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TrevorPhillips  +   722d ago | Well said
I hope not, don't like the idea of that :/

Playing offline alone has a major aspect to it and having to have internet connection just to start games is obviously not a great idea.
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Snookies12  +   722d ago | Well said
Lol, how can people disagree with that? I suppose if you have a wonderful internet connection at all times, you just don't care about it. However, I'm in a situation where my internet connection is NOT stable. Anything that HAS to be online to start or play, I will not buy, period. That's why I didn't pre-order SimCity despite being super excited about the announcement of it. Won't touch that game til/if it goes offline.
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TrevorPhillips  +   722d ago
Lets just hope it's not true bro, I doubt Microsoft would pull off such move :/
thechosenone  +   722d ago
I have no problem with always on DRM whatsoever and if MS chooses to use it, I'm back them 100%. This is just my opinion of course, it doesn't mean you have to agree with me or anything. Have a good day gents.
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Nitrowolf2  +   722d ago

I really hope your kidding. This idea is terrible period!
I know MS has better network than Sony, but they have been down before and even for days. No network, no matter how good it is, cannot prevent stuff like that.
Lets not forget people who don't have internet, outages, ect ect.

No connection = no gaming, pretty much you have a useless console on you're hand.

Look at Sim City, just one of the outcome of always online.

I really really really hope this rumor is 100% false. I like taking my console to places also, and I'm sure there are plenty of others who do the same.
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Snookies12  +   722d ago
@thechosenone - Yeah, my point exactly, YOU don't care. A lot of people actually do though, and whether you know it or not, there are still quite a few people around the world who don't have access to an internet connection at all. How do you think they'd feel about this?

Unless of course you're kidding, as Nitrowolf2 stated.
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Temporary  +   722d ago | Well said
im pretty certain that if all these things about the next XBox end up being true ... it's safe to say that the people that actually buy it are either diehard brainwashed fanboys, or clueless casual gamers.
vet_medic  +   722d ago | Well said
it's like SimCity..

..what can possibly go wrong
Hercules189  +   722d ago
Temporary, or maybe we just like Microsofts games, ya thought about that?
Moncole  +   722d ago
People disagree with it because they are trolls and do it to make you mad. Just ignore it.
DragonKnight  +   722d ago
As I have said before, I will so say again, there is no such thing as a constantly stable network connection. MS will shoot themselves in the foot if they do this. Especially with countries that just don't have the infrastructure for such a move.

That being said, this is Kotaku and I don't care if they've been right before, I don't trust them.
BlindGuardian  +   722d ago
aaaaaaaaaaaannnnndddddddd it's gone

MS's street cred, that is
g2gshow  +   721d ago
because they are retarded some people even kill them self what do you expect from the fool's
KaBaW  +   721d ago
" Won't touch that game til/if it goes offline." That didn't make sense. :P

Won't touch that game til it goes offline.
Won't touch that game if it goes offline.
So, basically.. you won't touch the game, regardless? ^_^

But, anyway, I agree with you. I have good connection, but still.
I have problems with it; occasional drops and other times no connection.
It would just be stupid for MS to do this, it makes no sense.
thechosenone  +   721d ago
I said I'd back MS if they chose to use it always on DRM, I never said anything about Sony. And since I don't really like DRM on my system I'll go with Sony and the PS4 for my next-gen gaming needs. Good luck to you MS, I wish you the very best.
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BlindGuardian  +   721d ago
what's with all the comments here that say that we have to wait for MS official word?

rumors about the PS4 turned out to be almost 100% accurate, Eurogamer even mentioned that some devs were told by Sony that they might go with 8gb of ram on the final build and not the 4 on the dev kits

this is a rumor reported by multiple websites for months, MS might change their plan at the last moment and remove it, but now you can pretty certain that it's true
andrewsqual  +   721d ago
Thank you thechosenone. Why are so many people getting worked up about this?
Just bite the pillow and push that Microsoft Branded Dildo further up your asshole. You took it for years already, what is a little bit more now?
Dee_91  +   721d ago
@ snookies I said something similar when I heard the concept of live."Pay for online haha yea right, no one will buy that crap"
Well I was proven wrong and ended up buying a 360 despite how insane at the time paying extra for features already on the game sounded ,and im afraid the same will happen here..

