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Britainz-Fin3st  +   1039d ago
If this is true this is a bad move.

Im an Xbox fan primarily but ive just lost my job, and had to downsize flats, i do not currently have internet because i simply cannot afford it.

Making me pay for the console, pay for the games, pay for xbl no doubt, now i HAVE to have an internet connection?
Currently im playing all my single player games again but if i had the next xbox, it would just sit there gathering dust because i wont be able to use.

but we dont know yet if this is official, maybe you wil need a connection to do certain features, if a connection is required to do everything, i will not be buying one and micrsoft in my opinion would have thrown away any chance of competing with the ps4.

stupidest idea ever.
Britainz-Fin3st  +   1039d ago
And also, the more rumours i hear about the nextbox, the more im reminded of 1984...
michaeldaley5982  +   1039d ago
If this were true and Microsoft were doing it to cut piracy/used game sales and to sweeten the deal with the $ they saved reduced next Xbox games to $40 to sweeten the deal would it change your mind...?
Prcko  +   1039d ago
Victory is alrdy here
mrbearbear  +   1039d ago
problem is, with most games this gen online has been needed just to patch games(anyone remember the issues with skyrim?)so to me this isnt any surprise.Truthfully if you have a console without a internet connection, might as well not even try to use it.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   1039d ago
Lol at the rumor meter saying "Hopefully"

It would seem MS is going to make a noose out of their once excellent Xbox Live to hang itself this generation.
iliimaster  +   1039d ago
as a fan of xbox i hope they dont do this because i do have DSL i live in the country kinda so im stuck with what internet i have and when its working i dominate! lol but there are ALOT of times where my internet messes up and i have to shut down multiplayer gears judgement and focus on campaign or catch up on my massive ps3 collection so a always on required even to play campaign games? im not sure i can spend maybe 300+ for somthing that restricting
BladerunnerZX  +   1039d ago
Once again. Microsoft shows its true colors.

I have been a gamer since the Atari2600 days of old and I have always enjoyed having multiple game consoles in in each generation of gaming from the 8-bit days up to current gen.

That all changed with this generation because of Microsofts greed and disregard of the consumers both casual and hardcore gamers.

I started out this generation with both PS3 and Xbox360 but as time went on I realized that Microsofts greedy policies would eventually be the downfall of the gaming industry as we know it.

Microsoft and the out of touch suits that are running Xbox Live have nothing to contribute to gaming other than sucking the blood from Xbox gamers that for whatever reasons continue to support Microsoft their corporate douchbag attitudes and money hungry policies.
RE_L_MAYER  +   1039d ago
The bigger company gets-the worse their products in quality and price
They will just find a cheaper way to make same product and put a bigger price tag on it
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