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isyourhouseonfire  +   971d ago
If by 'perfect' he means 'it can play blu-rays', then yup, it's perfect!
zmack  +   971d ago
That whole 32-bit argument is kind of reaching there. Most PC gamers have 64bit since 4GB of RAM used to be all the craze and a lot of people caught onto that limitation pretty quick especially since higher end games recommended 4GBs of RAM.

So, what's the new fad with RAM? Well, believe it or not 8GB has been the new craze on PC before the PS4 was announced. Wait, why is that? Well, DDR3 RAM is really damn cheap. To get like 8GB of RAM it's $60-$70 dollars.

When I brought my gaming rig (a year before PS4 was announced) it was almost an instant decision to get 8GB because of the price. Yes, there are still some systems out there with 4GB, but there are less 2GB gaming machines out there because most PC gamers are aware of memory limitations there already since well quite a few years ago. A 64bit OS is not a new thing and consumers have had a 64-bit option since 2005, 8 years ago with Windows xp professional 64...

So, yes, it is puzzling to see Mark talk about memory limitations. Most new gaming PCs will have 8GB if they go to any website for help since most people will recommend that amount because of the price. Furthermore, let's also not forget that most high end GPUs have dedicated video memory of 1-3GB of GDDR5 in addition to the 8GB of system RAM.

Am I saying the PS4 sucks? Hell no! The system is great and the GPU is pretty damn decent, but it's not like all of sudden some of these high end PCs are running into problems because they are using windows 32bit. Memory is not an issue in the PC space with a lot of PC gamers.

If your PC is on a 32bit OS you are most likely using an old laptop or a netbook. If somehow you are on a 32bit OS and you have 4GB of RAM or more, well you better switch because you aren't using all of your RAM there.

If you go to the steam survey you will see the most popular amount of RAM is 8GB:


I would also like to point out that Windows 7 x64 is the most popular OS. So, most gamer's, according to the Steam survey, do not have this 32-bit problem.

Pay no attention to the GPU portion since there are less intel gpu variants than the many nvidia and amd gpus out there so no one GPU can exactly take that spot. Furthermore, a lot of people may buy a PC for regular use then try to game on it and then they realize they have a crappy Intel GPU because they didn't pay attention.
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Rageanitus  +   971d ago
This happens every generation of consoles.... the fans would hype it up like they know something just because they use marketing terms like supercharged...

Do ppl realize PC components are always being updated by big companies, what you find in consoles at release is STATIC specs... meaning you will not see improvement in raw power for a good 5 years.

But then goes the argument....its all about "optimization".... psssh agreed to a certain point but who's to say you cannot obptimize on a standard pc gaming rig..... both consoles and pc rigs are pc like components.

There is a reason why PC's always excel , because the update cycle is about 1 year and a refresh cycle (minor upgrades) is half year. The raw power is increased time and time again without relying on these so called optimazation that can be "only" from console developers.

This generation do you know how console developers "optmized" they made games sub hd native resolution and upconverted to 720p/1080p... Ppl actually truly believed that xbox games were all crisp because the tv says the source is outputing at 1080p.

Its funny how console only players make it seem graphics is not everything yet now we hear how they theorize how powerful the ps4/xbox 720 is gonna be.
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Ambraer  +   971d ago
Running by console standards with all the low resolution textures, jaggies and sub-standard frame rates, my old 8800ultra can beat consoles at their own game.
Doubt the PS4 as a gaming machine will ever come close to what gaming machine pc has to offer.

Comparing a gaming built console machine to a non-gaming pc is just weak.
All I do know is no pc gamer still uses 32bit windows versions and that no next gen console will be able to pick a fight and win against my gtx 670.

Pc gamers are pc gamers because they can afford it, console players don't know this.
ahm  +   971d ago
If the Dev say the PS4 is a beast then I have believe that, Cuz they have to know what they re working with.
wishingW3L  +   971d ago
he is not talking about power, he is talking about ease of development. That's why he compared the PS4 with the iPhone at the end. He say it's equally fun to create games for both platforms.
StrongMan  +   971d ago
Nice to see the PS4 get so much praise.
chukamachine  +   971d ago

I don't know why you keep brining the 8800gtx up.

When you use a PC, you have the choice to use it how you want, this is true. You can have games running in whatever rez you want, but then you have to think about settings, aa/af high mid,low etc. and games don't magically run@60fps constant, unless you packing something decent and depending on the game.

