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ARESWARLORD  +   1041d ago
Im just walking from MS because im sick of paying 50 a year for live and they slap me in the face with advertisements. So greedy its insane.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1041d ago
This time around its strange.. We're writing off the winner of the current generation, Microsoft, because another company, Sony, has shown us a pretty spec sheet and claims it's going to be a console some day.

It seems like we're just itching so badly for the next gen that we're willing to cheer at anything and jeer at nothing.

Gamers, let's wait until the actual consoles exist and are being demo'd by real people.
Mikeyy  +   1041d ago
Where is your "proof" that MS is "winning the current gen??

Is your data about 4 years old?
isyourhouseonfire  +   1041d ago
Console sales, new game sales, online scubscriptions, and blockbuster exclusives are all statistics that show the X360 has won the current gen by a large margin.

I just think we owe it to ALL manufacturers to let them actually develop the new consoles before we start crowning anyone.
trouble_bubble  +   1041d ago
Nintendo is #1 in console sales this gen, not MS not Sony. Your "statistics" also fail to take into account that the 360 had a full year head start on PS3 and Wii, yet lost a 10 mil' lead to both.

New game sales? Some games sell better on PS3 -Dark Souls, Final Fantasy- and some sell better on 360 -Mass Effect, BioShock- . Others like COD/GTA the difference is negligible as they clear 9 mil' everywhere. There's no one absolute. New Super Mario Bros Wii eclipsed everyone at 26 million.

Online subscriptions? Thats just a weak argument when you consider that the Wii/PS3/PC dont charge for online. #1 in double charging for Netflix, yay !!1

Blockbuster exclusives? The highest rated blockbuster exclusives this gen 95% and above on metacritic are Wii and PS3 titles. Last year it was Journey at the top. There is no "large margin" MS win here. For every Forza Horizons at 85% meta or Fable3 at 80%, PS3 has that many more NEW IP there and/or higher like Valkyria Chronicles, NiNoKuni, inFamous, Demons Souls, Resistance, LBP, HeavyRain.

Heck, the highest rated console exclusive this year so far is Playstation exclusive MLB13: The Show at 88% while the competition gets stuck with MLB:2K13 at 48% . There's your wide margin.
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lovegames718  +   1041d ago
Yeah strange you would want a company like Microsoft who lubed customers and shafted thousands, if not millions into buying new consoles with their RROD fiasco and not replacing consoles after initial 1 year warranty lol Man you guys make me sick and just love to get swindled by the likes of Microsoft.

Put it like this. These leaks and rumors are coming from neogaf which has a reputation of having good intel because ppl on that forum are actually devs and in the know how. If even one of those rumors are true which is very likely youll be an idiot to support them. Being Kinect centric to begin with is enough for a hardcore gamer to say %uck you micro. You can talk crap about Sony all you want but more often then not Sony was the company coming through with promises and giving us that wide variety of exclusive ips and innovative gameplay. Sony gave us free online and ps plus that is an awesome investment. So why wouldnt i believe in Sony? Get a grip man and stop trying to seem smart just because you have a mouth. History tells a tale and it isnt a good one for micro.....
TheKayle1  +   1041d ago
dont worry when ms will show the new xbox ...most of the trolls (that some with stll brain in their head) will go to hide somewhere for the shame........the most big trolls ..will start with a new theory where power dosnt mean better machine..and if this isnt enough....they will start with the exclusives story (meanwhile mgs5 is official also for xbox)...and IF ms would put on the table more exclusives than sony they will come up with...."yea yea but sony exclusives r better we r hardcore players blabllabla"

is an endless story

what i know and explained 100 times technically also standing at what vgleaks showed the next xbox is more graphically capable than the ps4...(i think close to x1.5 x2 performance if not more)

that the kinect 2 is .....x10 better than the specs of the pseye2

for the rest ......we will laugh later on what sony fanboys said here and in other forums

ps. neogaf have ZERO re read Z E R O reputation in leaks or whatever rumors....and if u noticed...the logo of neogaf is a Sun with the N rapresent the fujiama mountains

ppl over there....the 2 or 3 devs that talked said that in durango devkits there was a 7970 if we must said the truth...that most of ppl r looking in the wrong way watching the leaked diagram and stuff like this...
Other than this devs...there r bounces of sony fanboys (neogaf as n4g is a sony collective site) that talk like without UNDERSTANDING and KNOWING nothing about tech..and about the new xbox

xbox 360 wasnt kinect centrinc...and IF u know something about marketing ...after a long 5 years cycle (that xbox didnt suffer on exclusives and hardcore games)..a company NEED to do and change something and they find out the kinect (that sold millions) while sony tried with that failing Move and the failing vita...with this MS take casual didnt get nothing ..spending money just producing that stuffs. I think most of ppl forget how much titles xbox had at start and for 5 years
But or on have always the same games......while on ps3 we CAN have gow 400....uncharted 8000 and killzone 1802830 ..they r all fresh and new....

now journalist r dying to know something about the new xbox..and while the sony company security (not the psn one...we know how much low was that) ...didnt work so good ..givin on internet everything 5 or 6 months before the show...also the 1.84 tf confirmed ..MS is hiding like no one before their next console...
so journalist put words and writing article just on fans scary.....etc etc ...this r just easy clicks for websites