But unlike most n4g im just gonna wait til we get full info before I form an opinion.

@ blindguardian
That makes no sense at all.Bottom line its a rumor and to be taken with a grain of salt no matter who the rumor comes from.If you see fault in waiting for official word then you need to be evaluated.
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BlindGuardian  +   721d ago

do you know how reporters that breakout news based on investigation operate? two sources

if two people independently tell you the same piece of information then that information is true, and that's what's happening here
Cryptcuzz  +   721d ago
So true. My brothers are moving to a new home and its located in a rural area where the major internet providers do not provide service to. (ATT and Comcast)

My older brother is a major Xbox supporter, but I can see if he would not be able to buy the next Xbox on launch and play at least single player games and campaign, he would flip and probably not even get one.
gatormatt80  +   721d ago
Here's a thought... Is it possible that MS may have put this info out in public, about having always on connection, on purpose to see how the public/user base would react to said info?
Ritsujun  +   721d ago
That-Guy  +   721d ago
"The Next Xbox Will Require an Internet Connection To Start Games" > N4G says "Hopefully".
thereapersson  +   721d ago
LOL@ all the people above
Most of you can't tell when chosenone is trolling!
Kevin ButIer  +   721d ago
In emerging markets Xbox dominated because of piracy... Even nowadays is hard to see PS3 piracy.. if this is true... things will change a lot..
CyberCam  +   721d ago
LOL @ andrewsqual's comment!

+1 bubble up!

I almost pee myself from laughing so hard. Funny, but so true!

The not so funny thing is that I wouldn't put it pass M$ to have always online incorporated in the next xbox.

I mean they got away with charging people to play games online (which I still can't believe to this day), they are certainly arrogant enough to take it a to the next level.
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Hellsvacancy  +   721d ago
Im internet provider is awesome, im on a very stable network, rarely goes offline, so it wont really affect me either, but its a HORRIBLE idea

I moved house last year, whilst my internet was getting transferred to a new address, I was offline for over a month, I catched up on quite afew single player games whilst that was happening

I still dont think MS will do it personally
sengoku  +   722d ago
i'm sure M$ have will consider this option, for now nothing is sure about the neXtbox but there are so many of these articles going round that this might be true.

sure there will be a backlash towards M$ for doing something like this but they might go ahead with it anyway simply because there whole system might be so kinect2.0 + internet connection depended it's might as well include this DRM feature..

i'm sure hackers will find other ways to get there way, but as always is the case with DRM, the legit users will suffer for it.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   722d ago
Highly Doubt it, but N4G already has the rumor scale in the green with "hard to tell. In other words they want it to be true.

When will you fanboys learn.

EDIT: I don't approve of this rumor because its stupid. the majority of people aren't ready for a potential "DRM console" its dumb rumor. A rumor that MS could very well be testing, but can't see MS going for that in the final hardware stages.

If that was the case then MS console won't be a real gaming console, at all.
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ps3_pwns  +   722d ago
its true! if it wasnt then M$ would deny it. if someone said i was a woman beater i wouldnt just stay quite i would deny it because its not true and denying things that are not true do not hurt you. MS is like jodi arias.
KaBaW  +   721d ago
@ps3_pwns -
They wouldn't deny it. Because it gives away details one way or the other.
Basically, people would just start making up things to figure it all out.
If they deny it, it's false. If they say nothing, it's true. See how that works?
They don't want to give out details until they are ready, then it'll all be out.
They will acknowledge true claims and deny the claims that turn out false.

Honestly, I think people need to just chill and wait for the announcement.
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SilentNegotiator  +   721d ago
It's in the green because this makes about a hundred sources that have claimed it to be true.

It's the fault of whoever designed the bar that it classifies ranges as "desire" instead of "believability"
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MysticStrummer  +   721d ago
"When will you fanboys learn."

Learn what? Rumors turn out to be true sometimes you know, especially rumors that keep popping up like this one does.

