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DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   966d ago
There are no bottlenecks on a bottleneck
BABY-JEDI  +   966d ago
That took a lot of bottle to say that!
Nodoze  +   966d ago
Um I am not going to doubt his experience with the console, but I must ask. If there are no bottlenecks, why do none of the games shown have any form of anti aliasing turned on? I am hopeful that we will FINALLY get AA on consoles with the next gen launch.

I am tired of stair stepped jaggies.
IcicleTrepan  +   966d ago
There is always a bottleneck.
Xtremist  +   966d ago
There is not any perfomance bottleneck = PS4 will be able to catch the 100% of its theoritical perfomance unlike conventional gaming hardware (PC) that can reach only the 55% of its theoritical perfomance.
This is what the GPGPUs in consoles are supposed to achieve.
EffectO  +   966d ago
PS4=perfect PC
GABRIEL1030  +   966d ago
First day for me¡ Please, Sony may announce Planetside 2 for PS4. =)
Plagasx  +   966d ago
Jesus christ, I can't wait to see what Naughty Dog can do with this system. O_O
Holeran  +   966d ago
I read in one place they were expecting the hard drive to actually be the only bottleneck but if Guerilla claims it isn't that's great. They wouldn't go with a solid state hatd drive would they? Way too costly still.
ATi_Elite  +   966d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
Wow I just love all the HYPE and Rah Rah for the PS4. Brilliant P.R. Move to get it's fanbase excited. It's like a darn Pep rally over here.

But for me: Just give me the full GPU specs PLEASE!!! I don't do Rah Rah, I get excited over Full GPU SPECS and Benchmarks.

Less HYPE more GPU SPECS so we can know PS4's real power.

So far all sony has confirmed is 1.84tflops of compute power and 18 Compute Shaders.

That right there makes the GPU a modified HD7790 BUT I prefer Sony to just release the dam Specs of the GPU instead of all this Hype.
puamdefokejpn  +   966d ago
Architecture is more important than raw power,.. so your master race has bridges, os crap overhead, compatibility issues and hardly any optimization over time,..

It is a completely different thing,.. common ram-vram pool, on the same dye as cpu..

It is different thing,..Just look at 8-9 old gpu in PS3,.. and how long that spewed incredible shit,.. and to an extend it still does, some most impressive games I've seen to date..
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hobohunterz  +   966d ago
Maybe because what do those specs really mean to gamers? Not much since we aren't developing the games, does it really matter what the specific specs are its not like its going to change anything for consumers
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isyourhouseonfire  +   966d ago
LOL, well even I could right a spec sheet that theoretically has no performance bottlenecks.... Sony, can you actually make the console finally?
Tzuno  +   966d ago
Said the man that is exclusive to sony. :)
xdye017  +   966d ago
i hope the xbox 720 would be just as good as the ps4. I dont want it to hold multiplatform games back for the ps4.
svoulis  +   966d ago
As an avid PC gamer, who owns over 200+ games on Steam & Origin (My Steam name is GraveMaker), I can say I honestly love gaming on PC BUT, when it comes to exclusives especially on Sony's consoles I love the exclusives and that's why I support consoles. I have 2 680's in my gaming rig, but not being able to play Gears, God of War, Uncharted, Killzone etc., is not an option for me. This makes me happy as I feel that the closer PC's are to Consoles in terms of development the better they can make the games on both ends, this time they may be porting PC games to Console ;D
plaZeHD  +   966d ago
That explains why the game is running at 30fps.
Cam977  +   966d ago
I can't wait.
hobohunterz  +   966d ago
Not sure why they have the ps vita killzone trailer at the bottom of the article :S fail probably supposed to be shadow fall
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   966d ago
do not call it Playstaion 4 anymore but GodStation 4 :).
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   966d ago
For the first time a console without bottlenecks?? IMPOSSIBRU!!!!
BABY-JEDI  +   966d ago
I'm a big fan of GG, though they are not beyond criticism (as we all are), but this comment does reek of complete UN-biased-ness. Keep it real. LoL
wishingW3L  +   966d ago
no bottlenecks doesn't mean that it has infinite or monstrous power, it means that each part of the PS4 will be fully utilized unlike the PS3 with the Cell, RSX and low memory that was riddled with bottlenecks. It means that the hardware will be very efficient. It means that the PS4 will be worth every penny.
Ck1x  +   966d ago
Very well said my friend and this is also why we will probably see some of the best looking PS4 games in year 2 of the systems life. If the system has no hang UPS to get to that theoretical 1.84Tflops of power, then it won't take nearly as long as the PS3 to see some of the best graphic abilities of the system.
ajax17  +   966d ago
I just keep thinking to myself (please just focus on improving AI)
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arbitor365  +   966d ago
this is another part of making it developer friendly. make all the components well balanced, so they dont have to worry about one or two holding them back.
oldassgamer  +   966d ago
"...the speed of the hard drive – there would not be any bottlenecks." Reading into it a little bit, but could this mean a SSD in the PS4?
wishingW3L  +   966d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Because when you think back the PS3 had HDD on every console so the only way that comment would make sense is if his talking about an SSD. But SSD would mean expensive as hell and very small space which wouldn't make sense for a system that will have so many types of digital distributions.
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Holeran  +   966d ago
I was wondering that myself because I had read in another article that the only bottleneck they could see would be the hard drive and suggested if they used a hybrid drive or solid state it would greatly improve things. I commented on it earlier and got 1 disagree but no response. It just seems like it may be very expensive to get a drive like that with a sufficient amount of space, and not cost effective.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   966d ago
A man doesn't think Sony would specifically say they were going to put an HDD in at their conference if they were going for an SSD. They would have just not mentioned the storage medium and blindsided us with that at E3
hesido  +   966d ago
At most, PS3 will come with a hybrid hard-drive. At the PS4 reveal, it is mentioned that it will have a massive harddrive. Which means it will definitely have a conventional hard-disk with moving parts.