If u think that a company that is investing BILLIONS in r&d for their next console will make win a semi bankrupt company as better u stop read any tech article...coz u just have no brain to understand this stuff

i know i know this can sound mean....but when is enough is enough
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pete007  +   1041d ago
HOLY f**k!
MASTER KAYLE1....lets see how many psfnbz reply to your speach!!!

guess you just shutted the F**K up all of them! thats not fair!!!!!
I wanna keep readding the 8GB DDR5, or the HYPER FAst APU that jaguar just finnished building for them based on the new XKR competition from FORZA 4......or GAIKAI game streamming on full hd 60 fps at launch......... or the SUPERFEATURE ****SHARING BUTTON*** on the pad......
thats not fair MASTER....
keep up man!!!
isarai  +   1040d ago
jesus christ kid, WTF is wrong with you, can't you just enjoy the damn games?
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Deku-Johnny  +   1041d ago
They're writing it off based the fact that during the 6th and 7th gen Microsoft's console has been the worst one. It's rather likely that Microsoft will have the worst 8th gen console too.
AceofStaves  +   1041d ago
I can't wait for MS' official neXtBox announcement, so these rumours will finally be debunked or validated, and we can move on to discussing the actual features of the console.

There are always going to be a group of PS fans who will slag off everything MS-related, and there will always be a group of MS fans who will do the same with any news related to the PS3. I've been a Playstation gamer since '97, but I never count MS out when it comes to their gaming business. Their success in NA this gen is proof that they can provide consumers with great entertainment. Whether or not the neXtBox continues this trend remains to be seen, but only fools dismiss them based on rumour alone.
cyclindk  +   1041d ago
Well not just PS4 "fans," but almost anyone in general, I would imagine, who, as you have said, know literally NOTHING solid about the console.

And wide praise for the PS4 vs no concrete info and worrying rumors as well as missteps by certain Microsoft former-employees...

Well what can we expect to be people's reaction?
KillerPwned  +   1041d ago
I know this is kinda off topic but from all the news I am reading concerning a $500 Xbox and a $300 subscription based model. I am really curious as to how this subscription based model will work?
fr3d0  +   1041d ago
sounds like butthurt to me
fingazblank  +   1041d ago
The saviour of pc gaming is steam, which requires you to be online...

To be online will open up a plethora of features for the xbox, same as the ps4.

If you want to play offline then fine, but dont expect netflix.
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RGTrain  +   1041d ago
You Sony fanboys need to learn the difference between their and there. I just love reading all the bashing from Sony fans that don't understand the English language. Plus it doesn't matter either way, PC is the only true Next Generation anyway and will always be so...............
isarai  +   1041d ago
based on nothing? are you fucking serious? how about your past few years of VERY few exclusives, too much focus on Kinect yet somehow still not making anything that works with it, The fact that you DON'T dismiss the rumors about the Always Online requirement, the shitty way you treat indie devs, or the fact that you charge people to use services they are already paying for, to do things every other platform is offering for free, or the fact they you want to overcharge you for a proprietary HDD.

I'm not saying it isn't possible to win me over MS, but as far as your track record goes, i'm not the least bit interested in you next console
despair  +   1041d ago
Playing mainly multiplayer games is a far cry from always online, and this damage control for a rumour (one he helped perpetuate ironically) is as ridiculous as the people who believe everything they read on the internet as well.

Always online will kill Microsoft, they might be pushing the "always connected" bit for all their media and devices but that's not the same thing. If their phones needed an internet connection to work I wouldn't buy it, same with Windows OS and that's the same for next xbox as well.
tiffac008  +   1041d ago
Well... you know all these leaks could just be a way for MS to gauge the reaction of the community and then change everything before the Next Xbox announcement.

They did delay their press conference from this month to next month didn't day?

So who knows what the final word is on this "Always Online" rumor.
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smashcrashbash  +   1041d ago
Oh right.Just assume it's just PS4 fans and others are not pissed off about the rumors they heard about the next Xbox.Assume that Xbox people are just a bunch of blind sheep that should just agree with every negative thing they hear.Assume that it is us trying to make Microsoft look bad and it's not them doing it to themselves. And how soon we forget how quickly everyone was ready to write off the PS4 based on rumors and speculation before Sony had a chance to debunk them.If you want understanding and compassion on your side make sure and give some first.Don't grab hold of every PS4 rumor and run with it and then expect others not to do the same with the next Xbox. And even worse their delayed press conference and readiness to defend the always online makes many of us suspicious.
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Godz Kastro  +   1041d ago
MS please keep me connected. I don't want physical media and I want developers to do cool things like send messages about game while I'm away and let me impact game when not home. I'm rooting for u. The more haters that appear make me want sytem even more!
BrianC6234  +   1041d ago
This guy makes his living writing about Microsoft stuff so of course he says this. But he doesn't work for Microsoft so he really doesn't know anything either. Maybe Microsoft should come out and tell us what they're doing if they don't like these rumors.
artdafoo  +   1041d ago
Based on fact that MS nickel and dimes fir everything. Play online, using points to make it easier to get people to spend etc
GotHDGame  +   1041d ago
I personally wrote Microsoft off after my second Ring Of Death, and the second time Microsoft did not replace it after only 4 months of use. I sold my 360 games and picked up PS3.
GraveLord  +   1041d ago
Where there's smoke, there's fire.
Clarence  +   1041d ago

