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Supermax  +   1037d ago
Loud noises
Roper316  +   1037d ago
lets all make some mountains out of mole hills. If it bothers you that much just unplug your system when you are done and problem is solved.
cell989  +   1037d ago
lol youre way off, do you even know what this is about?
GraveLord  +   1037d ago
That's just not true. First of all ALWAYS-ON MEANS ALWAYS-ON. The XBox 360 isn't designed to be always-on as it doesn't have a low-power or "sleep mode". If you are stupid enough to have your Xbox 360 on 24/7, well, you're stupid.

There aren't 46 million paying XBL customers. This includes the free "silver" accounts. Which is pretty useless since it doesn't even offer basic online gameplay.
cell989  +   1037d ago
wow. not only will you be forced to pay for Xbox Live service, now you have to make sure youre paying for an internet connection as well, just to play a F*ucking game. Microsoft is hell bent on getting my money,knowing I love playing videogames
Dlacy13g  +   1037d ago
I had to chuckle when I realized I am one of those 46 million that are connected every time I play. Anytime I use my 360, I turn it on, determine if i want to be shown "online or offline", then sign in, and play whatever. I log on and get connected with out even thinking twice about being online...just about if i want to be visible or not. Same can be said about my PS3... I turn it on, then sign in...then play whatever.
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Jakens  +   1037d ago
BIG NEWS!!! MS Buys N4G. Site changes overnight...
Jek_Porkins  +   1037d ago
This is true, but there are over 76 million Xbox 360's altogether, and even if say 10 million were no longer active, that is still over 20+ million consoles not connected to the internet.

The thing is that you wouldn't really own any of the games if the rumors were true, you'd be screwed if the next console came out and they stopped supporting the servers on the current one.

I actually don't think it would be the death of Microsoft because this is sadly the direction gaming is already going anyway, I'd just not be into the idea of it right now, and there would be alternatives, but lets not kid ourselves and think a lot of people wouldn't still buy one, because they would.
Clarence  +   1037d ago
It's all about money. 50m online users. This is what what their counting on.
coolasj  +   1037d ago
Hypothetical Scenario
"Hey dude, I heard you got the NextBox!"
"Yeah man, let me bring it over to your place with the giant 60" TV"
NextBox get's set up.
"Hey why won't it play Halo 5?"
"Oh, the campus internet is down"
Both students sit there are after an hour turn on the PS4.
soniqstylz  +   1037d ago
......Leaving 30 million not always on. Who then can't play games.

Seems legit.
Many-hat5  +   1037d ago
I'm amazed that so many journo's seem to miss a fundamental point within this 'always on' debate. It's NOT just about always being connected, but also the CHOICE of always being connected. Choice, or at least the illusion of choice, is what separates democracies from dictatorships amongst other obvious things. It's the difference between choosing what car to buy and having no choice. I can't make this point any clearer. Do I mind always being connected to MS network monitoring? No, okay fine. Yes, then I'll disconnect. Oh wait....can't do that or my system won't work. What's missing? You still have a choice. Don't buy an MS console if this s**t really happens.
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_FantasmA_  +   1037d ago
Xbots are by far the least intelligent gamers out there. They always brag about their Live subsciptions. Well of course subscriptions are going to get higher and higher, you need Live to access the other locked half of your game. Without Live (or Dead?), you only get single player games or local splitscreen multiplayer. Its kind of like bottling up all the air and then saying "look air sells really well, we must doing something right!." The same goes for your software sales. Microsoft barely has any exclusive games, so when one does comes out, people buy it because they need a new game and because all their friends buy it too. I remember when I had xbox (a terrible time period in my gaming life), every single one of my friends bought Halo 3 and all 3 of the Gears games. I mean its not like we really had a choice? It was either unoriginal, recycled space shooter or broken host advantage shooter? And nearly everybody bought these games if their friends did too.

On PS3, the sales are spread out through all the exclusive. We actually have a choice on PS3. If we don't like Killzone or Uncharted, we still have Infamous and Resistance and vice versa. Sony gamers have a more varied taste in games and not everyone buys every single exclusive because there are alot and like I said before some genres may not appeal to everybody. If Sony only had Uncharted and Killzone, they would sell like crazy because everyone would buy them just to try out the exclusives not available elsewhere.
OpieWinston  +   1037d ago

Even if it were true, I imagine their going to edit it and give you a localized HDD(Small) for you poor people who want to play games but complain about the lack of offline features.

I understand certain people who have internet cutting out, they stated(The fools who posted this Rumor) that it won't drop you from a game as soon as the internet goes down, so that means it'll give you like 5-10 minutes to connect back to the internet or save if you can't.

The only explanation for this is for the "Cloud Storage" system which is pretty much the future of Console gaming (Sorry to burst that bubble) since they stated a while a back that Cloud Storage was a plan of theres. Back when the code-name for it was "Next-Box".

I understand some people might be upset but I'm sure they will cater to offline players but not bend over because you live in a "poor district".

Personal Note: I speak for a lot of people when I say this "BRs...CAN'T PLAY GAMES!....It's just the way things are..." (Not to be racist but just from my past 10 years of experience).
3sexty rulzzz  +   1037d ago
free market research for Microsoft??????????
phinch  +   1037d ago
100 million wii sold, 75 million 360's sold 75 million ps3's sold

total of about 43 million currently playing all online (which i doubt anyway)

that's not even aiming at 25% of the market...stupid idea
Bonerboy  +   1037d ago
Good Christ! All of these morons who think it is 100% necessary to be "always-On" just to play a game are just that...morons. I highly doubt MS got to be where they are today by making stupid decisions like those that have become pure overblown speculation. It would make sense that it would depend on what you want to do with the console in regards to their "entertainment hub" crap they have rumoured to be implementing. I highly doubt one has to use the system as such. Take a bloody breath kids. I know this is asking the impossible of you all, but stop whining and bitching until you have some concrete facts...and when your grilled cheese arrives and it doesn't quite measure up to your lofty standards because it isn't the perfect golden brown and the crust isn't cut off, by all means whine and cry afoul of MS and go buy a damned PS4. MS really wont give a shit. And neither will anyone else. There, your dire, life shattering 1st world problems are solved. Feh.
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DigitalRaptor  +   1036d ago
I wouldn't be so surprised about any of these stupid decisions turning out to be true, since MS has already got where they are today by charging consumers for P2P connectivity in their games and access to free apps.
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Hedstrom  +   1037d ago
If microsoft want to lessen the installbase of the 720 by 30 million then let them.
RGB  +   1036d ago
If 46 - 48 million people pay for Xbox Live; 1, Microsoft has robbed you and 2, you've robbed yourself.

The old chestnut Xbox Live is better doesn't wash any more either. It was in 2008 but now Steam is far superior and costs nothing and PSN is on par and costs nothing.

Essentially Microsoft is making you pay twice to play online, 1st your IP and then them. 2nd, you pay for a game with 50% of the content held at ransom, paying them you get the other part.

Paying for a service on par or worse than others is insanity and Microsoft will continue to milk their community dry until people realise that they shouldn't have to pay.

Microsoft's next Xbox will hopefully open people's eyes.
spoonard  +   1036d ago
Here is what's the biggest pile of shit about Xbox Live! Arcade purchases: If you aren't connected to Xbox Live! you can only play the demo versions of the games that you PAID for. So if they can't deliver their ads to you, you can't play the games you paid for on their platform.
urwifeminder  +   1036d ago
The internet is the future plenty of past devices will still work for less fortunate gamers to play bring it ms love your work.
t0mmyb0y  +   1036d ago
"potentially" in a title means non fact lol
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