There are not many games that are unlocked on PS3/360, because the fps would go up and down and that causes that laggy feel, from speed to slowdown.

Most games are locked on console @30fps, although they don't always reach it, but considering the games they are running, are not some old thing.

Look up what a 7800gtx(even though it has more bandwidth then PS3 and xbox was running or ati's 1800xt.

They were running games like


Great looking games for their time, but nothing compared to what PS3/360 are running these days.

8800GTX has like 84gb bandwidth, it's made to run at higher rez and aa then consoles. and at that time cost as much.

Killzone shadow fall and other demo's I've seen look good.

Maybe wait till it's out before you buy one.:)
WickedLester  +   971d ago
You you know why PC gamers are so vocal about specs? Because it's the only weapon they have when arguing PC's VS Consoles. When it comes to quality (and quantity)exclusive gaming content, consoles absolutely rape PC's! Almost every AAA PC title can also be found on consoles! However I have yet to find the PC that runs Gran Turismo, God of War, Killzone, Infamous, Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain, Uncharted, Journey, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Okami, Demon's Souls, Final Fantasy, Valkeria Chronicles, Ni No Kuni, Motorstorm, etc.

What good is it to have all that horsepower when your game selection sucks ass!
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Rageanitus  +   971d ago
I bought all consoles this gen and I have a PC gaming rig.... guess what your very one sided.
All consoles have their place, Same goes with PC

All the FPS games i've played this gen simply played better on a mouse and KB combo, plus the games simply looked better.

Yes I found Uncharted / KZ/ Gears of War all great looking games but It just felt that PC games gave more of that awe during gameplay.

Did I like many of the games from ps3 and xbox... YES but many I did not like!

Have you ever heard of the term "consolized" Its many of the games I felt this generation where I felt the developer had to dumb down the game mechanics just to make it more enjoyable on a console controller.
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jcnba28  +   971d ago
PS4 SUCKS!!!!!!

(I wanna see how many dislikes I can get lol)
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Tundra  +   971d ago
What gaming PC in this day and age uses a 32-bit Windows OS? Other than that, I agree with him. The console is convenient for its consumers and the simpler architecture is easier to develop for. Also the PS4 will surpass "Most PCs" because the majority of those Windows laptops come from walmart.
zmack  +   971d ago
This is true, but at the same time some people can't get it in their head that if you actually get a decent gaming PC you aren't exactly screwed by this new console. I think that lead to a lot of the PC gaming is dying arguments we saw last gen.

Both the PS gamers and PC gamers will be fine this generation. The PS4 has some nice specs and high end gaming PCs do as well. Both systems will also have great games respectively and neither is dying or getting left behind anytime soon.
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Ps_alm3k  +   971d ago
Developers boast about ps4, and they make pc games so therefore gamers should acknowledge this. thruth
Thunderhawkxbox  +   971d ago
April fools ? Haha
sdplisken  +   971d ago
God called, he wants his console back XD
bobacdigital  +   971d ago
Do people actually think the Sony OS is going to run on peanuts? It will have all those mandatory services to keep social network, updating on the fly, and whatever else it has going on with the hardware (Think that touch pad and the controller gyration dont have drivers or services running in the background)......

Ram is so freaking cheap right now that you can buy 16 gigs for 50-80 bux depending on the quality and speed....Who cares if windows eats 2 gigs of ram if you have 8 to 16 gigs total in your rig..Even then on my gaming rig now I can run starcraft 2 shelled out and play battlefield 3 with no lag... hell I could have Microsoft Office open with chrome along with 10 tabs and still not feel any lag... Console wont be able to do that.

It isnt really a flame war .. but lets be honest.. They build games around console hardware with lesser specs and have to optimize every inch of the technology to get a fraction of what a real gaming rig can do... YES it impressive what they can squeeze out of a console... But lets be honest here any game a console runs can be done on a PC without as much optimization and it still will look better..

Gears of War on the PC without any optimization a STRAIGHT port looks better on the PC than it does on the XBOX the platform it was built for... You simply can brute force engines onto a good gaming rig and the game looks amazing...

