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Moncole  +   968d ago
Dogs are the best so we got a better game instead.
Magnus  +   968d ago
I hope SHenmue 3 actually sees production either on PS3 or PS4 and Xbox 360 or Xbox 720. And I also wouldn't mind Shenmue 1&2 on an HD remake disc or on the PSN and XBL. I could use a Shenmue fix right now.
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DragonKnight  +   968d ago
*sigh* These April Fools jokes are terrible and have already gotten old.
DigitalRaptor  +   968d ago
I know, it's not even the 1st anymore.
MikeMyers  +   968d ago
"We also had a budget for this game of only 500 million dollars, so we had to go with a platform that would allow for cheaper development than the home consoles."

Sounds plausible.
Whitefox789  +   968d ago
It's never April fools in the gaming world without some piece of news related to Shenmue....

I remember reading one four years ago about the Yakuza team at Sega heading the development for Shenmue 3 I thought for a second, "Hey! That could work! Hold on a second, *looks at the calendar* son of a b!tch!"
Tito08  +   967d ago
Actually, a lot of people have that in mind, it would be a great idea if the Yakuza team works on Shenmue, both games have their share of similarities, even thought it was an April Fool's joke, it could actually work.

I know Sega has their reasons for not working on it since it was their biggest budget title at the time, & which they lost a lot of money along with the Dreamcast's demise, & I don't blame them for that.

Since they now have a very successful IP in the form of Yakuza, & it's a PS exclusive at the moment, I would love for Shenmue to debut on a PS console(and an Nintendo console for you fanboys out there), as well as bringing the other 2 games as HD remasters, even if the games haven't aged well.
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HarryB  +   968d ago
I can't take anything made by nintendo serious. I can't even stand the name nintendo. There's not a single thing nintendo even makes that is an eye catcher. If it was given to me for free I would refuse it. Its horrible. Titles suck the system sucks. They create a system is is already outdated compared to indy games. Garbage.
young7yang  +   968d ago
Interesting... how old are you?

Nintendo has a long history and some of the best franchises known today started on the Nintendo Console.

Metal Gear
NInja Gaiden
Final Fantasy
Last Story
Muramasa Demon Blade
Skies of Arcadia
Street Fighter
Mortal Kombat

the list goes on and on

the majority of games mentioned are not nintendo exclusive. but gained popularity through the Nintedo console..

It is not going to be the most powerful system but make no mistake it will have some of the best games next generation..
Whitefox789  +   968d ago
I'd still contest to say Skies of Arcadia was popular from its original console the Sega Dreamcast; the same goes for Grandia 2.
Hicken  +   968d ago
Grandia 2 is that rare game that, for me, is a system seller. If the Dreamcast was still on the market, I'd buy one JUST for that game.

But yeah, there are MANY excellent Nintendo titles out there. This guy's just a troll. Mark him as such and give him no further attention.

Edit: That's BS. It's not what he said at all. He's said that Nintendo, in no uncertain terms, is crap. Neither their hardware nor their software is any good to him. And he didn't say right now, nor did he mean right now; we both know that.

He's trolling, pure and simple. Don't know why you'd want to agree with him.
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wishingW3L  +   967d ago
To me HarryB has a point. Nintendo is only for Nintendo's 1st party and nothing more. Their recent consoles are not only outdated but they sell them at a premium too which is a total rip off for what it offer.

The fans of Nintendo are on a constant nostalgia trip.
Tito08  +   967d ago
Metal Gear= MSX, the ported to NES.

Ninja Gaiden= Arcade game, but I give you that since it was totally different on NES.
Skies Of Arcadia= Dreamcast, as I still have my DC copy.

Street Fighter= Arcade, & then ported to the TurboGrafx-CD, I'm talking about the original game, not SF2.

Mortal Kombat= Arcade, then ported & released as a multi-platform release on both Genesis & SNES, in which the Genesis benefited the most due to the SNES version not having blood.

I give you that about Final Fantasy & The Last Story.

You can also say Xenoblade, but it's part of the Xeno series, in which the first game, Xenogears debuted on the original Playstation followed by the Xenosaga trilogy on PS2.

So no, most of these games didn't start on a Nintendo console my friend, so the question for you is how old are you?
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young7yang  +   966d ago
to Tito08

Ok using the word start is a little misleading but history is history!

Street fighter 2010: the final fight (capcom)released in 1990 (while this version was shit and only banking on the name it was on NES which was far more popular at the time then Turbo Grafx which was called "fighting street"

Mortal Kombat while having no blood do eventually grow on the SNES console

Skies of Arcadia did not start on gamecube but was ported with a number of enhancements

Xenoblade and Xenogears/ Xenosaga are completly different games.. I have them all! (xenoblade is a fictional story set on two giant goloms and xenogears/xenosaga series takes place all of the galaxy with a number of references to mosaic religions, in which you can use Jesus A.K.A. Chaos)

The first popular metal gear was released on Nintendo In america. the MSX was barely known in America even if it did come out in 1983.
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Tito08  +   966d ago
Dude, SF:2010 on the NES is not even a real SF game, not related to the actual series, they simply changed the name of the game & character from Kevin to Ken so it could sell in the U.S., it's a lot of science fiction, while Fighting Street is the original game in reverse, SF2 happened to be the series's first official entry on the SNES.

MK was one of the reasons why Sega obtained 52% market share with the Genesis in both Europe & U.S., in other words, it was not known pretty much as only a Nintendo game, more of a multi-platform game.

While I agree the 3 Xeno games are different, you cannot argue with the fact the "Xeno" series started & being popularized on PS, if it wasn't for that, then Nintendo wouldn't have thought about buying the rights from Namco. Same situation can be said about Fatal Frame.

Metal Gear is the more interesting one, because the NES MG game(while it's true it gained popularity in the U.S. while Japan still kept the MSX game) & the flop that was Snake's Revenge were not made by Kojima, so he made MG2 as a true sequel that was only released on the MSX2, that game never released for the NES. While the NES game was ok at best, it wasn't as great as the MSX version, there was a ton of things missing, even boss fights, hell, it didn't even have the Metal Gear mech, just a big computer screen standing with 3 guards, it sold well on the NES, but the actual roots of the series were on the MSX, then the saga continued on PS.

I can't argue about Final Fantasy, The Last Story & Muramasa as I agree they started & became popular with Nintendo.
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wishingW3L  +   967d ago
Shenmue 3 on DS, what a joke. That was going to be an epic flop for sure.

Developers think that just because the DS has a huge fanbase that people will buy any game they throw at it but the truth is that people buy DS for the casual games like Brain Age, Pokemon and Mario. Just look at the DS' best sellers:

All the JRPG's that made the list was because of Japan alone. Shenmue on DS, Megaman Legends 3, etc. all those games were going to flop real bad anyway. The people that want those games play mostly on consoles (aka. Xbox, PlayStation and even the PC).
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BlaqMagiq24  +   967d ago
Umm if you actually read the article you would've seen it was a joke. Try reading an article before you post next time okay?
abzdine  +   967d ago
thank God aprils fool is over i'm tired of these bad jokes! :D
Veneno  +   967d ago
This is the worst joke I've seen today. Oh well, at least all the garbage websites out there get one day of traffic per year.
abzdine  +   967d ago
i didnt bother to click.

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