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dedicatedtogamers  +   966d ago
I'll be buying this on instead of Steam, since Steam adds its own DRM.

Fun fact: is a partner company to CD Projekt.
SavageKuma  +   966d ago
I just wonder what improvements they will make from the last game.
NewMonday  +   966d ago
DRM never stopped the pirates anyway.
Blackdeath_663  +   966d ago
it is well known that the DRM version of witcher 2 was pirated more than the non-DRM version. they won't waste their efforts anymore
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Rush  +   966d ago
Watch EA buy them and add online only DRM and a cash shop.
krazykombatant  +   966d ago
I cant remember the specifics probably that the company is private so they cant be bought as long as the owners dont feel like it.
Moncole  +   966d ago
You get a Steam key if you buy it on Gog and get a Gog key if you buy it on Steam.
3-4-5  +   966d ago
You can play offline though.

You can use your account on any computer

It protects and helps you

How are you against STEAM ?
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dedicatedtogamers  +   966d ago
Steam is DRM no matter how you look at it, and 99% of the "helpful" features are features I never use. I simply choose to support CD Projekt on their own website,
DoomeDx  +   966d ago
Steam DRM?
You can launch steam in offline mode man
dedicatedtogamers  +   966d ago
...which requires you to first go online and update your games and then choose "go offline". Plus, after about 10 days, Steam won't launch your games anymore, even if you've set the option to be in offline mode. Steam insists on checking for updates and until you go back online it won't let you play your games. Believe me. I've tested it.
aliengmr  +   966d ago


So have I. I was without internet for 2 weeks and had not one issue. Only thing Steam did was ask if it try to connect again of go offline.
jollygoodchap8  +   966d ago
Guess it's ok to disagree with facts on n4g.
ApolloTheBoss  +   966d ago
My GOD. As if I needed another reason to absolutely love this dev.
FantasyStar  +   966d ago
Here's another one.
CDPR contracted Bandai-Namco to handle distribution of TW2 for retailers. The physical copies came with SecuROM. CDPR then released a patch which removed it and Bamco sued them over it.
LapDance1974  +   965d ago
And one more, if they do DLC or an enhanced edition, it will be FREE!
TopDudeMan  +   966d ago
I agree with their point. For all the DRM companies put on a game, there'll always be a way people get past it.
grailly  +   966d ago
I think a tiny bit a DRM is not that bad, when there's no DRM at all I'm just way too encouraged to copy the file on a usb stick and give it to a friend, because it doesn't feel like piracy at all. I usually never pirate games, but when they're DRM free I kinda forget that sharing that way is a kind of piracy.

edit: still it's awesome that a company is brave enough to put out a AAA games without DRM, I really don't know of any other AAA game that has done this.
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FOXDIE  +   966d ago
That made no sense at all!
sengoku  +   966d ago
these guys are heroes!!
Hicken  +   966d ago
I agree with you, sengoku... has anyone ever told you you look an awful lot a guy named Spike?
sengoku  +   966d ago
no man never hear of him.. ;)
abc1233  +   966d ago
Finally, a step in the right direction, hope others follow their example.
Typical-Guy  +   966d ago
I love their confidence in their game.... Day one On PS4 or New Xbox, count me in guys.
FantasyStar  +   966d ago
If you really want to support the right people and the right cause: buy it for PC. That's their home-turf and they're able to do a lot more for you without Sony/Microsoft getting in the way.

Remember when Microsoft forced Valve to charge for its DLC?? It's just like that. Remember how Sony charges publishers per GB downloads? Not that Sony doesn't deserve its fair share but you'll be doing more good for gaming overall if you get it on PC.
Breadcrab  +   965d ago
Keep in mind that not everyone will have a rig awesome enough to run it.
iRocket  +   966d ago
All these Witcher articles have made me interested. I think I'm going to buy the first one from Steam soon...
BiggCMan  +   966d ago
I read up on the story before I started Witcher 2. When I tried to play the first game, I could tell the story would be good, but the gameplay is just the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Before you buy it, either watch some gameplay on Youtube, or get a torrent just to see what it's like. I'm telling you the gameplay is just weird. Witcher 2 completely changed the gameplay.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   966d ago
at first the game feels really awkward and cumbersome cause of the combat system. But once you unlock more defensice abilities the game comes to life and the combat is really fun and rewarding. just have to stick with it long enuff to start getting those abilities. once you do the real game begins
papashango  +   966d ago
With the Witcher 1 they show their raw talent. It's unrefined but their talent shows. You can tell they delivered their best with what they had at hand.

