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FlyingFoxy  +   764d ago
I personally like AMD GPU's, it's too bad they still have issues with Crossfire because 7870's in Xfire completely obliterate that overpriced card Titan and are quite a bit cheaper to buy both cards to boot.

Hurry up and work on fixes for microstuttering already.. some of us actually WANT to own 2 GPU's even at 1080P to ensure over 60FPS constant, or better yet 120FPS more like it.
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NiteX  +   764d ago
I think Nvidia is more focused on PC, where AMD wants a piece of the console pie. I also wouldn't say Nvidia "couldn't" more like they wouldn't due to the questionable future of consoles. You never know the PS4 may flop. The casuals are taking over after all. Besides does Nvidia really need to rule over every hardware market? I don't think so.
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kung-fu-grip  +   763d ago
Sony probably did Nvidia a favor.
smashcrashbash  +   763d ago
Yawn.It annoying how people drone on about Nvidia and AMD. One person had to get the contract and someone else had to walk away,Nvidia walked away for what ever reason whether it was because Sony thought their stuff was too expensive or they thought Sony wasn't offering enough money. What is the big deal? No matter who was left trolls, naysayers and haters would have something to say against it. Both companies probably have their pros and cons about their chips and Sony took one of them over the other.Why is this such a big deal? What are you trying to prove? That Sony is so poor that they had to turn to AMD? From what I have been hearing AMD is not exactly a bad choice or anything.Why are people jumping to Nvidia's side? Why couldn't it just be that they price their stuff too high and Sony refused to pay and it had nothing to do with quality? People are so hellbent on trying to prove the PS4 is no good.Why? Are you jealous that it was announced first or that your dumb theories about there isn't going to be a PS4 didn't come true.Why must everything be a fight?
Ol_G  +   763d ago
Insulting AMD hardware would directly insult Nintendo and Micosoft's hardware they all use the same brand but Nvidia is known for building quality hardware but with a bit higher price.
Sony wanted hardware for a certain price and Nvidia said no too low thats what they stated themselves the article is on the net if you google .
It's not the other way around they didn't offer Sony hardware for a price they did a bid it was too low and they probably didn't wanna/couldn't go any higher.
I think thats why everyone keeps bringing it up nevertheless it's pointless Nvidia isn't supporting any console this generation so they have nothing to say anymore
Ol_G  +   763d ago
funny to hear this while at first the news was that nvidia wasn't willing to deliver for the price they offered now amd says they didn't look at nvidia and went straight to them looks like one of them is lying and seeing ps3 used nvidia i dont think they wouldn't ask them to do business
smashcrashbash  +   763d ago
Or Sony didn't look at Nvidia at all and they said that they refused the offer to save face. I doubt Nvidia would tell everyone that they got passed over completely
Ol_G  +   763d ago
yeah i honestly don't believe that Nvidia makes what arguably are the best videocards and Sony always wants the best but that comes with a price and i think they expected to get a better deal but didn't get it .
Why would Nvidia try to save face if this isn't putting them in a worse state in any way if there's anyone trying to save face its AMD who seems like a second choice now
Forklift  +   763d ago
Sony Defense Force: Assemble!
Soldierone  +   763d ago
I used to be a big NVidia supporter till all this started. Back when I was a PC gamer I always used AMD, but it was due to it being cheaper for me. I always "preferred" NVidia till lately. AMD out pacing them and then NVidia throwing a fit made me lose interest in them almost entirely....

Honestly, Sony didn't pick you, get over it.... you can't sit there and literally call two companies crap and not expect them to retaliate.... you put the ball in AMD's court, and they chucked it back at your face. lmao
FlyingFoxy  +   763d ago
AMD have good cards for the money, their Xfire and dual card solutions leave a lot to be desired.

Microstuttering is a big problem, i don't know why AMD won't fix it because it would put sales of cards through the roof and put them in a better position than Nvidia for price & speed.

The obvious answer is greed, apparently you can have 3 cards run together and it minimizes microsutter issues.. so maybe they are thinking why should be fix it when we can force people to buy 3 cards or a dual card and 1 single card.? or not, who knows.. but it's been an issue since Sli & Xfire have existed, all these years and STILL no solution. What a joke.
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Soldierone  +   763d ago
I believe the Xfire cards are the ones I used when I did PC gaming. They were rather nice to use.
Modestmex  +   763d ago
Nvidia for life!!
Rageanitus  +   763d ago
once again console fanboys are soooooo one sided.

If we look for the past 4 -5 years NVIDIA combined with Intel chips are far superior than what AMD has to offer. Just look at all the benchmarks follks.

But it is true tat AMD offered a cheaper solution and a decent perfomance because they make both processors and video cards.

Having said that its funny how all the praise is going towards AMD..... ppl have to realize that POWERFUL gpu's and CPU's still require alot of space for cooling. Hence the console version is based off a laptop derivative of the gpu and CPU.
smashcrashbash  +   763d ago
What is really funny is watching people rage about the PS4 because it is getting so much attention and developers like it.First it was 'There will never be a PS4' then 'PS4 is only a rumor' and then 'PS4 doesn't actually exist.And now that you can't use those anymore now it is nitpicking every detail about it.Next will be attacking the launch games and the sales, oh wait no I forgot attacking the price no matter how reasonable it sounds.Gamers are funny.It's fun to see them foam at the mouth hoping and praying they will be right and the PS4 will suck now that it exists.And people say Nintendo gets the most hate.Sony would have gotten hate no matter who they choose.Nvidia didn't work for them to well so they are going with someone else this time and poor gamers are taking it personally and wailing.'Why didn't you chose Nvidia oh why.Don't you know that is the chip I love.Sony you evil demons.How dare you! Nvidia is superior'. Yawn.Boring.Can we just play some games now?
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profgerbik  +   763d ago
"There will never be a PS4' then 'PS4 is only a rumor' and then 'PS4 doesn't actually exist"

