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TheKayle1  +   968d ago
sony this two words cant stand close
CaptainFaisal  +   968d ago
100 million only? Look im no genius in tech but they could have atleast make it 250-500 million $ so that the specs would be better! And they would easily get the money back by sellig a million first party games including their consoles. They have killzone 4, knack, Car Club, etc...
raymantalk1  +   968d ago
"Sony only has to sell roughly 1.7 million PS4 games or about 286,000 PS4′s to cover their entire PS4 launch marketing budget"

so when microsoft spent $500,000 dollars on there advertising how many consoles did they have to sell to get there marketing budget back ?

and why was there not any article like this one back then ?

i try to be non biased but it seems to me that on this site everything is about running sony down in anyway possible and i know lots of 360 owners say this site is run by sony fanboys but if it was do you think they would keep putting negative sony articles on here ?
susanto1228  +   968d ago
Sony doesn't have a very good marketing dept. waste of money
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Captain Tuttle  +   968d ago
100 million isn't enough for a console launch, not even close.
feels  +   968d ago
100m wow thqats like alot of money
isyourhouseonfire  +   968d ago
Consider this: The PS4's issues will likely hurt sales due to word of mouth reviews. An expensive launch event will at least help sell the console BEFORE the poor reviews and hardware issues become apparent. It makes sense for Sony to make this investment in the launch event.

Remember... The console is still just a SPEC sheet. They don't have much time to turn a spec sheet into actual hardware, so you can be sure it won't be reliable when it arrives.
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