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AronDeppert  +   1044d ago
Hahah, this is great.
Conzul  +   1044d ago
Yup. Love it when they do these.
darkronin229  +   1044d ago
I need to start rocking that three-quarters-tuck look.
idontgetit  +   1044d ago
Also love the constant sweat-stains. Mmmm.
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Mr_cheese  +   1044d ago
This is actually refreshing to read and made me laugh a few times :D Keep it up
thebudgetgamer  +   1044d ago
Ol Sully could never get the hang of the different internets.

Thumbs up for this site.
Om3ga370  +   1044d ago
This is amazing, and I had a few laughs. Stuff like this makes me happy that the internet exists. xD
Greyslash  +   1044d ago
Indy 4 NEVER happened. That was good, I laughed, thank you for that.
itBourne  +   1044d ago
Funny stuff
NateCole  +   1044d ago
Conzul  +   1044d ago
I gotta watch the Indiana Jones trilogy again...nostalgia nuke.
Lifeequals42  +   1044d ago
Love this series.
wildcat  +   1044d ago
I love the comments from Elena and Sully, funny and spot on!

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