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knifefight  +   961d ago
PSP is/was an RPG powerhouse. O_O
TrendyGamers  +   961d ago
Good choices on there.
Zichu  +   961d ago
I have quite a list of games I want to get for the PSP, I think this site mentioned the ones I haven't played yet.

I kind of missed out on a lot of amazing games for the PSP. A lot of them are available on the PSN which I definitely need to go and get, they are quite cheap now. I just want to get a Vita first, this way I will have quite a lot of space to put them all on :D
Protagonist  +   961d ago
Get a PS Vita and then get Persona 3 Portable.

The "bester" rpg ;o)
dbjj12088  +   961d ago
FF Tactics!!

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