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Clarence  +   847d ago
Japanese prefer a quality console. I don't see why anyone would continue to buy a product that continued to break down.

The 360 is a better made console now, but first impressions mean a lot in the Japanese culture.
airgangstarr  +   847d ago
buy usa products especially xbox over ps see japan people wont buy our products but all u psfanboy americans run to buy japans piece of crap ps.. the one thing we aactually do better without question is xbox over ps an yet no one backs our countrys products the way it should.. if our country backed our products like japan play station would go under an more jobs economy for us so keep trashing xbox nag an its followers an ur own country all of u american ps fanboys should be ashamed.. my japanese made ps is better then xbox my ass it is move to japan then dumb fuks
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Clarence  +   847d ago
Your the dumb one.

You do know that Micrsoft has stakes in foreign companies. Not only that they have also purchased many foreign companies.

You talk a lot smack under your fake account you just made.

If you notice every piece of hardware made by Microsoft has major problems.
Zune, surface, windows phones, and yes your beloved 360 which at one time had a failure rate over 50%.

That's only console to have a failure rate that high.
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