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iGAM3R-VIII  +   965d ago
"convenience when it comes to downloading and playing games, not just power through their PC-like hardware configurations"

Well the fact the PS4 has download and play feature, I thin that is convenient. And you can download a game from your phone and it transfers to your PS4.

When E3 come we will see about this always online thing for the Xbox, but why E3 is in June, I hate that
nukeitall  +   964d ago
Download and play feature is one, but other important features are ease of use and instantness.

An example of why this is wonderful on the Xbox 360 is the fast patching not only on OS, but on games. In fact, when I turn on a game, once I approve the updating, it instantly downloads and patches it on the spot without rebooting the game. This means by the time the game is past the intro screens, I'm instantly playing.

Get rid of the clunkiness!
MikeMyers  +   964d ago
You're right and Sony even acknowledged that on the PS3. This is why the PS4 is being advertised as instant action. Microsoft forced developers to have small patches in order to not have long delays in playing. The old days of the cartridge based games are missed with how fast they were to get started.
rainslacker  +   964d ago
Indeed. And likely any initial implementation will only be improved upon through the entire generation. This goes for all the Big 3 consoles. If consumers want it, and it's a good idea, then it will probably get implemented. If one console does it and it's popular, expect it on the others in some form or another. It's no different than how it's been this gen.

OT: Consoles should be convenient. That's what makes them consoles and not PC's.:)
sway_z  +   964d ago
Both next gen consoles will be awesome...

I am opting for just one console next gen, but I'm stuck though. I really enjoyed Halo 4, Alan Wake and personally think Forza 4 trounces GT5....

On the other hand, Uncharted is great, Last of Us looks really good...and I will never forget my online antics with Motorstorm....I can take or leave Killzone.

Had Sony offered B/C on at least PS3 digital/retail games then it would have been a no brainer, but alas E3 will decide who gets my money next gen.

I'm only loyal to my wallet.
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sourav93  +   964d ago
Hopefully in the future, if the price is low enough, you'll be able to pick up the other console so that you can enjoy the games available on both platforms :)
CRAIG667  +   964d ago
I have gone back to PC gaming (apart from gears judgment) I own all 3 last gen consoles,wiiu may get my money in a couple of years but bioshock infinite was so much better looking on PC so I am sticking with that until the prices of ps4 and nextbox come down and I will get them
darx  +   964d ago
If you are loyal to your wallet go with a Steambox or PC. I'm skipping consoles this Gen
sway_z  +   964d ago
Unfortunately, most of my peers play console. I never was attracted to PC gaming, which I agree is superior from a technical standpoint.

I guess I just prefer that immediacy you get with consoles. You know where you stand with a console, if you get my point.
urwifeminder  +   964d ago
I would like the next xbox to have a mcdonalds drive through now that would be convenient.
Sandmano  +   964d ago
Just going through one, want anything? Maybe I could send it to you through live ?

Lol anyway it's obviously aimed at the always online debate.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   964d ago
Funny +1
rainslacker  +   964d ago
No, that's not convenient. The next Xbox should shoot fries directly into your mouth while your shooting people online, and squirt out some Shamrock Shake when you get an achievement.:)
sly-Famous  +   964d ago
They need to offer games.
USMC_POLICE  +   964d ago
I just want games and netflix
NateCole  +   964d ago
Exactly. Consoles should be easy. Having always online is the opposite of convenient
stuntman_mike  +   964d ago
how about putting a cash machine on the front of consoles?
Supermax  +   963d ago
Providing digital games aaa titles day one releases at a better price or add incentives to intice people to buy digital is a must.incentives like 20 dollars to use on Xbox live or psn whenever you buy a new game at full price.what this does is make your new games 49.99 instead of 59.99.that would be a start but still would not compare to buying from GameStop then bringing that game back and getting a min 32 dollars and 41 for buy is now offering 20 dollars credit for a new game purchase.a digital copy should not be the same amount as a physical copy,with its price of making the disk the disk itself the box it's in,and then the shipping.

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