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Rashid Sayed  +   1041d ago
Here's another one - [Tidus and Gackt - FF X]
Pozzle  +   1041d ago
Gackt and most Final Fantasy characters...

HmongAmerican  +   1040d ago
dam, mind blown. indeed. Thanks I just save that picture as image.
Tiqila  +   1040d ago
the real life counterpart of squall looks like a girl (or a tranny)
Pozzle  +   1040d ago
@Tiqila: They're all the same person. And he's dressed in visual-kei get-up in the pic next to Squall so the 'looking like a girl' part is intentional.

Although...this is Gackt we're talking about. He pretty much dresses and looks as batshit crazy as he possibly can at all times. lol
gedapeleda  +   1040d ago
Someone was in love with Gackt ;D
aida11hu   1040d ago | Spam
skulldrey  +   1041d ago
lol niko
coolmast3r  +   1041d ago
I loll'd when I saw headcrab =D
jaredhart  +   1040d ago
Yeah, an instant classic.
pbasson  +   1040d ago
That is bare jokes. I did not know that many people where character models. I think the first max payne looked the best.
LOL_WUT  +   1040d ago
Lol @ Niko and fat Tony also Sasha Grey... ;)
Trago1337  +   1040d ago
Holy Crap Desmond looks IDENTICAL
Mr-SellJack  +   1040d ago
Vaas is the best definately
KingKevo  +   1040d ago
Btw Nico Bellic is originally based on Vladimir Mashkov (playing Sasha in 'Behind Enemy Lines'), because it's not being mentioned in the article and Ithe guy on the site is just a random person who looks similar to Niko, but he wasn't the inspiration for him.

Edit: Lol, and the game even features an outfit similar to the one in the movie.
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Games4ever  +   1040d ago
What? No Vaas from Far Cry 3.
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Brian1rr  +   1040d ago
Sacha Grey is my favorite
Lone_Man  +   1040d ago
for niko i thought that picture is from the game (with some touching)
AiirJordann23  +   1040d ago
They had to model for the games desmond looks identical I had to lol
JasonXS12  +   1040d ago
The Miranda one was stupid because the model for ME was based off the voice actor.
peowpeow  +   1040d ago
My favourite has to be Vaas. Pictures alone wouldn't do his acting justice
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whamlollypop7  +   1040d ago
Uncanny, they must have just sculpted the character after the owner of the voice.
Rayko  +   1040d ago
Nathan Drake was not even close.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1040d ago
I would love to tie some of the women down and.... nevermind.

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