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Thomaticus  +   844d ago
I don't believe this....who can be online 24/7. This is why MS should be making some sort of statement about the 720 now, as opposed to waiting, because when statements like this are made, it'd be nice to know that it isn't true (unless it actually is true.)
daclynk  +   844d ago
This is just dump. believe it or not all gamers have internet connection but are interested in your console. Guess i have to wait till E3 before i make up my mind.
GraveLord  +   844d ago
Ridiculous. I'd love to see people defend this.
a08andan  +   844d ago
This is my thoughts on this idea:
Many-hat5  +   844d ago
Trusting MS is like putting your hand into a crocodile's open mouth and expecting it not to bite! MS is constantly under attack from just about everyone for it's privacy or compliance infringements, but ,hey go ahead trust away. This issue regarding 'always on' has, IMHO, absolutely nothing to do with faster starting consoles or faster patching of games. Jeez, see, this is MS selling a bag of s**t as the best way to grow roses. And many already believe it.(I'm talking the always on aspect, not the console here)MS knows it has to introduce such technologies carefully to avoid any potential backlash. However, if it's in their mind to do it, you can be sure they will disguise it heavily and cleverly. Bottom line. Always on is nothing short of draconian DRM and stealth data mining, simple as that. Of course -and I don't mean any offense by this - a large proportion of under thirty's have very little concept of privacy, because they have never been without an always connected society. So to them, it's no biggie. Anyway, just to be clear, I'm not against an MS console, just the DRM/privacy - as I see it, features.

Edit: @dangerousjo34
That's a fair point. Personally, I don't think Sony's reputation on privacy issues is any better -remember root kit issues, anyone? I was addressing this particular article. I'm only leaning towards Sony's console at the moment due to the POSSIBLE 'always on' from MS. Hope that's fair
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TemplarDante  +   844d ago
F your arrogance, Msft.
No sale from me.
InTheZoneAC  +   844d ago
lol @ needing an internet connection to start games. Sounds like something EA would do...
jakmckratos  +   844d ago
Bad news for those of us who had hope to play next-gen games during the zombie apocalypse
Saleem101  +   844d ago
If this happens Microsoft just sunk its own ship...
Why o why  +   844d ago
eff bukkaku. I don't care what they say. Lets just wait and see
battlegrog  +   844d ago
People complaining are retarted. I mean Steam is pretty much a gaming service. Its been around for how long now and we have always needed to be connected to the internet to use it. Has anyone complained ? Once you log into it your connected.
GenMasterB  +   844d ago
Steam has an offline mode where you can be disconnected for months at a time.. quit making excuses for a huge monster company that could care less about you except how much you can feed it's machine..
pmx  +   844d ago
how stupid would that be, what about those traveling to no internet areas and those without accesss at all. If this is true, then PS4 only.
Tzuno  +   844d ago
Do they wanna doom themselves or what?
HarryB  +   844d ago
They want you to be online so you can do cloud gaming. Thats one of their features. So you can have the xbox on and play it on a computer but to do this the pc has to be on.
g2gshow  +   844d ago
@ thechosenone
banish!! him !!! an force him to listen to that song in limbo the foolish
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manman6  +   844d ago
If the next Xbox is always online does that mean you would be force to pay for Xbox Live?
optimus  +   844d ago
Hmmm, this article has 45 replies, mostly against the rumor but the voting meter says "Hopefully"??.. Seems like the ps4 fanboys just come in, vote, then leave....anyhow...

Here is an excerpt from the article that stood out for me...especially the last sentence...

"Microsoft doesn't comment at all about its next-gen system, so the best we have from them on the matter is as follows: "We do not comment on rumors or speculation. We are always thinking about what is next for our platform, but we don't have anything further to share at this time." That's from a Microsoft spokesperson after we asked, today, about this always-online rumor and told them this story was planned."

Looks to me like kotaku is in dire need of a good story and some hits so they try to bait microsoft so they can give them something to use and be able to call it an exclusive...

I think all these "bad" rumors will end up helping microsoft on their unveiling since EVERYone and their grandmother will tune in to see if any of it is true. It wouldn't surprise me if they are the ones "leaking" these false rumors just for marketing.
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Stefanrules7  +   844d ago
I like how it says at the top "is this rumor true" - Answer=hopefully

AO1JMM  +   844d ago
Just another rumor
Rageanitus  +   844d ago
They should apply it like the system if they really wanted a DRM check.

Login every few months.
What happens when you internet goes down!
HK5A  +   844d ago
If this is true, MS knows what they're doing.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   844d ago
Internet connection to start games? Yeah right. Guys use your head, MS would never do this, in fact who would?
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isyourhouseonfire  +   844d ago
I still love the idea of a required internet connection. It's 2013 and we need to quit being limited by the people who refuse to change with technology.
-Gespenst-  +   844d ago
This console will certainly fail if this is true. I'm not a fanboy at all, I'd be saying the same if Sony or Nintendo or anyone implemented this.

It can't actually be true...
fsfsxii  +   844d ago
So, thats all the hype the 720 is getting??
josephayal  +   844d ago
im going to buy two
fresh2death93  +   844d ago
All the things i heard about the new xbox so far are negative, not a problem for me. PC+ ps4 ftw.
2v1  +   844d ago
You force to pay for Xbox next Xbox is always online is the new fee you got pay!pay up sucka
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