It is funny that the verdict is "Hopefully" though. That should be changed to "Maybe" or something like that.
nthstew  +   722d ago
may be one time checking for alegit disc is fine but mandatory for playing games is rubbish Microsoft
KaBaW  +   721d ago
It says they can handle dropped connections so that may be all it is.
To make sure the disc being inserted into the console is a legit copy.
They may have a fallback. Like no connection means no achievements.
Iduno, but I just can't see them denying everyone without a connection.
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andrewsqual  +   721d ago
If that thing about installing the games completely is true, then they CAN'T have a console that can go offline. It would be hacked and people would just not have to ever put it near an internet connection to be able to keep it the way they want it. They will even find out ways to get the games on the hard drive then without even requiring a disc because Microsoft made it so easy with the full installs just like with the current 360.
So making it always online eliminates piracy then.
mcstorm  +   721d ago
For me its not an issue I have a good internet connection and in away the XBOX is kind of like this as to play videos you need an internet connection at all time so its just a step up from this.

I do see it being a deal for some people but im sure 90% of gamers now have an internet connection at home now anyway and that all there consoles are connected to the network 24/7 with an internet connection.

I would like to see a survey done of how many people who have a current console don't use any of its online parts and also of who is going to get a WiiU, PS4 and Next xbox and only play it offline as they are missing out on a big part of the software and point of the new console.

I do hope they don't block used games though. I don't buy used games unless it for an old consoles but I know a lot of people who buy used games and I think this would have an impact on how many users buy a console if a percentage of users cant buy used games.
Thirty3Three  +   721d ago
The nextbox won't if this is included:

Not to mention, if the following rumors are true, it won't look good AT ALL:

1) Blocks used games
2) Weaker the PS4 (I know, but it actually does count)
3) Can't match up with the Vita/Gaikai/PS4 thing.

Sony's customers are going to be able to play PS1/2/3/4 games on the go. Not so sure what you're gonna do about that, M$. Well, unless you go and shell out a handheld in less than 6 months. I mean, we can't play on a 'touch screen smart glass'...
BitbyDeath  +   721d ago
Sounds like the mandatory internet connection check is to block used games. Why else would it be required for simply loading a game? (If true of course)
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Parapraxis  +   721d ago
Looks like people are calling it confirmed:
JoySticksFTW  +   721d ago
"Sweet Billy"?!
WTF?! I'm not calling ANYONE "Sweet Billy"

From that reddit link...

"I worked with this guy when he was at Fox Interactive. He was easily the biggest douche I've ever worked with in any industry.

He demanded people call him by his nickname : "Sweet Billy". Literally would ignore you and be a total dick if you called him by his first name.

I was wondering why the PR for the new Xbox from both dev and fan perspective is in the shit until I read this post. This guy is impossible to work with so it totally makes sense now."

and another post...

"Guys this looks actually legit, look at this:

GAF post by him back in 07, his account name is sweet billy.
EDIT: credit to detective GAF :)"
thebudgetgamer  +   722d ago
redDevil87   722d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
OlgerO  +   722d ago
I already pre-ordered my PS4, but im sure that this is not actually true. Im confident that we are going to get 2 amazing next gen systems, that will propel gaming into the future.
thebudgetgamer  +   721d ago
I hope so.
BlackTar187  +   721d ago
where did you preorder with no price?
4lc4pon3  +   721d ago
one amazing nextgen system. one half ass console KinectBox 2.0 "Always Kinected" will fail
OlgerO  +   721d ago
@Blacktar I pre-ordered on a Dutch internet store for 600 Euro. they will change the price when it has been announced
BlackTar187  +   721d ago
Thanks olgerO

I don't know who disagrees with me sometimes i feel like its employees wo get paid to do that stuff.