Witcher 2 improves on this. They show how much they've learned. Still rough around the edges with the combat system but you can blatantly tell they are about to hit their prime.

Witcher 3 I'm hoping will show how far they've come. They are imo the best up and coming devs in the industry as far as talent goes and Witcher 3 I hope makes them a household name.
Mariusmssj  +   966d ago
I must agree Witcher 1 gameplay is odd but if you can play for 6 hours you'll enjoy the rest. For me Witcher 1 has amazing atmosphere and story. Even if you don't like combat you owe it to yourself to finish it for the story!
catch  +   966d ago
The first one is good but keep in mind the second has some pretty great improvements so even if you arent totally into it give both a try.

Edit: yeah, what they said.
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dc1  +   966d ago
Just know that the second Witcher is completely different from the first.

Glad to hear that you are diving in.

Have fun!
Captain Qwark 9  +   966d ago
good. drm is annoying as hell. that said, hopefully people dont pirate it. the witcher 2 was a masterpiece, im certain this will be equal quality. support devs like this!

also between this and dark souls 2, the next gen systems are going to deliver two of the best gaming experiences possible close to launch. how awesome.
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catch  +   966d ago
I thought Dark Souls 2 wasn't confirmed for next gen?
Captain Qwark 9  +   966d ago
i was under the impression it was. well even if its not, i still cant wait to play it lol
catch  +   966d ago
Me too. Such brilliant games.
Drakesfortune  +   966d ago
They speak the truth though.. People will find ways of doing stuff eventually...

But the way I see it produce good music, good films and good games and people will pay for it.. And cdprojekt do produce good games hence the reason I buy them
Captain Qwark 9  +   966d ago
agreed. there will always be cheap people who wont buy but most will if the quality is good enough.

also piracy can occasionally work to their benefit. example: im big into heavy metal but there are a lot of crap bands. more often than not if im curious about someone i will pirate their shit. if i love it, then i buy all their future materials and see them in concert. not everyone does that but im sure many do. same could work for games too
Trago1337  +   966d ago
Still need to play the second one. But I like their philosophy on things. I just want to buy a game and that's it lol, no restrictive anti consumer bullcrap
coolmast3r  +   966d ago
I can't think of a dev more honest than CD Project RED. Thank you guys for your approach, I've already bought all your games and I will do so with Witcher 3 :)
Th3 Chr0nic  +   966d ago
They are smart, why waste money applying something that causes problems for paying customers and does nothing but slow down the crackers for a day or a week at the most if they are lucky
SlapHappyJesus  +   966d ago
Well, yeah, it's CD Projekt.
As it stands, they actually respect their fans and consumers.
Anyway, once the game comes out, buy on GoG. At least for the PC version. CD Projekt owns the service. No DRM and they will see the biggest returns there. If you are playing on console, try and buy it from their site if made available.
KentBlake  +   966d ago
I'll buy it for the PS4...and the on GOG, when it's on sale. Gotta love CD Projekt/GOG.
LAWSON72  +   966d ago
It is nice to see some people are actually smart and realize no matter how hard a game is to crack it will still be pirated so why ruin it for the fans. DRM is pointless and is a pain for everyone.
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Psychotica  +   966d ago
I really hope this sells well, they deserve to get paid for this effort. If it's really good people will want a sequel to it as well..
Many-hat5  +   966d ago
Always been the same. If it's good most people prefer to buy, if it's bad many choose to pirate. Good or bad, some will always pirate, but those few wouldn't buy anyway. so, there's no loss of revenue to anyone if you know you are releasing a good game.
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LapDance1974  +   965d ago
Exactly, all DRM does is punish the paying customers.
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