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erikthegman  +   1040d ago
tales of vesperia would be sexy on the vita screen
Ck1x  +   1040d ago
Most of you Sony fans are the biggest hypocrites! So this is a developers reason for not making a game avaible to all on the Vita and yet you trash the WiiU in every article because it is suffering the same 3rd party fate right now... Until the install base improves on both machines, I really don't expect the situation to change much. Unless money swapping is involved!
TongkatAli  +   1040d ago
Wii U owners say "you can't compare a handheld to a console" yet look at what they're doing, haha.
Nacht  +   1040d ago
Original Tales of Hearts was released on NDS and NDS User Base is quite large in the US at that time yet Baba still wouldn't do the localization
DivineAssault  +   1040d ago
Drop that price out here & maybe itl increase.. There might not be a whole lot of vita owners in the west but the ppl who do own it, more than likely are core gamers who want games like that... Look at all the 3ds owners in the west, then look at how much tales of the abyss sold... I bet those vita tales games sell more than that did if localized!

Vita prolly isnt selling as well as it could because WE DONT have games like this yet.. Sony needs to drop the price here so it can pick up because i dont want to import tales of hearts but i will if i have to
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killerorca258  +   1040d ago
Very true man, according to official statistics, North American and European Vita owners spend an average of 18.6 hours a week on their Vita, and between 86-88% are extremely satisfied with their Vita.
Whxian  +   1040d ago
this sucks and seems like the only choice is importing the games................
killerorca258  +   1040d ago
I stopped being concerned about the Vita, sales, games and whatnot months ago. The Vita is doing fine, definitely not great but passably fine. It has at least 100 new videogames this year,and what with the PS4 connectivity and PS Plus the Vita will steadily grow stronger like the PSP, the PSP was certainly not a runaway success, and even if it takes another year or two, the Vita will stabilize. Try not to be too concerned guys, Sony has invested far too much into the Vita to let it die, the Vita will be supported until at least 2017. Just my opinion
stragomccloud  +   1040d ago
Unless people release software, people won't buy hardware. And because hardware isn't selling, people aren't releasing software?

Let us ponder that one for a moment.

Developers have to take the risk, if they just subtitled the thing, it wouldn't be that expensive to bring over.
brettski  +   1040d ago
Maybe they don't understand the current exchange rates...
landog  +   1040d ago
put them up digital only......then all you need to pay for is english text translation
Whxian  +   1040d ago
that would be great, but they probably wont do that either, i kinda doubt such ideas even reach them
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1039d ago
Thats what i said and i agree.
MoreRPG  +   1039d ago
The vita needs more exclusive games that takes full advantage of the system (new killzone game) not just ports of the console version.
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dungeonboss  +   1039d ago
Good thing the Vita plays import games...
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