Anyways again thanks for the response.
aviator189  +   722d ago
If ms knows what's good for them and their consumers and have paid good attention to that sim city mess, they'll know better than to do something like this.
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asmith2306  +   722d ago
I don't know why people disagreed with you, you're right. Always online is such a retarded idea. Then again, MS going with more of a casual focus over the core was a retarded idea too but that didn't stop them.
Kurt Russell  +   721d ago
The always on will make or break what console I buy. I rent property and move fairly often. Getting an internet connection hooked up in the UK can take over a month, a month I would want to spend playing single player games offline. Always on wouldn't be convenient for me personally.
JamieL  +   720d ago
I agree, I just really don't see how in their right minds they think this will fly. I like the 360 a lot, I've been called a MS fanboy on this site more than once and I don't know if I want a gaming console that I couldn't play at all, without an internet connection. I just don't see why they would completely cut out many potential buyers off the top that may not even have an internet connection. It just doesn't make any sense to me at all. Maybe as a onetime thing to get a game to activate, or who knows, but I think it would be a mistake for them to require a internet connection just to play games, I mean without an internet connection it’s completely useless? How could anyone ever think that’s a good idea?
Jek_Porkins  +   722d ago
More rumors, hopefully we get everything sorted out soon and can stop with the nonstop rumor mill, these are starting to get a bit old, especially when the actual consoles aren't in anyone's hands yet.
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Godmars290  +   722d ago
Except this is something MS can wholly gloss over at E3. They might come clean afterward, but anyone hearing about the system from the public press is going to kind up being blind-sided.

Yes. Yes they can. They just have to ignore it in the public press. They certainly wont be bringing it up in advertising. Not unless they're doing as I expect and throwing in with cable providers. Offer the console as part of a package/leasing deal with a cable/internet subscription.
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Jek_Porkins  +   722d ago
I think from E3 until November is too short a time to just cover up something like that, they will have to let people know up front.

I highly doubt this, I doubt most of the rumors around the next Xbox, especially when there hasn't been a credible source at all, bottom line is that nobody knows, it is true the dev kits might have an always online feature so Microsoft can keep track of them for potential leaks, it could be nothing but false reporting, we don't know at this point.
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BitbyDeath  +   721d ago
'especially when there hasn't been a credible source'

MS had a guy arrested for leaking information. You don't really get much more credible than that.
Eamon  +   722d ago
I highly doubt this. It would be suicidal.
Daves  +   721d ago
As far as I'm aware, it's true.

Which is a shame, as when I was younger (much) I'd take my C64 and then later Amiga round to a friends to play. Maybe it would be the same for kids today.

Well that would be awkward if you didn't understand networking (at all) or there was not connection.
JeffGUNZ  +   721d ago
what do you mean as far as you are aware? MS hasn't even announced the existence of the system, yet you're aware? There is a wise saying, "Don't believe everything you read on the internet." Especially from so called "journalists" who are screaming for hits. It's not too much over half the people on the 360 have live, why on earth would they do that? There is still no creditable information that makes this viable.
Daves  +   721d ago
I can't say how I'm 'aware'.
T2  +   721d ago
I have yet to see a major rumour unconfirmed with these systems ... Pretty much every ps4 rumour was true ... All the good ones, unfortunately for microsoft
Godmars290  +   722d ago
Really can't believe they'd do it because even if its only a "check in" feature it still alienates people w/o any online at all.
Sarobi  +   721d ago
If this ends up to be true, I want a good reason for it. I mean they can't possibly be worried about second hand games and piracy that much, can they?.
clintagious650  +   722d ago
Wow I hope this aint true. Ms would be shooting themselves in the foot with this move. Can u imagine your casual consumer buying the nextbox & they get home & throw in a game only to see it say "Connect Online To Start Up Game" & the consumer doesnt even have online. That would suck.
KrisButtar  +   722d ago
wonder if you could still return it because of that reason as its not like the system wouldn't be damaged/broken.

I'm a consumer that doesn't have online, only have it while I'm working. If this rumor is true' it would be the worst news I have heard all year! runner up being Gaikai is the only way for BC
cleft5  +   722d ago
If this is true in anyway I am not buying the nextbox. My PS4 will suffice.
ArchieBunker   722d ago | Spam
jay2  +   722d ago
Well bye bye xbox 3, I don't fking want to an always online connection, and to have kenect plugged in, oh guess what we'll get. you'll still need to pay a yearly fee.
Brucis  +   722d ago

No. This is them publishing a rumor for hits. Always online would be bullshit but get this crap out of here until there are credible sources.
StrongMan  +   722d ago
I believe this is true at this point after numerous leaked documents and unnamed sources are reporting the same thing. How could this not be true?
lastofgen  +   722d ago
I'll hold you to that when they officially unveil the console.

