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Khan613  +   972d ago
It's not about comparing hardware specs.
It's development cost vs return on investment.

PC is great for consumers, it has superior hardware and offers greater flexibility.

But it sucks for devs who have to work on every aspect of PC compatibility and testing. They also have to deal with piracy.
Increasing their cost and decreasing their profits.

PS4 is better hardware for DEVELOPMENT.
in other words: meaning one platform to rule them all
which means less development and testing time

Also product security: PS4 has great security against piracy as well as the second hand re-sale of software.

Looks like EPIC are suggesting PS4 is potentially the cheapest platform to develop for which offers the greatest potential returns.

Of course they're going to talk the PS4 up.
fullmetal297  +   972d ago
I think what most people are forgetting here is that games uses the GDDR5 RAM from the video card and not the system memory, so the amount of memory the OS takes up wouldn't be much of an issue. So if you were running a 32-bit OS with 4gb of system RAM and video card with 2gb of GRRD5 RAM, then memory limitation wouldn't be an issue because OS will only use the system memory while the game will only take up the 2gb of GDDR5
CaulkSlap  +   972d ago
PS4 is about as perfect as you could get for the console price range. What's important is that we'll now have a new baseline for multiplat development. The basic core of every game has been limited by designed to run on 360/PS3 hardware. No matter how much you crank the fidelity settings on PC, it's still the same base game and you're really wasting the potential of modern PC hardware.

Considering what they've pulled out of PS3/360 doesn't even run on top of the line 2005 PC hardware, I think people are underestimating how much of a difference optimizing dedicated hardware makes. I mean my PC crushes the raw numbers of PS4, but I fully expect it to be chugging on the first real next-gen multiplats. Wasted raw power is the nature of the PC beast.
FreakdoutKid  +   972d ago
More PR gobshite from Epic. Wonder how many £££ Sony put into their pocket to spin such bullshit.

Same can be said of that prick from Avalanche Studios in his rant about PS$ outperform most PC’s for many years to come.

Yeah, right…
ps4 will be great but cant compete with PCs
evil_element  +   971d ago
His argument fails on the console vs PC first and most important point.

Consoles forbid the hacking, modification and unofficial content to be made from titles on consoles. There is also no tools available to create tools and distribute content.

Doesn't matter even bringing up anything on software and hardware when it fails on the 1st hurdle.
devind  +   971d ago
He's talking about ease of development. I think you have over thought this whole thing.
Ol_G  +   971d ago
I see watchdogs for ps4 priced at $99.99 i hope thats not true
Bobbie001  +   971d ago
PC gamers are insecure as FUCK
TheCopyNinja  +   971d ago
Has anyone heard of the awesome exclusives PC has/is getting? Me either.
FreakdoutKid  +   971d ago
OH my God they are comparing PS4 with PC.
tubers  +   971d ago
Different gen, same story..

Hardware KING/bleeding edge tech = PC

Consoles = lower cost of entry

Both have exclusives.
GABRIEL1030  +   971d ago
Oh boy¡ They already insult the PC trolls: " PS4 is like 'a really perfect gaming PC" we go with the technical nerds....

Another great news for PS4 and that also benefits PC gamers, because the game designers can use the same versions of the game for both plataforms.. :D
kung-fu-grip  +   971d ago
It's becoming obvious to me that all of this PS4 vs PC talk is only to halt console gamers from going over to PC gaming. It's like almost everyday I hear a ridiculous rumor about what PS4 will do. Has anyone claimed that Sony will allow for PS4 games to be mod friendly?
ATi_Elite  +   971d ago
PC vs. PS4 = CRAP
1. PS4 can't run Arma 3 on Ultra......END OF STORY!

2. "This really opens up beyond what most PCs can do, because most PCs are running a 32-bit version of Windows"

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS IS NOT TRUE!^^^^^^^^^^^

Steam hardware Survey shows 73.6% of it's users are using a 64bit OS with Win7 64bit being the most popular at 55.11% FACT!


3. If the PS4 can't do 1080p at 60fps across 3 screens then it's NOT PERFECT!

I'm addicted to Peripheral view in my PC Games and so far I haven't heard if the PS4 will support this wonderful feature.

4. The PC is PERFECT cause you can tailor make it to YOUR GAMING NEEDS.

the PS4 is one size fits all.

the PS4 will be great but I'm sorry my current PC still does more than what a PS4 will do.

Intel Sandy Bridge FTW!!!
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