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ozstar  +   1040d ago
None of this matters anyway, since online gaming on consoles has just lead to increasingly draconian crap for the last few years.

In 2007 nobody (specifically nobody old enough at the start) would've accepted on disc DLC, day 1 DLC, subscription fees for everything, Special Edition pre-orders, 5$ Maps, In game advertising, loading screen ads, etc etc.
The real delusion was that motion controls was the problem.

Every single thing one of these ideas is horrible, and you're deluded for not acknowledging the detrimental changes MS, Sony, and 3rd Parties have jammed down your throats, but keep denying it.

More please!!
Orionsangel  +   1040d ago
What a douche looking drawing.
swishersweets20031  +   1040d ago
i think some internet dbag just found out what unemployment is.
PS4isKing_82  +   1040d ago
Now Microsoft has another product that will join their list of failed projects such as the kin smartphone and the Zune. Other than windows, Microsoft doesn't have much going for them.
landog  +   1040d ago
developers and publishers are going to LOVE always on and no used games

while the consumer will hate it at first, they will just get used to it

it sucks, i don't like it, but it is probably going to happen

and the majority of people won't care, sure, the hardcore gamers on this site and others that comment and read daily news about video game are up in arms

but the average guy/girl who wants to play cod, gears , halo etc is just going to buy it and not really care about the backround machinations

and if its $50-$100 cheaper than ps4, it'll sell great

personally, I'm not buying either console at launch, i did last gen, but this gen i'll wait for the price drops and till theres 5-10 games for each system that are must have, so far, for ps4, the only games that really grab me are deep down and killzone shadowfall

watch dogs will be better on pc (my pc at least), along with every other multiplat

i'm in no hurry
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