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ftwrthtx  +   969d ago
I can't wait to start killing zombies with friends.
Lovable  +   969d ago
I can't wait to start killing zombies with enemies
MrAnderson  +   969d ago
I can't wait to play better games.
Rask  +   969d ago
Don't care.
Blaze929  +   969d ago
lol it's crazy how little I know of this game. I was so excited for the first but I guess after that...what you said. But the TV commercial did look good, I'll check it out at least.
Myst  +   969d ago
Not sure if I will be able to get this one. I want to since I thought the first was okay but with friends it was a hoot. Now I don't think I have the time sadly :(
Transporter47  +   969d ago
Too bad the first one was not what we wanted. Im not sure if this one will, ill give it a chance but for zombies right now i just want the Last of Us.
dbjj12088  +   969d ago
I wish games like this were on the Vita. I'll play anything on my Vita.
ftwrthtx  +   969d ago
Totally agree.
Heisenburger  +   969d ago
I can't wait to kill my friends with benefits
dirthurts  +   969d ago
Wha? I thought this was DLC or something? I didn't even realize it was a new game...
sdozzo  +   969d ago
I heard it was more of the same... which may be good or bad depending on your outlook. Happy gaming!
Xristo  +   969d ago
Despite the bugs on PC (which were actually minimal for me), i loved Dead Island. For some reason, I'm not really excited for this. Maybe because I ignorantly think I've been there and done that. :/
Oaklnd  +   968d ago

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