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illtornworld  +   1038d ago
Actually in my opinion microsofts silence is threatening. It really has the world scratching their heads wondering what theyre up to. isn't that the best way to draw attention? think about it We all know the gist of the PlayStation 4 but the xbox.. hmm. Fans shouldn't write one another off were all gamers.
Grimhammer00  +   1038d ago
A few things need to be considered. Why did MS not refute the always online? If you state a product causes illness the makers will immediately put out a PR statement refuting it (if they can). Always online is a sickness for consumers - but it falls directly into line with MS ideals. They have always had hacker issues with consoles playing on separate networks playing downloaded retail cracked games. Always online fixes this outright! And devs love it too...until they realize that sales will be hindered dramatically. You think Diablo 3 offline is a anomaly?

Xbox also has LIVE as a elephant on their backs. It makes them hordes of cash. But moving into next gen...what are the OMG must haves of xbox live over PSN? Cross chat was a bottleneck on PS3...but the VITA has it and I'm 100% certain the PS4 will too.

The only real leverage MS can bring is price. If the use a sub fee to offset cost....say sell 720 for $199 + $25 a month for 3yrs. They`d make huge coin and most people would be ok with over purchasing like this. It`s done all the time.
whamlollypop7  +   1038d ago
Fanboy speculation has to be the lowest form of drivel. But hey it be de intratubes.
JOLLY1  +   1038d ago
I don't get why everyone is so up in arms about "always on" everything I own is always online. Do you really think that Microsoft cares if you buy used games? No the publishers do. We all know (from posts on here) Microsoft doesn't makes games. Why do we think that all publishers will have two styles? One always on for MS and one standard one for the Playstation?
Kratoscar2008  +   1038d ago
Is that you orth?
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kingPoS  +   1038d ago
Even If the nextbox does turns out to be more robust, I'd still have whatever Sony's offering. I cannot understate what good news it is to have devs state how easy the ps4's architecture has been to acclimate to.

If you sum all it's features together, the ps4 looks to have a bright future. While it may not be as impressive as a full blown gaming pc. It has power where it counts.

When you look at all the known & unknown support it's set receive, it's hard not to become excited about E3.
headblackman  +   1038d ago
always online isn't a bad idea. especially if Microsoft works with Verizon and allow the next Xbox to be 4g capable and higher
kingPoS  +   1036d ago
Please tell me you're joking. You do realize that 4G on a non mobile console won't work out too well when it comes to the cellular bill.
headblackman  +   1036d ago
it can with an exclusive deal between Microsoft and Verizon. there can be an unlimited access deal for Xbox live subscribers. a chip that will allow this can be incorporated inside of the console, along with an extremely strong antenna. its the something that the PS vita is doing with at&t and 3g and it works very well. so if this can work flawlessly with a weaker hand held, I'm certain that it can work on the new Xbox if all the right components are implemented inside of it. there are many avenues that can be taken in order to make this thing work, but the sad part about it is, people don't wanna see the good in it because of what they've heard and assumed. no one truly knows and understand what direction Microsoft will take their always online. nor do we know what direction they will go with the next console (this is due to it not even being announced or even confirmed to even resist for that matter). Microsoft is the most brilliant between the three console competitors. Microsoft has the most money between the three consoles (which means that they can afford to make a console strong enough and advanced enough to make the ps4 look like a nintend Wii). Microsoft has the most connections in this game due to their numerous business relationships in and outside of the Xbox. the Xbox brand and its architecture has been and will always be PC based, which has always made super easy to to develop on and port to (this is something only new to PlayStation which will never allow the PlayStation to be better than the Xbox brand, but will simply allow it to come up to speed and with the times). much more can be said on the positive not about the Microsoft Xbox brand and its future, but in order save time I'll cut it a little short by saying that with all that I have listed above there is no way that a person can truly doubt the Xbox brand and its brilliant ideas. anyone who does is just a person who's bias and will never be pleased by any other console maker unless its the console of his or her choice (personal preference). this not makes me think that Microsoft should adopt a slogan like Sega use to have with the Sega Genesis (Xbox does what the competitors just can't) lol
kingPoS  +   1036d ago
Obviously you've made your choice, nothing more can be said.