The PS4 in terms of specs is as good as a gaming laptop / micro PC if you look at the parts ... If you didn't optimize for it the PS4 wouldnt run alot of PC games at 1080p with eye candy on at 60fps... but since consoles have the same specs across the board developers can squeeze more out of it by building their engines around the architecture better... PS4 on paper when compared to a real gaming PC is MEDIOCRE.. But if you factor in programming for 1 platform then IT MAY hold a candle to some mid range gaming PCs... I think that is what EPIC ment.
Funky Town_TX  +   971d ago
The PS4 is a PC?
When the 360 was called easy to dev for N4G user killed it. I wonder why making a dev friendly console is okay now? I can't wait to play great games next gen.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   971d ago
Like a gaming PC, but without all the hassle.

But honestly folks, he's just repeating the continuing marketing line of "PS4 VS PC."

You've seen a lot of stories in the press, message board topics and fanboy comments pushing this obvious marketing agenda. And that's what it is... Marketing. Being pushed by agents int the press and in the field.

"For those who have eyes to see..."
kingduqc  +   971d ago
I hope you guys realize that a 1500$ pc in 2 years will be about 650$ and that the ps4 will still be around 400$ and that buying games on console it so much more expensive then the pc counter part.
kcuthbertson  +   971d ago
Am I the only one around here who plays both PC and Consoles? Both have merits, both have weaknesses. Either deal with it or get both! But seriously, most of all...just enjoy the damn games you guys.
landog  +   971d ago
PS4 is like 'a really perfect gaming PC from 2010"

ThreshStar  +   971d ago
As a PC gamer exclusively, I'm extremely torn and slightly insulted by these future PS4 developers comparing the PS4 to gaming PC.

Most of these Devs create crappy PC ports, PC releases months after the initial console releases, and even disregard PC gaming as old, archaic and financially a pitfall.

YET....they LOVE to compare this new PS4 to PC gaming standards like they suddenly CARE about PC gaming?

I'm starting to get really annoyed at the two-face nature: "The PS4 is comparable to a valuable gaming know, the PC that we won't make games for, ever!"
_FantasmA_  +   971d ago
Sony + PC is like T + A. You can have one but aren't both better?? I don't get the hate for PS3 and PS4 from the PC guys. PC just don't provide the great exclusives and PC has customizable and more accurate controls. Why can't I like both? Is that a crime?
Axe99  +   971d ago
Well said, a lot of hardcore PC gamers forget that the install base for high-end PCs is tiny compared with the install base for consoles (just give the Steam hardware survey a gander if you don't believe me, high-end PCers) - 'PC' gaming is gaming with a mid-to-low range card far more than it is with a GTX 690 - it's just you'll only see the high-end guys on the forums.
kung-fu-grip  +   971d ago
So I've been confused by this since Feb 20th. Do people want this thing to be a PC or not?
TABSF  +   971d ago
There is 27 GPUs out or will be out before the PS4 and NXB will be released. These 27 GPUs are more powerful than the GPUs in the new consoles. Not to mention HD 8000 and GeForce 700 series will be out by then.

These GPUs below can play beyond 1080p above 60fps, even 3840 by 2160 at 30fps. More than what can be said of PS4 (PS4 BF4 720p at 60fps)

AMD Radeon
HD 7950
HD 7970
HD 7970 GHz Edition CFX
HD 7990 (3rd party dual HD 7970)
HD Malta
HD 8950 (OEM)
HD 8970 (OEM)

Nvidia GeForce
GTX 670
GTX 680
GTX 690
GTX Titan
Truth  +   971d ago
Bonerboy  +   971d ago
My word! It seems a lot of folk here apparently know stuff about stuff and junk. Honestly quite impressed with some of the knowledgeable techie posts. Where do these people come from and why are they here? This is N4G; home of fanboy rhetoric and pernicious nonsense. Please return often and enlighten the plebs with relevant information.
mercury228  +   971d ago
It does not really matter what they say, I was converted to PC gaming about 3 years ago. I will never own another console again.
urwifeminder  +   971d ago
He seen the backlash from playstation fans towrads nvidia for dissin ps4, pssst just say its fantastic or they wont like us.
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Rageanitus  +   971d ago
Sorry you need mouse and KB to work properly.... the UT ps3 version was a realy shoddy attempt in incoroprating mouse and keyboard functionality. (it felt way to sluggish).
KingKevo  +   971d ago
All I want from Epic now is an amazing (or epic..) PS4 game.
wishingW3L  +   971d ago
people he is not talking about power, he is talking about ease of development. That's why he compares the PS4 with the iPhone at the end. He say it's equally fun to create games for both platforms.

So can we now stop with the butthurt and damage control about PC being more powerful than consoles?
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