I believe this won't happen, however.
FunkMacNasty  +   722d ago
Strongman you believe this is true because you hate microsoft. That's pretty well known around here.

Yet whenever Kotaku publishes negative news or rumors and speculation about Sony, your the first one to say "oh it's Kotaku, they're terrible."

But now you believe them?

I have to laugh at the Sony bias around this site.. I mean, being a "fan" or having a preference is one thing, but this place is just full of straight-up corporate drones that will back Sony, no matter what they do.
TheGrimReaper  +   721d ago
If you think it's biased now, you should've been here in 2007/2008/2009...

Quite interesting how the tides have turned ^^

Just ignore the fanboys (the "+" next to the usersname will be your best friend)! This will enhance your n4g experience.

I think fanboys are quite entertaining and are part of the charm of such a community xD
JamieL  +   720d ago
@ grim
So what? Who cares what it was like 3, 4,and 5 years ago. How does that at all justify how it is now? Because Xbox douches gave you shit years ago justifies you being a douche now? (not YOU but anyone who thinks that way) If that is how anyone feels they need to grow up. Letting others action dictate your morals and actions makes one weak.
TheGrimReaper  +   720d ago
Would be great if everyone would think that way!
Everything you've said is true!
Except the fact that I didn't justify these comments. At least I didn't want to justify them!
Fanboys are a part of this site and they are enhancing my personal (!) entertainment.
It's just funny how different groups of fanboys gain the upper hand after a while.
This is comparable to fans in sports.
Several years: "Yeah, New England Patriots!"
Now: "Woooot! Baltimore Ravens!"
(sry if it isn't the best comparison, but I'm from Germany and I don't think a comparison with soccer would be better for you :P)

The problem is: There are douches everywhere!
We had to deal with MS fanboys and now we have to deal with Sony fanboys.

As I said before, if they are disturbing you just ignore them! There is a reason such a function is inculded in n4g :D

BTW: Agreed with you & Bubbled you up, we need more people with common sense.
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Angainor7  +   721d ago
you are a troll, one of a kind my friend
KillrateOmega  +   721d ago
If you think that he's bad, you should see greenpowerz...

Regardless, I have found that it's easier to deal with trolls via the +/- Bubble System instead of making an actual reply.
Angainor7  +   721d ago
@ KillrateOmega

indeed man! ;)
GetSnooked  +   721d ago
If me and my friends were to write our own articles on PS4 requiring a fee to play online, that makes it correct doesn't it?
If you broke your leg, would you listen to 20 randoms off the road or the professional?
Dlacy13g  +   722d ago
There are sooo many rumors now swirling about this always on business. Could it be DVR connection, could it be DRM related... So hard to say at this point other than somewhere in the dev kits there is / has been a need to be connected.

You do have to wonder if this statement is part of all of it:

"Some sources told us that they believed that the Durango development kit required an online connection so that Microsoft could keep tabs on them and update them with new, ever-evolving firmware. Others weren't sure."
FrigidDARKNESS  +   722d ago
We already know this is old news. A wortless article and thread.
Pillsbury1  +   722d ago
Microsoft is gonna need a lot more usher at e3 if this is true.
DigitalRaptor  +   721d ago
Hey let Sony pay for Usher this time, they need this.

Oh.. wait.. what? Sony deal in games at E3?? my bad!
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majiebeast  +   722d ago
Looks like i will be going from PC+PS3+WII+360+VITA to PC+PS4+VITA+WIIU(2-3 years from now) next gen. I guess they want us to jump out.

The third console curse is real.
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thechosenone  +   722d ago
I like the cut of your jib, here have a bubble my friend.
Reborn  +   722d ago
IF true, the excuse of ease to update firmware isn't justifiable. It's not. If users are hopping online, then let them update then. I can only see it to do with control, more than anything else.

