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tayz  +   886d ago
pure epic!!! damn i wish i could see the movie today!!
MakiManPR  +   885d ago
Also in Zenkai Battle Royale

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clintagious650  +   885d ago
IMO Broly shouldve been the strongest boss. I mean it only makes sense he is the legendary super saiyan. This movie looks badazz though.
SpiralTear  +   885d ago
Withstanding Broly's gravelly tone spouting "Kakorot" every three seconds takes more skill to endure than any other DBZ boss fight.
Pushagree  +   885d ago
Broly is really overrated by the fans in terms of power. He was killed by regular super saiyans twice, so an ssj2 and beyond should be able to easily deal with him.
DeadIIIRed  +   885d ago
I can't believe I'm having this argument, but Brolly would also be capable of reaching SSJ2 and beyond as well right?
Pushagree  +   884d ago
Oh yes. They made him a super saiyan three for one of the tenkaichi games, so it's possible.
clintagious650  +   885d ago
I mean when Broly was in his regular super saiyan form vegeta goes super saiyan then kicks Broly & Broly continues walking forward calling out, "Kakarot" its only when vegeta decides to hit Broly with a powerful Energy Blast that Broly decides its time to show these guys not to piss me off & goes legendary super saiyan. Thats the only time I ever seen the prince of all saiyans act like a lil b*t*h lol. EPIC.
Eyeco  +   885d ago
Is Super Sayian God goku more powerful than Super Sayian 4 , I havent followed DBZ in years its only recently I got down to playing Budokai 3 HD
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Williamson  +   884d ago
Super Saiyan God looks amazing in the new movie.

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