ago
I'm preparing to die all over again.

Dark Souls best game ever , after Demons Souls.
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Tiqila  +   872d ago
looks fantastic
tubers  +   872d ago
There's so much ssao! I hope this amount is on consoles.. nothing less.

A lot of dynamic lighting as well when he used the torch in the dungeon.
BABY-JEDI  +   872d ago
My thoughts at the start with the beetle armour guy was,, ooh, let him attack, step back & counter, but once there was two of them, monty python sprung to mind with RETREAT, RETREAT... LoL
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TheKayle1  +   872d ago
uhm dont like the graphic
Prcko  +   872d ago
hope for good visuals pc version
PCfanboy  +   872d ago
Also invade cheaters with GOD MODE!
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DigitalEraycer  +   872d ago
Looks like more of an expansion. Dark Souls 1.5
socks  +   872d ago
I like how that white dude has no personality. Really, putting him on video? Wth IGN...

I wish Giant Bomb had more things like this. Those guys ALL have great personalities.
MrChow666  +   872d ago
I agree, what a douche...
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