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Mkai28  +   846d ago
"By using Jaguar CPU in PlayStation 4 developers will be able to port their PC games to PlayStation 4 in no time and they won’t be ports any more as the PS4 will be sharing the same architecture with the PC." Wait, what? It's either going to look just as good or worst then the PC version, so how is it not a port?

It's fine that gamers want to have hopeful wishing, but don't assume too much when you know nothing about its competitors. I have my doubts about third parties making they're games vastly different on different consoles.
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Mr-Dude  +   846d ago
Every game will look better in the eye of it's console/PC user. No matter how big your rig is, exclusive the game is or powerful the console is. Nearly everyone on this site does it, gamers in the world, including myself.

It's called fanboyism/girlism... We try not to do it, but then it's to late
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THC CELL  +   846d ago
Listen even if ms has a more powerful console it won't see the games Sony offer.
condemmedman  +   846d ago
What idiot authorises these unfounded lies ?
Proof ?
At least wait until we have facts and not made up fanboi stories pretending to be the truth.
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Yodagamer  +   846d ago
The rumors we do know about the xbox 720, it is on par with the ps4 except the ram. Which could be upgraded by now or they would have a little bit longer load times.
Saleem101  +   846d ago
Yodagamer wishful thinking but ps4 has better gpu and memory that is 3 times faster than ddr3 found in new xbox.. ps4= 1.84 teraflops xbox 1.23 teraflops ps4 18 shader cores xbox 12 shader cores, stop being in denial xbots its not even close... PlayStation 4 has better system numbers dont lie...
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Yodagamer  +   846d ago
Well with the rumor of esram in the new xbox what ever can't be loaded through ggdr3 will probably be put on that, so it's gonna be pretty close like it was this gen. There is no denying which will look better though and more than likely run better due to the extra processing.
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_LarZen_  +   846d ago
sandman224  +   846d ago
It's about time. I can't wait to buy a multiplatform game that runs the way it should on playstation.
AO1JMM  +   846d ago
sure they will.....

assume much?
Orionsangel  +   846d ago
The first hour of Bioshock Infinite. Oh so beautiful. Take it all in...The rest of the game. KILL KILL KILL! BLOOD! GORE! RACISM! CONFUSED! WTF JUST HAPPENED?
SpinalRemains138  +   846d ago
Yeah, but PS4 won't have Halo or Han Solo dancing to Britney Spears!

Stupid SONY fanboys. You guys dont get to keep your system online and move your living room around when you want to play Justin Beiber games.
Game-o-holic  +   846d ago
There is a misunderstanding on this forum with the title. The writer is merely saying that multiplatform games will look better on the PS4 compared to how they looked on the PS3 (alongside 360).
Byeka  +   846d ago
thank you
ps3_pwns  +   846d ago
ps4 is the stronger system and will have better multiplatform titles as well as way more and better exclusives. you guys are dumb if you think no one knows anything about the x720 or that none of these rumors and leaks are true. thats not how tech works you cant magically make something up and have it made just days after an anouncement. these things have to be created and tested and manufactured way early so that they can sell them. before new iphones are even announced people look at what manufacturers are making in there shops. stuff doesnt just pop up into thin air. theres a paper trail. if Ms has someone making the parts they have to pay that person. mS cant make the exact same thing sony is making because that would be against the law sony has a patent and rights to there designs. so if that same shop is making both MS and sony console parts and Ms is paying them less and that shop can only make so many things in so much time its pretty obvious who has the better tech.
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