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Funky Town_TX  +   766d ago
Not a good comparison
KZ looked good until I looked at the BF4 footage. I know that N4G is full of crazed Sony guys but Don't ever compare a shooter running on a PC with a console shooter.
DivineAssault  +   766d ago
What a stupid comparison! I bet whenever KZ4 comes around, ppl wont try to make such stupid head2heads..

Shadow fall is a PS4 launch title & Guerrilla games 1st attempt at a nx gen title with completely new tech.. Dice already knows how to use the new tools & everything for nx gen games because they make PC titles that have the power to do so.. When KZ4 comes around & they have their feet wet, its going to look beautiful.. PS4 may not be the most powerful machine to enter the gaming world but its no weakling..

The system has some power thats still untapped & will remain that way for a couple years while devs get comfortable & learn how to use its full potential.. Good thing is that it wont take anywhere near as long as it did for PS3 because of that damn cell processor..
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Tundra  +   766d ago
The PS4 is using off the shelf hardware and most developers are taught programming through x86 architecture. There isn't much to learn and expand upon like it was with the Cell or the PS2s E.E.

That said, these games will look and perform great right out the gate as long as they aren't lazy and keep the code clean (GG has a good track record). It's familiar and they have an easier time accessing power. Dice coding for a PC game is majorly the same as Guerilla coding for the PS4. KZ does look really good for a launch title too.
DivineAssault  +   766d ago
im not saying its difficult at all but PS4 is designed differently none the less.. Im sure the games will look better in time regardless.. Im saying that KZ shadow fall isnt something they should be comparing to BF4 because its a launch title & im sure its not using PS4 to its full potential graphically.. When dice drops BF4 on PS4, it will be using much more of its power than what GG is using w KZ SF..

Doesnt really matter cuz both games look great & cant wait to get my hands on the PS4.. No games should look ugly at all anymore so virtually everything made by AAA devs will look fantastic from now on..
Neko_Mega  +   766d ago
I say the video they did a poor job at doing a side by side, while KZ was showing a ship flying. BF4 was already in FPS view.

The best way to do it is to have the both at FPS view side by side, but Killzone SF does look like the color is more better then Battlefield 4. But I think things will change once both games are fully finish and ready to go head to head.

I already got BF4 preorder and waiting to upgrade my preorder to the PS4 copy.
jacksheen0000  +   766d ago
My gut feelings tells me that KZ demo wasn't finished, the textures/color seem a bit washed out with basic overtones.

as for BF4, textures and color were better, the explosions were a lot more realistic than KZ explorations. However, to fully compare them both, I would need to see more KZ gameplay footage since 40% of the KZ demo was prescript.
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TooTall19  +   766d ago
Look at that weak BF4 shotgun crosshair. Doesn't look right imo
ATi_Elite  +   766d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
How come Arma 3 isn't in this comparision

Oh wait Amra 3 easily Crushes both never-mind

looking forward to.....Arma 3 going Gold!
B-radical  +   766d ago
Patrick bach has said we havent seen the final product of battlefield yet am not sure if killzone was in alpha or not. Either way killzone looks great but the frostbites lighting and facial features my god!
vZeppelin  +   766d ago
Just saying i think this is the worst screen shot comparison iv'e ever seen, it does neither game justice. Its like someone said" hey lets post the shittiest screen shots we can find."
teo72  +   766d ago
Honest opinion I can respect, but saying that BF4 looks better because it runs on a more expensive PC, is just plain dumb. And Another thing. All this nonsense about comparing PS4 with a High-End PC rig, with two different games at that, is also dumb. Grow up people!

And remember Killzone SF was running on early devkit with only 1,5GB available to devs. And was running on aproximation hardware, which do not contain actual PS4 chipset, as it is not ready yet. Only when actual PS4hardware is ready (or final PS4Devkit) can there be a fair comparison, as long as it is the SAME game that is compared. Comparing two different games is as dumb as comparing a song with a movie. It makes no sense IMHO...
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1886afc  +   766d ago
I can't take anymore of this delusional console fanboy crap . The killzone characters look like they were painted on, no detail whatsoever. Fuck! Give it a rest. BF4 FTW
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Qrphe  +   766d ago
The lighting and draw distance in KZ4 are a lot more impressive while in BF4 you have better face models and destructible environments.
Pain70  +   766d ago
I like Killzone but for anyone to actually say that anything is even coming close to BF4 is just being a fanboy. Hey listen, thats fine. Be loyal but holy cow that BF4 looks effing stellar. Just a shame I have a house payment to worry about or I'd buy a PC just to play this witch. Very impressive. Shouldnt compare in the first place but I fell for it.
kevnb  +   766d ago
im not ready to compare games that arent out yet. And in killzone, the actual playable parts didnt look quite as good as the non playable ones. At the same time, the game isnt out yet.
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stefan771  +   766d ago
Killzone looks far better IMO
urwifeminder  +   766d ago
I only want to play one of these games bf4 wins hands down.
SlapHappyJesus  +   766d ago
Battlefield 4 definitely has a decent edge.
Killzone 4 holds up though.

Both are nice looking games.
Modestmex  +   766d ago
Kietz  +   766d ago
Battlefield 4.
Killzone looks good, but not that good.
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kainslayer  +   766d ago
so one looks like dx8 and the other dx11 now i leave you to do your pics and bicker
NaughtyDream  +   765d ago
Both look amazing. But after having played open world shooter like Far Cry 3 and borderland 2 am feeling that it will be difficult for me to go back to corridor/linear shooter. i just hope that KZ SF will not just be an orgasmic pretty game but that it will improve in gameplay. what i want is many type of different enemies and using strategy to deal will them not just silly run and gun.
BitbyDeath  +   765d ago
Killzone Shadow Fall looks heaps better but then Battlefield 4 is being made for PS3 and 360 so it makes sense why it's not up to par.
EffectO  +   765d ago
BF4 looks more like Killzone than Killzone 4.
Arai  +   765d ago
Here's a uncompressed video of KZSF, much better than what you've seen so far.
Rixynator  +   765d ago
this comparison is stupid
lovegames718  +   765d ago
Naughty dream resp.....

Im completely diff. i hated Farcry3 and didnt play Borderlands but my tastes have me usually hating that open world, repetitive gameplay just gets boring for me so fast. Farcry 3 was mission after submission of boredom with npcs looking alike and just wasnt tht strategy filled as you make it seem.
faizanali  +   759d ago
BF4 obviously looks better, KZ's deferred rendering is so 2009.
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