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andrewsqual  +   970d ago
Who is publishing this does anybody know?
mathsman  +   970d ago
In the UK it's Avanquest. Not sure about on the continent.
rustyspoon80  +   970d ago
Currently playing through the downloaded version. Great game and only cos £8 on the UK store thanks to PS+.
ironfist92  +   970d ago
Is this game stable on Disc? I heard its bugged, not sure whether to buy it on PS3 or 360 on disc.
BanBrother  +   970d ago
Just bought it on XBL. First episode was free and the other 4 were 200ms points each. Awesome game, completed it yesterday. It has been on sale twice on both PSN and XBL. Disc version sucks and is way too expensive.
ironfist92  +   969d ago
So the usual price of each Walking Dead episodes are 200ms point each?

And the first episode is always free?

Just asking coz I want to buy it for a friend for the Xbox, but not sure to buy it on Disc, or just give them the points to download it themselves.
danny818  +   970d ago
Bought it on the ps3 . It is bugged man. The cd is crap. Somehow the game is so great i still enjoyed it. When i say bugged it lags and te frame rate drops reall bad

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