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bothebo  +   964d ago | Well said
Says a lot about the quality of GW2
zetsuei1  +   964d ago
Indeed. Hopes it get approved so they would at least hear their costumers.
Baka-akaB  +   963d ago
"abandoned" ? The game had stellar and ongoing support via balances patches , bonus and extensions .

Of course the focus was going to shift later on , but they ended their involvement with Gw1 in a stellar fashion .

But more power to petition if they manage to get more
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kevnb  +   963d ago
Gw2 is awesome . The first one is a pretty different game that runs in even ancient machines though. Gw2 wasn't a console style rehash of a game, it's actually a different feeling game .
bothebo  +   963d ago
The amount of users has plummeted.
anderssc  +   963d ago
The competative pvp scene of GW2 says hello. In all honesty the absolute lack of some would say basic features (joining friends on same team in casual game) or even most wanted features (different game types, info taken from Gw2 forums) not to mention the outright neglect tpvp has seen, I am not suprised somebody is actually trying to do something to revitalize the original GW1 pvp when the second was beyond disappointing.
Zha1tan  +   963d ago
So this game flopped? From what I gathered it looked like the next best thing after all the hype videos and how everyone was saying it was different to the typical MMO.

And yes I know what my name is and the image in it, I just like the design and name.
Baka-akaB  +   963d ago
It's quite successful , but like it was told repetitively to gw1 fans , gw2 wouldnt be similar . it just retains the spirit of competitive pvp and a few ideas .

Going from a closed and ull arena based structure to open world wasnt going to be a straightforward transitition
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Roccetarius  +   963d ago
Well, it's not actually that open of a world. It's more like instances everywhere.

It's pretty dissapointing, because MMO's have gone from persistent worlds to instanced worlds.
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Baka-akaB  +   963d ago
It's open enough . it was pretty much the only sure way of getting the story and questing content that personalize and up to such scale .

Older mmo just trew you in a rather empty world , with ourselves to fill it with our imagination , mobs to chain-grind kill and the occasional raids to force collaboration .

I'm not throwing the stone at them , there were good back then , and still are for those than care more about a sense of full freedom and exploration , but it's not the same
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Tundra  +   963d ago
The game is doing very well but from what I hear, it's a much different game from GW1. I guess the original fans want to rekindle an old flame. Nothing wrong with that of course.
Ilovetheps4  +   963d ago | Well said
I was a huge fan of GW1. I think I had somewhere arounf 3500 hours in the game. But, I bought GW2 and hated it. I didn't hate it because it was a bad game, but because it was so different compared to GW2. They tried making the game for a different crowd and not their GW1 fanbase. That is my main issue with GW2 and I just don't enjoy it like I did GW1.
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Jyndal  +   963d ago
I never played GW1 (I was stuck up WoW's ass for 5 years), but I thoroughly enjoy GW2.
Still, if this goes anywhere, I'd like to give it a shot, providing I can get something like a demo or free test period up front.
hobohunterz  +   963d ago
You can demo gw1 right now for free and the game isn't pay to play anyways
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Scenarist  +   963d ago
i quit gw2 after my first level 80 character with, at that time, maxed out gear....

no end game
Jyndal  +   963d ago
Fractals of the Mist has become the end game, basically. Just a continuing onslaught of dungeons, one after the other, each getting more complicated and difficult. It's pretty fun, actually.
zetsuei1  +   963d ago
The lack of a strategic, organized, competitive PvP was a really letdown on Guild Wars 2 (because lets face it the name is 'Guild Wars' you would at least expect a Guild vs Guild module) and too add that you would at least need new profession roles a Healer a protector and so on. They won't give that because as they told us, this game needs to be different and that means we wont have the Trinity (DPS, Healer, blah blah blah).

So much so, they made a PvE-Based game while we have in Guild Wars 1, a PvP and PvE based experience (also known as PvX). So in the overall GW1 is a better game, to any public.
Schmerdro  +   963d ago
GW1 was meant to have more PvE content added (entitled GW: Beyond in Elona), which would have been similar to the previous add-ons (War in Kryta and Winds of Change) and would be centered on "the story of Palawa Joko and continue that plot thread, which was left dangling in Nightfall."
Also, at the end of the War in Kryta content, there was another unfinished plot thread when Evennia went to Ascalon to form an alliance but then she went missing.
And, lastly, the developers could also focus on the foundation of Ebonhawke, after King Adelbern of Ascalon recalls the Ebon Vanguard.

There is also a long overdue update that was being developed or discussed for the Paragon, Ranger, and Smiting Monk, which could bring some new energy to the PvP scene.

All of these changes would be possible with a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project and I would support it wholeheartedly.
Zenboar  +   962d ago
Played the original Guild Wars for many, many hours, I'd say I logged close to 10k at least. Had so many accounts throughout the years (8). I've played everything under the sun, all the big deals and free to play garbage. I knew Guild Wars 2 wasn't going to be the same at all, that's fine, pre-ordered the game well in advance and was the last game I bought now that I recall. It wasn't bad, but the PvE felt grindy and even if I leveled a character all the way to 80, you would have to pay me to play another profession that far, I played every profession to level 20 and knew them well in the original.

The only reason PvP was somewhat enjoyable was due to being able to hop in near instantly, not as fast as it's prequel, but quick. The whole click 'F' to finish him was kind of dumb. When a player loses health just let him die, the forced weapon swapping is something I didn't care for either and only came from the original due to cliché builds.

I also noticed Guild Wars 2 had speed hacks, teleporting, clipping, wall climbing upon release it seemed like. I don't remember there ever being these kind of exploits in the original besides in game, from the game. I feel like the sequel was the hipster with the rich parents completely forcing every aspect of their individuality, the game is unique and somewhat fun, but I'd gladly would have taken a refund within 72 hours if not less. Having end game wouldn't have made a difference for me.

They shouldn't have called the game Guild Wars 2 and at least had the decency to give it a different name, call it GuildCraft for all I care. Also, having several different guilds you can join (10?) I've never seen and seems very silly. If I could ask ArenaNet one question it would be, why did you change the gameplay from the original in the sequel if it worked well and was enjoyable to players? That's the strangest part in all this.
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Schmerdro  +   961d ago
A lot of people would argue over what exactly the word "grind" means, but I would also say that GW 2 felt very repetitive, with the combat and story/characters being overly simplified.

I pre-order the Digital Deluxe edition of GW 2 and I was still happy with my purchase even 3 months later, after I realised that I didn't like the game, because I was happy to just support Arena-Net as a company. But, now that they seem to be ignoring GW 1, my feelings for the company are changing.

And I personally don't like the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I think innovation is vital, in almost any respect, and that will sometimes lead to failed sequels or to sequels who completely alienate fans of the original. And that's fine.

I also think it should be pretty obvious that the reason why GW 2 is far more similar to WoW than GW 1, is because A-Net wanted to make a popular and successful game. And I think they succeeded in that regard and, therefore, I can't blame them for making GW 2 so different from GW 1. But there is still no reason to abandon GW 1, as they seem to have done so far, especially when the fans themselves may be willing to pay for an update of some type through a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project.

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