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marin777455   1037d ago | Spam
darren_poolies  +   1037d ago
Xbox 360 - 536 wow that is painful. Nice to see the Vita still doing well.
T2  +   1037d ago
500 is sad ... Time to pull out , just shooting blanks over and over
DivineAssault  +   1037d ago
Vita is beginning to get its proper install base.. Now that the price cut came & some decent games are out.. Word of mouth will help it take off too once others see what that thing can really do
Hingle_Mcringleberry  +   1037d ago
3DS back to outselling Vita by more than 2:1. Soon Vita will be back at sub 10k. . .like it should be.
Neonridr  +   1037d ago
There is nothing wrong with Vita doing well sales wise. The 3DS will always continue to sell. Nintendo just seems to understand handhelds in the Japanese market. Vita doing well will ensure that 3DS developers actually put quality into their games.

There is still a HUGE gap between the two in terms of overall sales anyways, so don't worry.
supremacy  +   1037d ago
Headshot in you killed yourself with only one bubble; the one you seem to be living in. You really hate Sony dont you?

lol you are pathetic man.

But since you are hungry how about them 360 numbers?

Vita is a wanted platform and has been since its debut, but numerous factors kept it from taking off like it SHOULD in the first place. now that the price is down and ffx is around the corner among a few others, things will get even better. Stop the hate, before it consumes you completely.
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Protagonist  +   1037d ago
Nintendo fanatics are the worst, they always complain others but usually they are the worst trolls concerning Sony´s handhelds.
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Ezz2013  +   1036d ago
look at this troll ...just look at him

he don't say a word about his beloved console selling incredibly bad....and i'm being nice here
and nothing about ps3 killing it there

and he have the guts to trash a system(Vita)that sold 19+k
while his lovely console only sold 500+ console ?! lol XD
i see that he still can't get over that
ps3 passed xbox numbers in worldwide sales
get over your self already

BTW your beloved vgchartez
show GOWA outselling TR and it only out for less than 3 weeks
that's the site you trust...right ?!
even your beloved Fake site don't back you up with it made-up numbers lol XD
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sherimae2413  +   1037d ago
everything had a drop in sales this week
nice one for luigi its really his year ^_^

according to famitsu there has been a supply constraints for the vita since last week, maybe this is the cause of the drop and also no new games
ive read it in neogaf

im feeling a bit ill today since morning.... maybe i need some rest
goodnight guys, and stop bashing at each other ^_^
Minato-Namikaze  +   1037d ago
Do you live in japan? Cause its 10:14 AM here.
sherimae2413  +   1037d ago
no,, minato... im a filipina....been here in ph for 27yrs..
well japan is ahead of an hour from here

only using my vita as my browser since i dont have consoles and pcs and my only gaming device since my psp got broke yesterday :(
now my headache is getting worse, gotta sleep
goodnyt.... ^_^
gedden7  +   1037d ago
Damn Nintendo has 3 of the top 5 spots...

Yeah Nintendo is soo doomed -___-
Tultras  +   1037d ago
There are only 6 spots.. ( not including Xbox 360 since the Xbox Is pretty much dead there )

Are you trying to prove a point, because you seem to be pathetic at it.
gedden7  +   1037d ago
And i guess you are just pathetic...
gedden7  +   1037d ago
Xbox 536 sold.. Wow MS doesn't care about failing in Japan as you will never see much Media pointing that out... But let Nintendo have a "kinda" shaky start ANYWHERE, and a plethora of Wii U is DOOMED articles populate the web... You smell that? Well I smell a lot of bias up in here 0____0
testerg35  +   1037d ago
Considering MS hasn't done well in Japan at all, you'd get an article every day. Nintendo has dominated Japan with its handhelds and Wii, so it would make sense.
knifefight  +   1037d ago
Xbox brand consoles have sold abysmally in Japan for over *a decade* now.

Nintendo TV consoles have sold abysmally for *4 months* now, after having sold an absolute megaton the previous generation and still did respectably in nearly all previous generations.

More than a decade versus 4 months.

Operating under the premise that readers and writers both favor stories that are more recent, which would be conisdered more discussable, relevant news?
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gedden7  +   1037d ago
nah it should be the same no mater the time or sales dominance
Jigga69  +   1037d ago
Wii U under PS3 again. Where are the fanboys who were so proud that Wii U outsell it by a merely "3K" last week in Japan only ? "OMG Sony get used to N Domination" LMAO. Wii U is doomed. I was right, go down..
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abzdine  +   1037d ago
i wonder how much PS2 is selling.
GribbleGrunger  +   1037d ago
I'm really surprised at those Vita numbers. A new average of around 25,000 a week would have been reasonably good but it looks like the average is likely to drop to what it was before ... or perhaps slightly higher at 15,000.
knifefight  +   1037d ago
It doesn't get any new games till April 25th.

After that, it doesn't get any new games till May 23rd. Golden Week (first week of May) is the 2nd biggest sales week of the year usually, so that'll provide a spike, but other than that, it might have some tough times ahead =/
Hope not, but that's the forecast.
GribbleGrunger  +   1037d ago
It will keep on chugging along as before but I can't say I'm not slightly disappointed with those numbers ... especially because I predicted an average of around 25 - 30,000 a week after the games/price drop. lol.
izumo_lee  +   1037d ago
There is a report from Famitsu that some retailers had shipment issues. Sony isn't producing the system fast enough i would guess, understandable cause of the hardware.

I also read that even Amazon had to inflate the Vita's price to match demand. When stocks of the Vita are able to match the demand for the unit i believe the sales will steady out at around 30K weekly.
GribbleGrunger  +   1036d ago
Yeah, I read about the shortages, but even so I'm still surprised at the sudden drop. No doom and gloom here though :)
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ReubenPatrick  +   1037d ago
Great week for all consoles... except the Xbox 360 unfortunately

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