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GenMasterB  +   916d ago
Have you guys thought about the next few yrs when you get older and pull the xbox720 out of the closet to play your old favorite game and find your investment is worthless because M$ shut down network support for it? That alone will make me say "No Way Microsoft.... Not this time"....
nosferatuzodd  +   916d ago
ha ha
titans9999  +   916d ago
Fuck DRM, I would be VERY unhappy if this comes true!
GABRIEL1030  +   916d ago
I hope that the rumor of the permanent conection on the new Xbox is false, It's a very restrictive and aggresive policy against the buyer. In some places and areas around the world doesn't exist good internet conection. Only if the new Xbox has a 4G device integrated to access at internet in any place could work, but this would be very expensive and a lot of users can experiment technical problems. I think that this rumor is false, Microsoft is too smart that make an stupid move like the permanent conection to play.
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Plagasx  +   916d ago
The more I hear about what MS is trying to do with the next xbox the more I care about the PS4.
NeoTribe  +   916d ago
Why would microsoft even consider always online play. Battle piracy or something? If so, why not take a note from sonys method of battling piracy. They seem to have anti piracy down pat pretty good without having to always be online.
PsnGammer21  +   916d ago
I hope they make it always online so they get kicked out of the business
SDF Repellent  +   916d ago
Wow.. N4G said hopefully.....LOL.. This place continues to amaze me.
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KewDeGra  +   916d ago
who care's xbox sucks.
Nik_P757  +   916d ago
I can see how it is an issue. I myself travel for work a lot and hotels these days are able to block video game consoles from connecting to the internet. I bring my 360 and PS3 when I travel but if there is no way for me to play the next xbox 3 weeks out of the month then what is the point of paying for it? I hope it's not true because I like to play the exclusives that both consoles have.
worldwidegaming  +   916d ago
The fun days when i was not at the mercy of my service provider. No internet? no gaming!
I experienced this on a rainy day. No internet, power yes, internet? Nope.
Always on sucks, plain and simple no reason other than add a extra layer of protection
Against hackers. they always find a way so why punish everyone else?
If you are ok with it thats your problem! Dont force me to conform to your standards! Mine are
A bit higher,thank you. This is just for the crazy people who do not realize they are trading away choice for nothing but more trouble.
DivineAssault  +   916d ago
if true, it better have some really cool features for casuals cuz core gamers will flock to PS4.. Maintenance times or connection problems will piss ppl off if they cant play
atron73  +   916d ago
That's odd. My computer has to be connected to the internet to use the internet.
indysurfn  +   916d ago
If it does require me to be online to play a game I will miss my first Microsoft console. If PS4 also requires this looks like Wii u will have a lot of people. Not to mention forcing people to innovative tablets taking advantage(that would be ironic tablet not requiring internet but console does!). Not to mention the fact that Right now I can use VBA and yahoo reference to record anyones webcam that I have on my list. And they will not even know they are being recorded. There will not even be a light on the webcam because VBA lets you control that. So I know with Kinect allowing you to see several players that they can see you, and track you even more than vba, and record you at all times. That's just me. Now for some of my friends, they are conspiracy theory freaks, and suspect Microsoft is illuminati, people like that are NOT getting a xbox720 if it has that. Back to me, I take my console, and a monitor with me to hotels, unless they allow you to connect to their tv with your video game machine. I will not be able to do that without having internet which many charge for. I will not be able to take it to a vacation spot either? Plus forget saying my internet may go down. It often goes down! Some times only a few second but many times more. If your late on your internet bill you cant play games. Did Microsoft offer this to comcast to get them to play ball? Plus there are many people that have Hugh 5,000 square foot homes and no cable just satellite connection which means if it is a bad weather day you cant play games. But if all this is just Microsoft will keep you online IF you have a connection but will still play games then that is ok(for me). As long as I can control that without having to unplug it every time. Because if the 720 lets you record video off a tv tuner it will need to be on physically. If the xbox720 has 33% more graphics than PS4 and requires me to be online PS4 wins no contest. If PS4 and xbox720 require me to be online to play a game then Wii U and FREEDOM rules.
FITgamer  +   916d ago
Even if all the negative rumors about the next box are true it will only deter those of us that aren't xbox fanboys. Even if Microsoft required a stool, urine, and semen sample before every play session the hardcore fanboys will still buy it.
StreetsofRage  +   916d ago
Isn't this the same for most current pc games?
MartinB105  +   916d ago
It's funny that the rumour is rated "Hopefully". Apparently, N4G never thought to differentiate between what people THINK will happen, and what people WANT to happen.
kingPoS  +   916d ago
Man this is getting outta hand, even the rumors have rumors now.

