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HG_69   1042d ago | Spam
batbatz  +   1042d ago
lets face it Lucasarts is a terrible developer who have had plenty of time to turn things around, they have not done anything good since the 90s
TheOneEyedHound  +   1042d ago
Yes! I hate LucasArts, no more Star Wars you Nerds!!
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dcbronco  +   1042d ago
Somebody needs to start a collection to get Star Wars away from Disney.
WitWolfy  +   1042d ago
Time for some other studios to pick up some awesome IPs!!! If Disney sells it that is... I for one wouldn't mind them remaking Grim Fandango!
ATi_Elite  +   1042d ago
There is a Disturbance in the Force

Now License out Star Wars Battlefront 3 to DICE/EA so we can FINALLY get what WE GAMERS want.

Overall smart move that should of been done years ago.
abzdine  +   1042d ago
i was hoping for a next Kingdom Hearts with Star Wars mixed in it!
Could be a massive selling point for Star Wars fans
iliimaster  +   1042d ago
i remember one of my first xbox games was star wars republic commando from LucasArts and i loved that game it was a great play always waited for a sequel
llMurcielagoll  +   1042d ago
I read that earlier on Yahoo...

According to that the hot shots of disney said that Star Wars 1313 and First assault aren't cancel and still in the works. Hence the word "Refute" at the bottom of the article, but I am not taking anything for granted from those morons.

These news really upset me. I am not happy with Disney at all.

God I really hope that the Lucas Arts IPs would be sold to a good game dev/publisher and continue to live on. Of course ANYTHING BESIDES THE LUCIFER OF GAMING EA!!
STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   1042d ago
Wow was that sick!. -_-
menghina  +   1042d ago
Fu , Disney ! Lucas was a retard greedy for money that he sold his brand screw him aswell.
whamlollypop7  +   1042d ago
Get used to this Disney is going to ruin your beloved franchise.
jacksheen0000  +   1042d ago
Well, Disney better be careful because even though the star wars franchise doesn't belong to George Lucas he can still sue Disney under the moral rights clause.

See, George Lucas reputation is still tied to the star wars franchise even after he sold all rights to Disney.

So as long as Disney don't make any major changes to the Star wars franchise they should be fine.
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Shnooze  +   1042d ago
Either way IMO, this Disney team doesn't really have a good track history either. Only one good franchise, which is a bit ironic.

The only thing I've ever seen come out of Disney that was remotely good as a game was Kingdom Hearts, and I don't see them pulling a KH with the license of Star Wars any time soon.
Psychonaut  +   1042d ago
All my hopes for new GOOD Star Wars games just died, no new Battlefront, or 1313.. :/
Scholla  +   1042d ago
Dag! i was looking forward to seeing what they could've done with 1313.
dantendo  +   1042d ago
I would like to thank the folks at lucas arts, for bringing me so many awesome games, and expanding the star wars universe, you will be missed!
jmc8888  +   1042d ago
Stupid Disney. There's no reason they couldn't of let Lucasarts finish these games, and license out the new trilogy games to other partners.

Disney has plenty of money, 1313 looked awesome, and First Assault is basically like a Battlefront III, which is THE game fans have been asking for.

In other words, they canned two games. One very far in production that looked great, and the other the game everyone has wanted. Basically two games that could have paid the bills and be profitable for Disney and give the fans what they wanted.

Moar corporate morons at work. I bet they 'figured' that by keeping people 'hungry' more people would buy their next trilogy games. Which is a farce, but any ivy league moron can make an argument for with statistics and charts, and probably did.

Again, if people missed it 1313 and First Assault are gone with basically 0 percent chance to be made. Now another 2 1/2 years at least until we get a Star Wars game.

Disney will suffer some pretty big heat if THEIR first game they license out to somebody (better be a good bioware again) bombs.

Finally, the sad thing is after waiting so long for a new Battlefront or like game, one was being made, and now that it has been canned, how long do we wait for a new FPS multiplayer Star Wars game? Another 10 or so years?
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