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The Meerkat  +   1041d ago
Because pseudo gaming sites are getting diminishing results from each rumour article.
BabyTownFrolics  +   1041d ago
well said
EVILDEAD360  +   1041d ago
LOL @ Meerkat. + bubz

I love what Ms is doing. The buzz is going to be ridiculous in May.

If they dispel the rumors immediately prior to E3 and then hit em' with great content at the big show, then the 720 won't miss a beat.

GalacticEmpire  +   1041d ago
lol'd hard

On topic-

I hate what MS are doing. By the time May rolls round, people might be so soured by rumors and stuff that they no longer care.

They're going to need massive amounts of great content at E3 to put them back in some peoples good books.
BlmThug  +   1041d ago
I disagree with the article, the Nextbox has had free advertisment and revealing it later will mean more and more exposure via articles and word of mouth
steve30x  +   1041d ago
They will announce it when they are good and ready.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1041d ago
Doesn't mean it will be the best time.

So if Sony shows ps4 twice before e3 and xbox gets revealed at e3 then cool for sony!

I bet sony has more games to show even though they revealed a lot of games for ps4.

E3 will be awsome!
steve30x  +   1038d ago
It looks like four people think Microsoft wont be ready to announce the next console when they actually announce it
Software_Lover  +   1041d ago
OMG. Here we go again.
BABYLEG  +   1041d ago
MS give no fu*ks about what you think.

take your thoughts, shine it up real good, turn that summahmuhbitch sideways and shove it STRAIGHT UP YOUR BLOGGING ASS

why would I be mad? I haven't heard anything beside what Sony said
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Software_Lover  +   1041d ago

You mad Bro?
thebudgetgamer  +   1041d ago
"MS give no fu*ks about what you think."

That's a shame considering their trying to sell us a product.
MasterCornholio  +   1041d ago
Microsoft doesn't care about gamers but gamers care about the future of the 720.

Deal with it.

Motorola RAZR i
Neonridr  +   1041d ago
Microsoft will reveal their console when they are good and ready. I am pretty sure they are aware of the PS4, they know what it can do, and they know that people are already writing off Microsoft without them saying so much as one word.

However, them not saying anything is creating a lot of buzz around these sites because everyone is desperate to know whether or not their PS4 will be as much of a beast as they believe it in their hearts. (Not saying it won't be better spec wise, so don't jump on me for that comment)

The reveal is coming, no doubt. I can't wait to see what MS has up their sleeves. The PS4 looks like an amazing gaming machine and it will be exciting to see how the 720 stacks up against it. Time will tell.
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mcstorm  +   1041d ago
I agree. MS know what they are doing and they will of had a plan of when and what to show off with the next xbox.

People keep saying MS play there cards to early. Windows Phone 8 and the Surface of most resent times so maybe MS have taken this in and they will show the next xbox off at E3 and then give a short time window for when the next xbox is out. Plus I think the next Xbox will have a lot in common with Windows 8 Blue and Windows Phone Blue so by showing it to early could hurt there plans of the one eco system.

Im looking forward to seeing what MS are going to show us and after having a WiiU for a few months now and loving it and liking what I saw with the PS4 I cant wait for next gen to get into full swing.
urwifeminder  +   1041d ago
Take your time ms the stress on people is starting show.
Ashlen  +   1041d ago
They can announce it today or at E3 for a lot of people it doesn't even matter.

I'm not going to buy it as long as Live has a fee for basic services like the web browser playing games online and apps like Netflix and I know a lot of people feel the same way.

Always online blocking used games, they don't even matter. I wasn't going to buy it even before those rumors came out.

If you bought your Xbox on day one and have paid 5$ per month you have paid over 500$ on top of the console price, 500$ can buy a lot of games.
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Software_Lover  +   1041d ago
What about 3.00 per month, lol
headblackman  +   1041d ago
I pose a question. Xmas is coming around for a child, but that child is being told by friends and other family members that they wouldn't be getting anything for Xmas. so the child would tend to feel some type of way (either upset or sad). then Xmas day comes and he finds that what he was told by family and friends was wrong. what's that child's to finding out that his gift is everything that he wanted and more than he expected? this will be the samething that will happen for all gamers (this includes all who are looking for Microsoft to win and also this who are looking for its downfall) at this years 2013 e3 when the next box is revealed. so in response to the topic, no. the next Xbox doesn't have to announce anything until the e3 show. Microsoft hasn't announced anything yet and its got people watching and waiting already. yes the rumors sound negative to most, but people are still watching to see if this is true or false. but this is the same reason why people watch Floyd mayweather Jr fights. some wanna see him continue to win and some watch to see him loose and dethroaned. but the main this is,they are watching which means free publicity. its taking a lot of focus off of the ps4. a lot of people are crying wolf about jumping ship, but they can't until they see if these rumors are true or false. so with that said, it clearly shows that the console wars don't start until Microsoft says so. so let them hate. but while they hate they will pay attention. watch and learn.

I always like to end my msgs with the old school Xbox slogan. (there is no power greater than x) :-)
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Jdoki  +   1041d ago
My predictions for next gen...

MS' E3 presentation will be at least as painful as 2012 and 2011, but they will still be declared 'E3 winner' in certain parts of the media.

Multi-plat games will look almost identical between the two (as in this gen), but that won't stop fanboys comparing pixels / blades of grass rendered.

Sony exclusives will look better than MS exclusives, show more innovation and creativity, and there will be more of them

Any next gen games getting a score less than 9.1 and selling less than 10million will be seen as flops by the opposing fanboy camps

MS will continue flogging Kinect and trying to convince everyone that it is for hardcore gamers

MS will continue to pay for timed exclusivity rather than invest in new IP

Sony will somehow make one gigantic screw up in the first 2 years that annoys everyone and allows MS to claw back some advantage.

This gen will see the biggest split in target markets. Nintendo, MS and Sony will all be aiming at very different segments (with some overlap)

If MS start getting whooped by Sony they'll start talking about how they are competing in a completely different market segment. If MS are marginally beating Sony in sales, we'll never hear the end of it.

MS will release a version of the Xbox that does not play disc based games and is similar in function to an Apple TV, and have significant integration with Surface tablets - probably in year 3 or 4 of the next Xbox. It may or may not be able to stream full games - MS will count these sales alongside the regular Next Xbox causing endless argument between fanboys as to the true number of consoles sold.

MS will outsell Sony in NA, but Sony will take WW sales. MS will only ever talk about NA sales, and fanboys will continue to equate NA to the whole world.

At least one fanboy will blow a bloodvessel over the sold vs shipped argument
vigilante_man  +   1041d ago
You are a genius. How about next weeks lottery numbers for good measure?

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