Based on this article, the rumors are pretty much dead on. M$ next Xbox will be online always. M$ is betting that users and newcomers will get rid of their cable service and go with their package. I believe their main focus is cable box first games second.
KrebStar  +   1041d ago
The problem isn't that "PS4 fans" are forming opinions based on literally nothing, the problem is that everyone is basing their opinions on literally nothing, because that's what Microsoft has give us. Literally nothing. Get on the ball, Microsoft, you're losing mind share.

Of course, it's also possible that some of this "nothing" is Microsoft putting out feelers for the online situation of their future hardware. In any case, the article comes off a little defensive, but whatever, it's video game news.
opticnads  +   1041d ago
I smell damage control tactics going on here. This guy coincidentally comes out of nowhere soon after Orth blows his load online to basically shine positive light on what we understand is negative news.

"I dont see any bad news here at all" - Thurrott.

Well good for you.
This guy is deliberately ignoring gamers views and basically supporting what M$ has in store.
Do not trust objectivity from this dude.
Scenarist  +   1041d ago
Still waiting on the reveal ... what is taking them so long.

regardless of what MS does.. I KNOW im getting a ps4

always online aside (guaranteed not buying if so)
if they dont have enough exclusives then it has no purpose in my house

what can Microsoft offer that sony cant ?
and then i will decide if they both offer enough in difference to own both consoles ....
pete007  +   1041d ago
and what can sony offer more than MSFT? dont come with the exclusives story, cause that´s a personal choice, now based on facts, power, features,(real ones), etc.
Scenarist  +   1041d ago
how about a console announcement for starters..

but in all seriousness, you read that wrong...

I was talking from the standpoint of ..we KNOW what sony is offering....

so nowwww whenever they reveal .. what can they offer that sony cant/doesnt ? and tehn i will decide...........

as far as exclusives go ... I said if they dont have enough ... a few exclusives isnt enough to justify owning 2 consoles when the majority of the games we play are mulitplat.

I think you think that Im writing ms off

my first line is that Im still waiting on the reveal...

technically MS has the financial power to crush sony if they wanted to in all aspects of next gen.... I just think they lack the brains to put their money to good use .. (but i forgot its a business ..and not about the games /s)
Many-hat5  +   1041d ago
I'm going to repeat myself at the risk of being annoying -apologies in advance. However,if MS intend to introduce said features, they will absolutely ensure it's disguised 'heavily and cleverly'. This includes convincing a lot of the media to hail the new features as fantastic or no big deal. You know, well, like, I'm always online playing multiplayer games anyway. Are we all aware of the right to privacy proposal currently being discussed by the EU? 'The right to be forgotten' as it's currently known. Well, MS are trying to make sure they have a way around such privacy protections. Also,I want to know that when I purchase a game it's mine to play for as long as I want, not for as long as MS wants. I know we're talking around rumours at the moment, and I do agree that all may actually be quite different in the end, but there does seem to be a lot of consensus, too much, to discount completely.
Hallow  +   1041d ago
I'm a fan of Playstation and haven't written them off yet. There is a difference in a fan and a brand loyalist fanboy aka sheep. I'm a gamer and I go where the games are, this gen both had good games, some more than others but still good games. A fanboy wants the other to fail for no other reason than to laugh and say "my console won" then they will bitch when their games start to suck because they don't understand that competition drives innovation. There are some rumors that if true will sway my decision about nextbox but until confirmed I will hold my judgement.
pete007  +   1041d ago
i am, as always interested in the hardware of course, but also in all the features and integration with all my other systems, pc, surface and why not Windows phone, Yeah, im a Windows man.
WhatchaTalkinBout  +   1041d ago
title: Xbox 720 leaker: PS4 fans are writing off Microsoft based on "literally nothing" hmmm i dont think ps4 fans are writing anything off , i think mircosoft will write them own selfs off "IF" the rumours going around end up being true
NateCole  +   1041d ago
Writing off your closest competitor is the surest way for you to lose.
Jagsrock  +   1041d ago
The Average consumer will buy what they are familiar with and like it or not Xbox is a household name when you talk about gaming. Most likely the next xbox will have similar capabilities to the PS4 in terms of what it can do graphically and the major differences will come from multimedia use, UI and exclusives. I really don't think that many people are going to drop the Xbox next gen, It has it's loyal followers and it has a strong casual fan base as well. Could they possibly lose some people early on sure but I don't see Sony winning next gen out right like many people on this site seem to believe. Just because Sony has shown us bits and pieces that look good doesn't mean that everything about the console will turn out gold and just because the few rumors circling the next box seem a little concerning there could be some amazing stuff in the works we don't know about. Price is also going to be another huge factor so we'll just have to wait and see.
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