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Wizziokid  +   1033d ago
I want 1 minute and 9 seconds of my life back. plus the time it took to write this comment.
pandehz  +   1032d ago
I should have listened to you
MastaMold  +   1032d ago
Lol, i do want BF Bad Company 3 more than BF 4 tho oh well. -_-

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peowpeow  +   1032d ago
Me too. I've been playing BC2 for the past few weeks and having more fun than I was in BF3..
Spikerr  +   1033d ago
That was pretty damn funny, partly because it's true.
Wenis  +   1033d ago
Yep this is a very accurate trailer, unfortunately
GABRIEL1030  +   1032d ago
lol¡ prepare for Battlefield 3. eh eh I mean 4. Very funny¡
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PersonMan  +   1032d ago
Wasn't funny..
trenso1  +   1032d ago
ok funny video the last part was funny though, about watching the reveal on every youtube channel, i hated going on youtube since a lot of my subs just kept posting the reveal and "their take on it"
yodawins  +   1032d ago
news flash!!! in real life the sun is freaking bright
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1032d ago
Honest trailers does this better...

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