My entire time on this site I have never once heard anyone ever say this.
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smashcrashbash  +   763d ago
You don't come to N4G much at all do you.One person in particular greenpowerz was trying as hard as he could to convince people that the PS4 didn't actually exist.And others were convinced that Sony was in such bad financial trouble that they would never make a PS4 and would be bankrupt long before that.You really don't know much about the nonsense people say on this site. I am not even sure why I still both to comment on it. N4G is about 75% only with a few people holding it together.The hate for the PS4 has already started and it hasn't even been announced properly.
profgerbik  +   763d ago
"Devs, he said, will be able to push the console's capabilities beyond a traditional x86 PC architecture, and multithreading - being able to take advantage of all eight cores - is going "to become a huge deal for a lot of the big blockbuster games."

See that is some next generation talk right there. That is what I like to hear, that is exactly what defines a new generation of gaming to me, not a new generation of consoles..

I love Nvidia but what they have been doing, they should be ashamed of. If you have faith that your products are truly the best, there is literally no reason to ever bring it up or compare with others because you know your devices speak for themselves.
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TBONEJF  +   763d ago
Why are we still talking bout NVIDIA btchin bout how expensive the PS4 costing them too much money? THey have their PROJECT SHIELD handheld console. GET OVER IT WHINNERS
ATi_Elite  +   763d ago
Nvidia will have the last laugh
So much is being made about Nvidia not being in Next Gen consoles but what people FAIL to realize is NVIDIA makes a ton of cash selling Tegra chips that AMD who is so far behind Intel in the CPU department and Intel/Nvidia/Qualcomm in the mobile department that it HAD NO CHOICE but to be the sole chip maker for Next Gen consoles or operate in the RED again.

Nvidia will sell 3 Tegra chips for every Next Gen console sold cause Cell phones and Mobile devices sell way more than consoles.

Nvidia just doesn't care and YES Nvidia is cocky cause they see the consoles as just welfare for AMD who just can't compete with Intel/Nvidia/Qualcomm unless it's GPU related.

Besides Nvidia has the GRID and a whole host of other things going on. So yeh expect Nvidia to downplay anything AMD related cause...........

Nvidia is MAD that AMD HD 7000 beat the crap outta GTX600 series
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forum67  +   763d ago
I am Batman !
taquito  +   763d ago
amd definately offers super cheap, crappy hardware nvidia saw no profit in!

hey amd.....why is your stock six times lower than nvidias if you are capable of delivering "what nvidia couldn't"?

why is nvidia STOMPING you into the ground??

why are your best 2012 cpu's still behind intel cpu's from 2010

because you are a second tier tech company with garbage drivers and inferior products

no wonder your sucking from the console teat......your right where you belong!
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annus  +   763d ago
Pretty much this. AMD have always been the cheaper version for hardware. Saying that Nvidia couldn't make the tech is just ridiculous. Maybe they should look over the Nvidia Titan again before they talk crap, but I guess that's just how you play the market, and AMD are clearly trying to go the route of console praise.
Metfanant  +   763d ago
except you (and all the nvidia/pc nuthuggers) have misunderstood the entire quote...

he didn't say nvidia flat out could not make the tech...what he said was that AMD has provided Sony with something nvidia could not...right now...

does nvidia currently manufacture a low power consumption, low heat cpu/gpu on a single die with the capabilities of pumping out next gen graphics and keeping costs relatively low?...

NO they do not...meaning AMD has provided Sony with something nvidia CAN'T...

sure nvidia manufactures titan...which costs $1000...but is titan a low heat, low power cpu/gpu combo that fits Sony's hardware design, while keeping costs down??...NOPE!

it SHOULD be more powerful than a console GPU...considering said console will probably cost in the ~$500 range as a complete unit...

AMD is not arguing that fact...they are simply giving you the truth...Sony was looking for something that nvidia simply does not produce...

this is not rocket science people...there is so much nuthugging on both sides of this argument its much so that basic reading comprehension has become impossible..
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newgroundsguru  +   763d ago
Its going to be a power house!
smashcrashbash  +   763d ago
@ Metfanant. You can't blame some of them.The bitterness over Sony's PS4 has many people here jumping at every single article about it.The mere mention that the PS4 has any merit by anyone sends PC and Microsoft fanboys into spasms. It's pitiful.
Silly gameAr  +   763d ago
Never did care what Nvidia or their fanboys said. I'm just waiting for the PS4 to drop.
Ulf  +   763d ago
Here's my take:

AMD wanted a way to produce enough chips to justify a transition to 20nm fab tech, so they could compete with Intel.

Hence, they made a sweet deal with Sony, and maybe other folks, where they don't profit much in the beginning, assuming that 20nm tech will bring them into the black, down the road.

nVidia, OTOH, since they do not also have a stake in the CPU market (outside of mobile) like AMD does, or own part of a chip fab company which is looking to move to 20nm tech like AMD does, perhaps is looking more towards profit from the get-go. They said no.

IMO, AMD made the right decision. nVidia... I dunno. I guess they made a decent decision for themselves. It won't hurt them to wait for 20nm tech to become cheaper, but then... well they lose out on the console market for the whole gen. I guess they are hoping Ouya (Tegra 3) really takes off?
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