We'll all find out what's really going to happen sooner or later in a few months.
headblackman  +   1036d ago
I'm a game collector and I'll be getting all of the consoles, but I'm sure that my Xbox will get the most play in my house :-) and yes. we will see what's what at the e3. may the best company win, but most of all, may all of the gamers win even bigger
deno  +   1038d ago
I like playing my games in single player, I enjoy going through the story and challenge, I am not a person who plays multiplayer anymore. My question is this: How will Micrsoft satisfy my gaming needs of single player campaign that doesn't require online?
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MikeyDucati1  +   1038d ago
They are missing the point here. We want the option to be always online or not. We don't want that option taken from us. Plain and simple. Yes, I play plenty online MP but yet and still I don't want my console always having to be connected to the internet just for me to play my games. Microsoft keeps creating unnecessary class separation in the gaming community.
AO1JMM  +   1038d ago
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Garrison  +   1038d ago
Well I most likely will not get an Xbox next gen. Went through 3 Xboxes this gen and sadly I don't have any reason to "jump in" and I frankly don't know why would anyone want to.
I liked my Xbox, it is an excellent console. But sadly with the upcoming gen and the last 2-3 years being a good console doesn't mean well.. anything. Sure I like Gears and Halo but no It's not worth it to get a console for 2 games no matter what sorry. I play my multiplats on PC and got a huge percentage of the best console exclusives by just having a ps3.

I know Xbox fans mostly mention a "service" when they talk about their console of choice and hey that's fine but I don't play services, I play games. And the games, as far as consoles go are on Playstation.

Now If Microsoft does a 180 and starts focusing on games again, then I'll happily fork out the cash for a new Xbox again.
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SITH  +   1038d ago
There could be plenty and PS4 fans would write of Microsoft.
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Magnus  +   1038d ago
I have yet to see what Microsoft anounces about the Xbox 720 I'm not writing it off. They have titles that you can't get on a PS4. I know PS4 and Xbox 720 are both coming to my house.
BaconBits  +   1038d ago
So does always online mean you HAVE to be always online or only if you want?

The Wii was technically always online unless you turned the option off so it would not try to update automatically.

My 360 automatically logs on so is that not the same?

I hope it is only an feature since I don't have internet in every room.
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madjedi  +   1037d ago
See sim city or diablo 3's forced internet connections, basically if your net or lives server go down you have a lovely new paperweight, till it's back up.

The ps3/360 sign in as soon as it powers on, if your or their connection is lost the systems can still play single player or local mp games.

The 720 is rumored to not have a offline mode or a extended one. And it's also rumored to not play used games.

But we will see, Many ps4 fans wouldn't be getting a 720 till yr 2 or 3 at the earliest, unless they are well off. Same for 720 fans and a ps4, so it isn't some conspiracy being pushed by ps4 fans.

Maybe 20-30 yrs from now, when everyone in the world has japan or south koreas infrastructure or better always online will be reasonable, atm it's market suicide.
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1upgamer99  +   1038d ago
Sorry dude, Uh I am writing off Microsoft, because I LIKE GAMES. I want 1st party games that entice me into buying the system....Halo1-18 is not going to do it. Sony and Nintendo at least have MANY IPS I want to play...Plus I have had 2 360's FAIL....
Legion  +   1037d ago
The issue with me... not a single PS3 game that makes ME want to purchase the system again. Not one.
1upgamer99  +   1037d ago
Really? Wow. Well I guess it comes down to what you like to play. There is nothing wrong with that. For me its nextbox I wont pick up, although I have read Microsoft is working on, I think it was like 4 new IP's, so who knows maybe Microsoft will blow my mind. For now I a have Wii U,PS3 and will be picking up PS4. Who knows though I could change my mind on nextbox, but I doubt it.
DOOMZ  +   1038d ago
Im not....
Its going to be awesome, watch!
kupomogli  +   1038d ago
I'm writing off the NextBox because as a Playstation fan, almost every game I purchase on the PS4 will be on the NextBox and vice versa. The power of each console is going to be the same so there's not going to be too many exclusives on either system to make you want to jump from one to the other if you're not already a fan of the other already.

