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landog  +   1037d ago
they are making a cheap console because they don't want to lose their asses, hardware sales for consoles and down and will continue to go down, software sales are down and will continue to go down, like it or not(hate it personally) the mobile/tablet section of the market is huge and has taken a giant chunk of the market from consoles, there are 200 million gamers playing games on their smartphones.....uhhhhhh

free to play, much better than mobile, but still annoying to me imo, is huge and makes up a larger player base than ps3/360/wii combined....heck 10 million gamers playing league of legends alone and it is also sucking up marketshare

there are literally well over 100 million gamers playing free to play mmo's, rts's, rpg's, moba's etc and many are NOT buying console games or hardware
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GraveLord  +   1037d ago
"Former EA exec Cousins is now heading up development of The Drowning at Scattered Entertainment, a game that promises to push boundaries in the tablet space."


"“It was interesting to see PS4 clearly go for what looks like cheaper hardware than last time around,” he continued, “so maybe that’s a kind of defensive move against their expectation that they’re not going to have the same install base, or maybe they just want to hit profitability quicker because of Sony’s less stable financial state at the moment.”"

Seriously? This is like the only guy that I see complaining about the PS4. The PS4 is a huge leap over the PS3 and if rumors are to be believed, its even more powerful than the next Xbox. It is far from a cheap console. If you call the PS4 cheap, then what do we call the Wii U?

The PS4 will be $400+. I assure you of that. Does that sound like a cheap console to you? Certainly not for me.

The reason PS4 is what it is, is because of developers. Sony consulted developers and asked them what they did and didn't want. THAT is the reason The Cell was ditched. THAT is the reason we're not getting another $599 console.
annus  +   1036d ago
I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty sure 400 is less than 600, which would mean that sony went with cheaper hardware...

Just by looking at the specs you can see they have gone that route. You forgot that sony put an 8 core cpu into the PS3, as well as took a leap of faith with blu-ray, that was a HUGE step forward and was something that was a big risk, which sony lost huge amounts of money doing. While the PS4 is putting up some pretty graphics and I'm sure it will be fantastic for years to come, it's tech is a lot more 'meh' than what PS3 came out with.
Evil_Ryu  +   1037d ago
sony is in big trouble... i hope Microsoft goes easy on them
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pete007  +   1037d ago
i said sony goes the cheap way, to avoid repeating the same mistakes as ps3, they did realize that a very long lifespam due to crazy investment is not the way to go if you want to appeal the core gamer, sony has allways been known since the days of ps1 as the hardcore choice for games, and now for the first time in history, a console is released already outdated, some of you dont care, but its enormously outrageous, the conséquences are going to be drastic to the actual business model, imagine in 3-4 years, steam will multiply its revenues, pc market will explode and we will sure see others entering the console market once the development gets standard x86, in 3-4 years, even LG can come out with a pc based console 3/4 times more powerfull than ps4/720 and 15 times wiiU, and we all fall for them, do you get my point fellows? you guys think of me as an ennemi, but i do concern about the way things go, i just wished more power from the only ones who can deliver at this moment sony/microsoft
dollison27  +   1037d ago
Your statement is very, very poorly written.
Incipio  +   1037d ago
Um...from what bag of magic and fortune telling and fairytales did you pull all that?
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delboy  +   1037d ago
Sony just can't risk it, if ps4 fails...
chrisarsenalsavart  +   1037d ago
the fact is this time around blue ray is low cost compared to when it first came out.
secondly hardrives cost nothing compares to what they used to 6 years ago.
thirdly they didn,t have to spend billions in processor RND.
So yeah of course this time around it will be cheaper.
it doesn,t mean it won,t be as great as any other playstation platforms that came before it.

but remember when you had your first ps3 and you played your first blue ray movie, that you didn,t have to buy a stupid antenna for wifi or buy a special charger for your controller or a hard drive for your games or bringing your console back to your local store every two months because it rroded on you or just scratch your disk or the power brick overheated....
yeah good times...
i am so glad i have spent the extra money, i still have my original ps3 60gig and still functioning to this day, how many people in the world can say that about their first x360?
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oof46  +   1037d ago
Uh...Sony decides to ditch a proprietary, difficult to develop for architecture and use off the shelf, PC parts for the benefit of developers...and it's called cheaper?

EDIT: Also, rumors point to the 720 and ps4 being very similar in specs and performance, so how is that making a cheaper system that's weaker?
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smashcrashbash  +   1037d ago
Can I ask a question? Is this what Sony actually said or is this EA guessing why they did what they did? Because if it is the latter then I am not sure why people are taking this to heart at all. So if Sony hasn't told EA that is why they did what they did then EA is just full of it.Sony used different parts and made an architecture that is easier to work with so they can compete with the other consoles.No one would accept the PS4 if it was $550 and $600.Simple as that. Not sure why EA is putting words not said in Sony's mouth.
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BIGBOSS08  +   1037d ago
the media is full of shit and have their heads right up microsofts ass. anything sony does is bad, anyting microsoft does is brilliant. the media tried to kill playstation last gen but the consumers who still have brains had other ideas. the consumers will once again do the talking next gen and right now ALL HYPE is with the PS4.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   1037d ago
BrianC6234  +   1037d ago
Is this Microsoft paying people to attack the PS4? It sure seems like it. They're known for doing things like that.
BrianC6234  +   1037d ago
This is stupid. I don't see anything cheap about the PS4. Just because Sony went with parts that are from the PC world doesn't mean they're going cheap. What about that 8GB GDDR5 RAM? That isn't cheap. They went with a system that will make development easier. It doesn't make the hardware cheap.
dollison27  +   1037d ago
"A game console needs to also be affordable, otherwise you might as well build a PC."

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isyourhouseonfire  +   1037d ago
The PS4 continues to struggle in the media. I don't think the actual console can fare much better.
smashcrashbash  +   1037d ago
The PS4 continues to struggle in the media? I am sorry what dimension did you come from again? Where is the PS4 struggling in the media?
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CaulkSlap  +   1037d ago
Cheaper is the wrong term. They've hit the absolute sweet spot for price/performance with the PS4 imo. Any more powerful and we'd see marginal improvements for significant cost increases. Any weaker and it would cost almost the same to build yet be a much lesser a jump from last gen (like the Wii U).
Incipio  +   1037d ago
Absolutely ridiculous, pish posh, hogwash, bollocks and all that.

This is pure conjecture and couldn't be further from the truth.

This gen, Sony is working smarter, not harder. That =/= cheap(er).
Truth  +   1036d ago
I miss my 60gb fat PS3, that thing was packed with everything you could possibly want in a console. Now its sitting in my closet with YLOD disease... :(
Cuders  +   1036d ago
How do these blogs know that sony hardware is cheap? to my knowledge the console hasn't released yet.
EffectO  +   1036d ago
Sony made a wise decision.It's reasonable to expect that PS4 will sell less than PS3.
FightFans  +   1036d ago
I don't think it's more about being cheap. I think it's more about developer friendly, efficiency and affordability to gamers.
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