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ajax17  +   881d ago
I love Sony more than both of you together, lol.
robleroy  +   881d ago
Beyond : two souls a launch title???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Isn't this a typo??

I thought beyond was a ps3 only title
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DivineAssault  +   881d ago
caught my attention as well
dc786  +   881d ago
There are reports that beyond two souls team is working for ps4 title as well.

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robleroy  +   881d ago
But I don't think the beyond 2 sould is working for a launch title. The timewindow would be much to short .
And certainly bungi with their destiny game are not a club who likes to commit to a launch date or any other kind of date. They allways select a date which they choose for their own reason (mostly to enhance the game story experience.

Destiny will certainly be NOT a launch title. The game is a very very big multi platform project. (Only Bioshock infinite would maybe probably be bigger )
And they would first need to betatest it for at least 3 months
destiny will probably be a early 2015 game
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ps3_pwns  +   881d ago
all I need to know is its better then x720 in every way. getting a ps4 day one its the go to console of next gen.
hellvaguy  +   880d ago
Its impossible for the ps4 to be better in every way since the 720 hasnt even released the specs. To avoid sounding like a raving fanboy, u shud go with words like probably, or based on the direction of the current gen. As it stands your just a punch-drunk fanatic.
ps3_pwns  +   880d ago
as it stands you dont care about gaming and cannot think logically. all the leaks and info about the x720 have not been denied and these are all things not good for gamers or consumers and would and should be denied by a company and gamers because they are not good at all in anyway. its just some of you hold alliegence to a console and not the games and the quality of a console and games. i will not allow the x720 to destroy gaming.
hellvaguy  +   880d ago
Leaks and rumors, you definitely want to rely on that for your info. I see why your name says ps3_brainwashed.
r21  +   881d ago
Im loving the new ps eye design. The current one for PS3 is abit awkward to place and annoying. Currently playing Bioshock Infinite with ps move and on 1999 mode, had to cover up the blue light cause its too bright and as it gets irritable whilst playing long sessions. Really glad they got rid of LED notifiers :)
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babis1974  +   881d ago
'Sony will release their games only in digital format,main reason behind this is to change the price.This will remove the cost of physical devices used to store the games.' I want my games physical no digital...and about cost , i prefer to pay 60 euros for the game and to have them in my game-library than in digital form. This is so wrong.

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