The other option being, it can have an internal SSD storage ALA recent slim PS3's. Although simultaneous transfers are possible which would greatly enhance throughput, it is not being put to use as the gameOs would require important changes. They may well make it a standard on PS4.

Anyway, I think it is a slim chance that PS4 will contain a form of SSD, they would surely have boasted about it at the reveal.
fingazblank  +   966d ago
Ark at you sony fans creaming themselves at the "no bottleneck" statement, no not for guerilla games, of course not, hell we are using poopy amd tech and only just about getting 30fps...
one2thr  +   966d ago
It's funny that people on here are complaining about "frames" and "weak cpu, but wasn't there an article about how the lower powered processor can act as a hardware accelerator if developers CHOOSE to use it that way?...

I remember reading something about that, before the PS4 was even officially announced.
one2thr  +   966d ago
**Nevermind, I misread the article**
Bladesfist  +   966d ago
HDD is always a bottleneck.
Blu Ray is even worse.
So we are on two bottlenecks already.
There will always be a bottleneck.
Animal Mutha 76  +   966d ago
I bet it makes the tea as well.

1st party dev says so therefore it must be true! Let's wait and see shall we? Everything so far suggests a very capable platform but lets not get carried away. After all the ps3 was only supposed to do everything in 4d at 120fps as a 2 teraflop monster the likes of which the world had never seen having been told I would get a second job just to buy it. Certainly my PS3 is nothing like that or near to the hype.

This is why competition is good. Sony have had to get their backsides in gear to compete with Nintendo and MS and to try and reclaim some of that lost market share and revenue.

If Samsung or Apple entered the console business then Sony would have real problems.
pete007  +   966d ago
NO BOTTLENEX!!! then what to say to some games capped to 30fps or 720p resolution?
I know, i know, its the lazy devs, those corrupted by Microsoft, etc, etc,
lets look at a no bottlenecks system, a low spec cpu coupled with a low to mid range gpu, on the same die, with gddr 5, thats obvious that there will be no bottlenecks, the data will travel a LOT faster than it could be processed, the real bottleneck will be the same as usual, now guess what..
ThreshStar  +   966d ago
That's great, in theory.

Now let's add development costs, publishing costs, marketing costs, sales numbers, the weaking economy, development time vs. release capabilities (after all the market of demand always moves faster than time to create), etc etc etc...

The hardware specs are not what I'm worried about for these future consoles.

I'm more worried about the fact that game companies can sell millions of copies and eventually declare bankruptcy. Are these "lack of bottlenecks" going to fix the dying mentality that a lot of these corporate game companies refuse to change?

I'm glad PS4 fans are excited about this console - more power to you. I unfortunately remain skeptical with the player base yelling "shut up and take my money" before they've even had a chance to TRY OUT the console. This type of mentality doesn't prevent publishers like EA, UBIsoft, etc. from releasing broken, average, and profit-filled games to the masses.
Many-hat5  +   966d ago
No Bottlenecks? Please, don't insult us. So far, I'm very much pro PS4 this gen due to the possible fiasco MS may bestow upon us. However, comments like this don't fill me with confidence. Clearly having a system with NO bottlenecks is unique to SONY, because I don't think anyone else would dare claim that. We know GG are good at what they do, and I'm sure they're manipulating the system effectively even now, but really.
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