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prettyboy12  +   1040d ago
with games like mario kart wiiu,pikmen and zelda id say nin will be fine
jmc8888  +   1039d ago
Of course it can compete. All three consoles are sort of powerful.

Wii U least powerful, basically 1/3 a PS4 and 1/2 of a 720.

But while a GTX 670 can do more than an ATI 5850, both better than the PS4 and Wii U respectively, but gap wise, about the same, (as both of these GPU's are about 1/3rd faster) both can play games that look very similar.

Now I have BOTH cards, and I wanted more power so I got the GTX 670, but the 5850 still ran games fine, I just wanted higher settings.

I still bought a Wii U, and it's fun, just needs a lot more games. But all consoles go through a dearth of games the first 6 or so months. My 360 and PS3 suffered serious game shortages for about a year. Then the pipeline of games became consistent.

The PS4 doesn't totally outpower a Wii U. 300 percent is a nice bump up, but not a huge gap. The Wii U spec wise competes against the PS4 and 720 far better than the Wii competed against the 360 and PS3. Far, far better. Massively better.

You're getting games that look like NFS:MW and it will get better, and those games can compete what a PS4 and 720 put out. Of course the 720 will be a notch higher, and PS4 a notch higher then that, and PC's capable of having a couple notches higher than even that. But since PC's have a couple notches higher than a PS4 and 720, and THEY compete, then surely when Wii U has is a notch or two lower it will compete against the PS4 or 720.

Games have many 'notches' of graphical fidelity. While each notch has benefits, it isn't a deal breaker to be a couple notches lower. Thus yes, it competes.
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