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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   876d ago
I think the headline and thumbnail are kind of a spoiler.
Finding out about Columbia being a racist city for the first time was one of my highlights.
How everything made it seem like the perfect place to live then bam all of a sudden this place is not what it seems.
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Hicken  +   876d ago
I thought that was kinda obvious early on. Like, still in development early on. I haven't played much, and haven't watched my friends play too much, either. But I kinda got the impression way back when that Columbia wouldn't be very friendly to people of darker-hued skin.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   876d ago
Yeah I'm sure some people saw it coming, but I avoided the trailers and previews so I could get the most out of the game and see things for the first time. I personally had no clue about the racism in Infinite until the moment it happens. I thought it was a great part of the game that wouldn't of impacted me as much if I knew it was coming.
It is an early part of the game like you say but I think it's also one of the most important.
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Capt-FuzzyPants  +   876d ago
Once you know the date and in the first half hour you kind of get a sense at how it would turn out. They make it seem like a city dedicated to American history pre-civil war. Although I have to admit I didn't think the city was that dedicated to racism. And I kinda had it spoiled for me when I saw the statue of John Wilkes Booth in a review.
sway_z  +   876d ago
You will never completely kill Racism or prejudice, and articles such as these only inflame the issue further.

I don't care what colour you are..a dumb ass is a dumb ass.

Political Correctness has become a joke! People can't even say 'Fat' for fear of upsetting someone. When did the human race become such pansies??

I agree nobody should purposefully go out of their way to upset anyone. But live and let live, whatever skin your in...we're all crazy B'stards!
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spartanlemur  +   876d ago
I find the critique of Bioshock infinite to be abhorrent for its attempt to impose subjective morality upon others. Racism is not automatically evil, just because society tells us it is.
An intellectual society is one where nothing is taboo for discussion or media, and the best ideas (chosen by consensus) ultimately dominate legislation; where we start ruthlessly attacking games for presenting neutral views, it is clear that prejudice is still present, and preventing us from further development.

My point is that people need to stop trying to be moral policemen and mind their own business.
NeoTribe  +   876d ago
They didnt add the racism in for shits and giggles. In bioshock infinite there living in a crazy religious city that kinda represents what america was like back in the days. The presidents they worship in bioshock were all for slavery so abviously it fit to put it in the game. Theres a picture of Abraham lincoln somewhere with his face scratched out, depicting the hatred for that particular president due to the fact that he let free the slaves. Anyone offended by this should go watch that djenga movie. Its not meant to offend, just to take you for a screwed up ride in a backwards screwed up world.
okmrman  +   876d ago
abe had over 200 slaves when he died

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