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sourav93  +   1036d ago
Next comparison: Which game has the best blue sky...

j-blaze  +   1036d ago
lol an article about grass good job journalism, next time please write about how awesome shoes look in this game this game make ppl hallucinate
DigitalRaptor  +   1034d ago
Explain in detail how this game makes people hallucinate.

Please tell me, cause I never hear the facts from you - just bitter and erroneous rantings. Do yourself a favour, expand and justify... or can't you?
mixelon  +   1036d ago
Grass.. I love the idea of arguing over grass. :D

What if a brilliant game has atrocious grass, or a terrible game has the world's best grass? I wouldn't call grass a good benchmark of anything either considering the sort of thing the SPUs can chug through (shown in things like flower) ..

Its really more about the full picture, and how many pretty things are happening simultaneously, and even then it's not that important. Lighting does more to set mood than foliage quality in most games (bioshock I didnt exactly have the prettiest foliage but it still looks gorgeous)
level 360  +   1036d ago
If you want the best grass, just ask Cheech and Chong..

( )
SOULJER  +   1036d ago
Were talking about grass in The last of us. That like making love to a beautiful woman. you stop in the middle of the act, and ask to see her teeth. F-ING ridiculous.
Zha1tan  +   1036d ago
Ah the peasantry feels inclined to indulge in its weekly pick me up.
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cleverusername  +   1036d ago
1 word, FLOWER!
Thepcz  +   1036d ago
lol there is grass as far as the eye can see
in red dead redemption

it did actually blow me away.

its not trivial, its the little things that count.

i mean, if the grass was to disappear in realty, and become a flat green shaded surface, you would notice right away
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SpecialK  +   1036d ago
Grass is more important than just looking nice its also pretty good from a gameplay perspective.

COD4 had tons of long grass which people used to hide from snipers and to sneak about.

I assume they took the majority of that out due to constraints. BF bad company 2 had some good maps with dense vegetation too.
kung-fu-grip  +   1035d ago
Uhmm, really?
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kung-fu-grip  +   1035d ago
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kingPoS  +   1035d ago
I like way TLOU approaches grass better. It's subtle undertones are a part of makes it appealing to me.

Anyone got a light?
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cooperdnizzle  +   1035d ago
best grass in a game is flower hands down
kryteris  +   1035d ago
grass being mostly "physics" should look great on the ps3 w/ all that extra cpu power.
Father Murder X  +   1035d ago
does this really warrant a damn article?
StreetsofRage  +   1035d ago
I can't wait to drop a grand on my new pc to get the better grass.
kingPoS  +   1035d ago

I can't wait to drop a grand on fertilizer to get the better grass.
Red_Devilz  +   1035d ago
Is is just me or Withcer 3 kicks some serious visual a$$. Can't wait for TLOU and W3
kingduqc  +   1035d ago

I'ma let this here. Don't believe what you see.

Btw: Grass can be a part of the gameplay so it's important. You could hide in tall grass, you could sneak while prone in tall grass, you could set an ambush sitting in the god damn grass. Static grass that is only there for the fun of being there should be thing of the past if dev stop being lazy and implement the environment as a part of the gameplay and now just shoot at the thing so it crumble and kill some one.
Ezz2013  +   1035d ago
the first 2 cutscenes pic
they changed the place and have different lighting and have nothing to do with the gfx ...just another place the place in the final build is from the front of the airport doors where the sun is not there
and the other one in E3 build he have plan behind him and in the open ....see different places

the 2nd cutscenes pic it's the same GFX but they add dust to the bus
from the final build cutscenes

E3 build gameplay
Final Build for the same place in E3
watch in 720p
they look the same and i think the final build is even better
there is a reason why it won all the gfx awards
THC CELL  +   1035d ago
Grass in flow best ever boom headshot
MoXxXi  +   1035d ago
It's articles like this that make me not want to participate in Gaem Gerbalism. Like, FFS. It's grass. Who cares how it holds up against grass in other games. Unless it's a game about cutting grass, it plays no integral part in anything. HAY GUISE, I WUNDR HOW THA LEAVS IN THE LAST UV UZ COMPARS TO THA LEAVES IN SUPER MARIO BROS 3 EHEHEHEHEHEH xD xD xD
Donnywho  +   1035d ago
The grass is always greener on the other side.
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