Better hold on tight. The hype train seems to be picking up speed.
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badkolo  +   916d ago
and most of you are gullable enough to believe microsoft would do something this dumb.
steve30x  +   916d ago
I wont buy a game or console that requires an internet connection to play single player for the simple fact that if my internet goes down for any reason I wont be abble to play the game. If this is true then it will mostly be people who dont know about this will buy the console. They are shooting themselves in both feet if they do this.
TheKayle1  +   916d ago
the two played games in the world use always on :O

world of warcraft and league of legends.....

again ppl will never learn
xFEARxPH0ENIXx  +   916d ago
I'm a big fan of the XBOX 360 and XBOX/Games for Windows LIVE and even I wouldn't buy a system that needs to be online just to play games. Microsoft is gonna end up killing off their own console.
Demoa  +   916d ago
Well i'm converting to pc/ps4 if this is true
kevnb  +   916d ago
its going to happen, third parties will do it on ps4, and youre going to buy it anyway.
Max-Zorin  +   916d ago
And N4G says hopefully. Last time I checked, Kokatu was TMZ 2.0
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IlluminatusV  +   916d ago
God let brain rain. It is becoming ridiculous. Does anybody really think that Microsoft is willing to intimidate a big chunk of their customers with such a feature. Please think about it:

a) Always on <> Always online: My DVB-PCR is always on because I cannot turn off the box completely, only StandBy

b) Always on --> Always online: If you want to use the services the next XBox will over, you have to be always online: Yes. But this will be the same with the PS4: Sony already said in their press conference, if you wish to receive newest updates or downloading things in the background anytime you need what: a online connection. Same here

c) Always on -> Always online -> Required to play a game: I don't think this will be true but there is a chance that MS give publishers the freedom to do this on their responsibility. But If MS will give publishers such options, do you really think Sony will not?

Thats my 2 cent on this!
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   916d ago
Shuhei yoshida and jack tretton already said and confirmed that you can play games "Offline"!! you dont need to connect it to play games. but he said its also good that you connect your system to the net because obviously it gives you more features. But still, You can play Offline. Period. So dont tell people to grow or have a brain. Its obvious "always online" is what it is. you cannot play unless its connected just like what ubisoft did with AC2 on PC. im connected then i started AC2, so in the game i purposefully shut off the net. I thought its fine then the AC2 game went out to main menu without even saving. Well you think youre happy with that???
IlluminatusV  +   916d ago
I did not say that you can't play games on the PS4 offline. What I said was that I don't think you need to be online on the MS console as a standard but mybe they will offer that as an option for publishers. And then I only asked, if MS gives publishers the option to prevent their games to be played offline, would Sony do the same?

So maybe I was right with that "brain rain", right? Just kidding :)
RE_L_MAYER  +   916d ago
Well it was good knowing you xbox because half of people dont have internet or they do and its very shitty
CEOSteveBallmer  +   916d ago
It's common sense that connecting to the internet should be "OPTIONAL". So dont tell me when im playing Halo 4 and then my internet broke down then a screen will pop up and say "Connection Error, Please connect to internet to play the game". Well that pretty much is a good idea for microsoft. I cant believe they are forcing Internet connections on all gamers. If internet is on par with electricity, everyone has it with lightning fast speed, Only then will it be acceptable. Internet is not as mainstream as electricity
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