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TheKingslayer  +   1045d ago
Be a gamer...Not a hater
-Gespenst-  +   1045d ago
Well if it's got built in Kinect then I'd imagine they've got big plans for the family / casual market.

If it block's used games and is always online then, well, that just speaks for itself. Nobody wants that and I'd expect major technical issues with it down the line.

If the online service remains subscription based then that's another bad move. I don't know how people shell out for that- such extortion.

I dunno, I mean I suppose none of those things are actually confirmed, but if they all turn out to be true, I don't see how the next xbox is any good at all.

Even though the corporatism of the Ps4 conference was palpable I think Sony are going in the right direction this time. Easy to develop for and indie-friendly could mean a library of games as big and as good as the Ps2's, the specs are fine unless you're a PC geek who fetishises performance (there's MORE than enough horsepower in the Ps4 to create interesting and unique games), and the stablity of the console platform means developers and the like can get good returns from their games without the fear of piracy- meaning more games. That said the only game that interested me at all at the conference was The Witness- that game has an innovative and unique spirit that none of those other generic games even come close to. I just hope the Ps4 becomes a good home for more stuff like it.
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Machiavellian  +   1045d ago
Personally I believe that MS will open their Apps store to the Nextbox. This way, they get rid of the draconian console requirements for a publishers and the other stuff that made indies gnash their teeth when dealing with the process. This will open the platform up more just like the android and IOS environment because MS feel they are competing with those systems and thus they must follow suit. Its not like MS doesn't know games have made those competition platforms a threat which means they need to cater to those same developers. The reason Sony is opening up now is the same reason MS will do the same.

The worth of any console will be the games it has and now indies are en vogue.
strigoi814  +   1045d ago
its no use if you have no good new IP's to interest hardcore gamers...drop the casual go with hardcore MS and i will support your back
EffectO  +   1044d ago
N4G to self-combust when MS reveals Durango.
DigitalSmoke  +   1044d ago
Why in the world would they spend a lot of time with Microsoft and get info on anything related to a machine, they are a second hand DVD dealer.

Its like the stinky pimpel kid from school got mass email send from a slighly less stinky pimpel faced chick, and then go's on on how they got together and shared lunch and all!..

-THIS! is what Xbox fans grab onto, . yeah seriously :)
Thunderhawkxbox  +   1044d ago
If he did say it about ps4 all fan boys would say oh yeah ps4 is amazing . Tbh if you don't like it don't read it and stop saying crap on next Xbox articles
abzdine  +   1044d ago
i want Sony games in first place.
urwifeminder  +   1044d ago
The real console is coming.
Parasyte  +   1044d ago
As Lewis Black once said, "I WILL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT!"
Themba76  +   1044d ago
lets hope microsoft has a good strategy because I don't do casual in any shape or form hardcore only here. let's not hope they try to be like the nintendo wii and just go for those super casual sales numbers. and on a final note activision exclusivity won't help either I can't stand COD.
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NaughtyDream  +   1044d ago
for sure i will buy a ps4 day one but am wondering what microsoft have under its sleeves.
rataranian  +   1044d ago
Yeah RED hot.
Like wow RING the bell its over!
Nothing but DEATH to the competition huh?

Robotronfiend  +   1044d ago
I don't want another hot xbox. Wasn't that the problem with the RROD? Really poor phrasing. lol
fsfsxii  +   1044d ago
CableBox720 is gonna have lots of apps and casual games and also, KINECT 2.0
PS4 rules next gen since they announced it
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isyourhouseonfire  +   1044d ago
I hope Sony enjoyed showing the world its spec sheet because the beast has now woken up.
pete007  +   1044d ago Xbox' the only one that walks beside me.....
.....Green Day -2004
RogueSmurf  +   1044d ago
pre order
patriotZero  +   1044d ago
very hot means RROD?
kingslayer1000  +   1044d ago
Dvdbox 720 is coming
kesvalk  +   1044d ago
microsoft making a "hot" console is not really a good thing...
joinsideke  +   1044d ago
"said a company that will sell them"

What did you expect them to say? Come on people..
southernbanana  +   1044d ago
To think of the logic people use on here is scary. Can somebody clear this up for me because I am confused. If GameStop and Ubi Soft say good things about the next Xbox they "must have been paid to say that". So with that logic does it also mean anyone who gives Positive PS4 information must also have been paid to do so?? Guess both companies paid me off because I will be purchasing both the PS4 and the next Xbox. Both will be the greatest in my eyes. :-)
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theWB27  +   1044d ago
This is N4G. The site where the PS3 was bashed for making a hard to develop for machine and now Sony loyalists make up for it by, most accounts, being overly critical of the other product. There were things announced on the PS4 that Xbox has aleady been doing. It's hilarious really.. but I hope to getting both also just like this gen.
FinalomegaS  +   1044d ago
going to do the smart thing...

wait at least 3 months to hear if there's any manufacture defects ( RROD type).

if the system can go 3 to 6 months and we don't hear anything then I don't mind. I love gears and left4dead, od type jrpgs but man I can't stand using a system like walking on pins and needles.
bligmerk  +   1044d ago
GameStop: Next Xbox will be "a very hot, compelling device"

They mean Nextbox will keep the Red Ring of Death feature, since it runs very hot and remains a compelling device to bash your head against when RRoD happens.
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