I expect the Xbox fan to think similarly. Yes there are great exclusives on the PS360, depending on the console you own, but if you're not interested in many of the exclusives are you going to waste your money? Depending on whether you're a fan of Xbox or Playstation, then your main console is probably going to be that system and your secondary console will be the Wii U. Play the games you don't own at a friends who does own the other system.
SOULJER  +   1038d ago
My mind is made up. No free LIVE No BUY. Simple.
Legion  +   1037d ago
I see only one way out of this for XBOX 360. On the reveal day... when showing a video game demonstration they need to pause and simply turn to the audience and say "Just in case you haven't noticed, we aren't connected to the internet." And then smile... and go back to playing the game.
CourierSix  +   1037d ago
Lol yes, i'd love to see that happen.
Legion  +   1037d ago
Of course I meant to say "XBOX 720" or whatever they want to call it.
StreetsofRage  +   1037d ago
Like some have previously said, I don't care about the always online issue. I'm always online anyway. Everything in my house is online when being in use. I don't buy used games since most of the time, you can buy them new on Amazon and it would be cheaper. But not being able to borrow my cousins or friends game could be a big deal. But again, this is all based on silly rumors. Nothing concrete yet.
CourierSix  +   1037d ago
Man i hope this doesnt prove to be true, i dont want to jump ship but if the next xbox is "always online" i may join team Sony...on the off thought i also hope next gen consoles(xbox or ps)keep using hard copies for games, i dont want to have to buy all my games from online.
Legion  +   1037d ago
I won't join team Sony but I won't be purchasing another XBOX system if it requires constant internet connection. Because I don't have a constant internet connection. simple as that.
vigilante_man  +   1037d ago
I will be getting a PS4 for the games. The PS4 specs and potential are amazing.

Will I get an Xbox 720 - depends on what they offer. I have a feeling if I get one it won't be for the games but for all the other stuff it offers.

I may have a PS2, PS3 PSP and PS Vita but if Xbox 720 has great exclusives (like Sony does) I will buy one in an instance.

The 360 had nothing for me. Halo/Gears is not enough for a whole generation. I want the best games and will buy whatever console has them. No bias here.
Mogwai  +   1037d ago
I have always been an xbox fan yet also owned a ps3 (as well as all other ps consoles) yet when i knew the next gen was around the corner i anticipated both the ps4 and nextbox, now that sony has shown theirs and its great i am eagerly awaiting the nextbox but i admit after all the rumours and the childish twittering of a microsoft employee taunting potential customers concerns of always online i am apprehensive but hope to all hell that the rumours prove to be false but if not i will switch from xbox to ps this gen, sony have done everything right so far and microsoft can only bring competition or give them the next gen crown, we'll all see come june and i for one am on the edge of my seat.
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contradictory  +   1037d ago
i find this situation very amusing
MS and the "elitist" race AKA pc gamers
first are "writing off" ps4 right off the bat

then there's info about nextbox and Sony and the elite race "write off" that

i think it's just safe to say that fanboys will always
complain and find ways to criticize

and don't act like they don't exist
Sony, MS, PC and Nintendo all have fanboys
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   1037d ago
PPFFF, I am basing it on all my past experiences with Micro Soft products.

Xbox 1 Hard Thompson Drive chewed up many of the games with scratches only finding out when it was way to late.

Had to re buy a new system.

Xbox 360, Had a GPU issue 3 days before the launch of Halo 3... Cursed an entire month waiting for my Xbox to get repaired. 32 Days it took. People say I should be grateful that they repaired... Well They have to it had a year warranty on it... after only 4 months of play???

2nd Xbox 360 died even faster... just turned it on. this time it was the CPU...

3rd Xbox 360 started doing the same similar things as the first one before it died. Now having to pay for shipping I traded it in to a store for money..

Micro Soft windows have hated since Windows 2000... I hate windows 2000 so much... I would rather not be on computer than try to use one with windows 2000...

XP was okay but again it is a windows OS and like every windows OS the Kernel is a whore and get changed or altered every other day...

Windows Seven just makes me wish I had a bucket full of Rocks...

I will never buy a MS product again. Which pisses me off cause there are some wicked games on their system...Halo, Gears, Fable yes I said Fable, Catan and more...

This is why.. this is why I say bull shit too their new system... no matter the specs on this next gen of theirs even if it had a golden pussy on the front... I would wait wait wait... to see if their Hardware has any issues...

I know sony and niny have them to but RROD and Thompson Drives have set the bar so high it is going to be hard for them to over come....

Now do I hope it is a sh*t system??? NO, Cause I would not want gamers to be let down. Competition between Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo and PC only means one thing....

aman84r  +   1034d ago
Thats why they are called fans.
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