Broadband isn't that good yet where this always on business should be even be considered. I doubt it will ever get to that stage. It's nice to have options.

However, looking at the site, and the fact its still a rumour. MS will hopefully end all speculation soon.
Supermax  +   722d ago
Ps3 has this feature right now it is a option what it does is allow for your games and psn to update themselves when your sleeping.
snake_eater  +   722d ago
I really wanted to give ms the benefit of doubt for the nextgen but if this is true then screw them...
Clarence  +   722d ago
Will you be force to purchase a live account?
AmkOwns  +   722d ago
i guess MS's controller are you xbox people lol if your gonna pay for online then this is no problem for you subs out there ;)
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Supermax  +   722d ago
You'll have the option for Xbox silver free and gold for subscription,ps4 will offer the same thing or something like it,the good thing with psn is they give you a library of free games and early access to betas and demos for there subscription
Gamer-40  +   722d ago
To start games maybe, not always online.

Little difference.
cyberninja  +   722d ago
And what if you don't have internet access?
Gamer-40  +   722d ago
This is 21st century, not middle ages.

But not interesting, this site users 90% hate everything not a Sony:(
Many Sony PR manager.

I'm a gamer, not fanboy.
This is fanboy site. Sad, i like N4G, but this very boring:(
Mikeyy  +   721d ago
Gamer-39 has obviously never been outside of the city or suburbs.

In probably any part of the United states you can drive 25 mins out of the urban areas and Hit neighborhoods that can only hope for dial up.

once you learn to drive you will discover that whole new world out there. maybe even meet a girl.
leogets  +   722d ago
if ya thumbs arnt parelel and you want to pay for internet twice then Microsoft console is the best for you..
LOL_WUT  +   722d ago
I hope this is fake
Jyndal  +   722d ago
This, if true, won't even slow me down from buying this system. Call me fanboy all you like, I've come to trust Microsoft over the years, and fully expect this to be an awesome gaming experience.

Of course, I'll also be nabbing up a PS4 as well. No sense in not having both, right? :)
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headblackman  +   722d ago
this is nothing new. stop using recycled rumr news. give us some facts or sew your lips up and super glue your hands together until you can provide something legit
Terror2k9  +   722d ago
I am a old school gamer since the pong days. All the way through to this generation of gaming. I have to say once a company does this my gaming career is over for sure,I will not be a part of the next generation when every game needs to be installed,always online.Reason being I have always bought alot of my games from the used sections. Digital gaming you never truly own the game anymore.If for any reason you get banned from using your account say bye to all the games you have purchased.Sony also has screwed up with me as well,I was recently banned from using my vita online because they said i broke the terms of agreement so i asked what did i do? They just answered we cant tell you that you are permanatly banned. After aguing with them for an hour i said screw you and you company good luck with you ps4 as I will never buy another Sony product again.I have never hacked or opened my vita,plus i own like 50+ games on my vita and get banned for what? These companys are going way overboard with these agreements that only favor the company not the consumer. The representitive tells me just make a new account and you will be good and what of all my purchases? I guess I never really owned them if I listen to him. These consoles are going way to far.
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Many-hat5  +   721d ago
You got an agree just for Pong! Ha teenage memories.
Seriously though, you do realise we are now in the minority. As I have mentioned elsewhere, long gone are the days of privacy, or even the concept of such. It's hard being a first generation gamer in the always connected world. Still, think of all the consoles we've enjoyed and it's not so bad.
maniacmayhem  +   722d ago
I don't have a problem since I am always connected to Live if and when I play my 360.

Now, if this means the blocking of used games or rented games from Gamefly then that is an instant "Hell No" from me.
jacksons98  +   721d ago
What about when you want to take your Xbox outside of the house? For example we have screens in our van that we game on during long car trips. Or if we take a vacation sometimes we will bring our console so we have something to do at night while in the hotel. Or have your heard of a game called SIMCITY, can you imagine when the next AAA Xbox game comes out??
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maniacmayhem  +   721d ago
I have NEVER took my 360 outside. Usually when I'm outside I'm enjoying being outside and when I'm on vacation the last thing I do is game.
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