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THE-COMMANDER  +   1049d ago
That guy uses the word "obviously" a lot!
doctorstrange  +   1049d ago | Funny
Gaming101  +   1049d ago
Given this is an old tech demo, it was likely created on old dev kits. Previous dev kits did not have full PS4 specs, and I doubt this early in the game devs have completely utilized all of the final hardware capabilities.
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thechosenone  +   1049d ago | Well said
The fact that they weren't able to get dynamic lighting in their engine to run on next-gen consoles
tells me that they didn't really put that much effort into it developing their software for consoles. If CryEngine 3, FB2 , Fox Engine, Guerrilla Games and a few others were able of achieving this on the PS3 then U4 with next-gen hardware should of had no issues at all.
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thechosenone  +   1049d ago
Even NVIDIA themselves are reporting that the 720 will be less powerful than the PS4. Hot damn!

all you need to see right here
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Nick_515  +   1049d ago
I watched the videos side by side, thanks to Ambrosia's links below. Most of it looks exactly the same, some of it looks better on the old one, a tiny bit looks better in certain areas on the PS4 one.

The screenshot on the article is the thing that probably stands out the most. I think they just need more time with the PS4. Also, like everyone keeps claiming (and we already knew), they don't have access to the full PS4 kit, yet.

Also, I don't know what he's talking about with physics differences... I didn't see anything like that.

It's too close for it to actually make a difference to me. I mean, some parts even look sharper on the PS4 one. I don't know what everyone's complaining about.

There are a lot of links that suggest that this was done in a hurry and not optimized at all. Plus, that's with the old dev kits.
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NewMonday  +   1049d ago
3 main things make the difference:

* Sparse Voxel Octree Global Illumination (SVOGI) is a lighting system that Epic didn't put in the PS4 UE4 engine

* the GTX680 can do 3.1 TFLOPS, the PS4 1.8 TFLOPS

*the PC used for the demo has 16gb of DDR3 RAM, and the GPU has 2gb of GDDR5 ram.

the demo was made on the PS4 Devkit according to Epic, IMOO very impressive if it is this close to the top of the line PC.
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g2gshow  +   1049d ago
obviously obvious for sure
PLASTICA-MAN  +   1048d ago
Therevis a more elaborate discussion in Neogaf thannin this article:
AsimLeonheart  +   1048d ago
Man, we all know that PC will always be more powerful than consoles because they are customizable with no cost limits for consumers. What is wrong with these PC elitists? Why do you people waste so much of your time trying to prove that consoles are weaker? Console manufacturers have to make consoles which are affordable! They cannot put GTX Titan/Radeon 7990 in a console then sell it for $400 to keep it affordable while taking immense losses or sell it for $1500 to make a profit while not selling enough. Consoles have to balance power and price; thus making them weaker than PC. PC Master Race! I yield! I always acknowledged that consoles are weaker so please leave us in peace now!
hakis86  +   1048d ago
All in all it is VERY close to that of a high-end PC, which is impressive!

I don't know why, but in some of the screens the PC version uses (volumetric?) fog in the background, which is taxing, but at the same time relieves it from drawing the actual background (in the PS4 version you can see out the open door).

And the lighting seems very different in some screens - why?
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1048d ago
I just shake my head in dissapointment when read some of these comments coming from some in the PC community. I always had the impression that you guys, of all people, would have a better understand of how power works.

I'm no techie, but I fully understand that a top of the line PC is many times more powerful than a console. The same way I understand that V8 Corvette CR1 or Ferrari Italia with some 500 HP is more porwerful than my motorcycle, which is a 636 Kawasaki Ninja with just 115 HP.

But you best believe that my Ninja which cost me $6000.00 can keep up with your $150K Ferrari, or supped up Skyline R34, or whatever type of car you pull up next to me with.

And I think that's the whole point of a console really. People have cars to do more than just one thing like, going to work, bringing kids to school, groceries, some have trucks for heavy-duty work, etc. And than there are cars built for petrol heads, and they can customize them, and make them faster, and even race them.
But a motorcycle is mostly built for 2 things, which "riding" and "riding fast". So you're looking at a machine with its sole purpose being "speed", so it's been designed specically for that. So it's very small, very light, doesn't use much gas, only needs 2 wheels, Radial tires (very different than car tires) and doesnt need a huge engine like car either. It doesn't have seat belts, airbags, no AC units, none of these stuff. Simple turn the key, and get on the throttle.

So I think some of you have shown that despite all of your knowledge of computers and specs, you guys haven't quite grasp the fundamentals difference between dedicated machine, and a PC.
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thechosenone  +   1048d ago

"Sparse Voxel Octree Global Illumination (SVOGI) is a lighting system that Epic didn't put in the PS4 UE4 engine"

SVOGI won't be featured on any console not just the PS4.
RumbleFish  +   1048d ago
@Cupid_Viper_3: The whole point of a console is that you pay much more money for the games and you are bound to a hardware that can't be upgraded and is not a bit, but much less powerful than a one year old PC when it is not even released!
On top of that you cant compare a console and a motor bike to a PC and a Ferrari! The motor bike is much lighter and and you will be wet when it rains! With your PC you can do anything plus you can game plus you can upgrade plus you save much money on games that you can use to buy a Ferrari! :D
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inveni0  +   1048d ago
Couldn't this difference just be changes they've made to the engine as a whole? It doesn't mean there's a difference at all.
Corpser  +   1048d ago
Only Sony fanboys are comparing ps4 to high end PCs

Pc fanboys are comparing ps4 to low-mid end PCs

_-EDMIX-_  +   1048d ago
Epic's Mark Rein has already confirmed htat there PS4 demo was running on only 28 to 29% of the PS4's power. They didn't have time to optimize.

starchild  +   1048d ago
Guys, they 'obviously' haven't optimized it for the PS4 hardware yet. They even said as much.

Next generation will likely be just like this generation: PCs will have vastly more power, but very little to show for it unfortunately. Games are mostly made for multiple devices and the differences we see between the versions is minimal.

Even now at the end of the generation the difference in game graphics between my high-end PC and the lowly PS3 and 360 hardware really isn't that vast (aside from maybe a couple games like Crysis 3 and The Witcher 2). Better frame rates and resolution and anti-aliasing, but by and large the same graphics in most games.
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Andreas-Sword  +   1048d ago
Here is a very good Unreal Engine 4: PS4 vs PC comparison video:

What do you think?
dedicatedtogamers  +   1049d ago
Oooh boy. Prediction time!

1 - Journalists swarm over this, claiming "PS4's hardware power was way exaggerated!"

2 - When Microsoft announces their console, Epic uses the same target video to showcase the new Unreal engine

3 - Journalists pick apart the trailer again to "prove" the NextBox is more powerful

4 - Internet explodes

5 - Six months later, it turns out the PS4 video was unoptimized code running on beta PS4 hardware, whilst the NextBox video wasnt running on the NextBox at all

6 - Internet pretends none of this ever happened

Haha, relax, people. The original UE4 trailer was running on a PC where the graphics card - just the card, mind you - is going to retail for more than the entire PS4 console.
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bigrob904  +   1049d ago
what these pc elitist don't seem to grasp is this

when you're actually playing the game the difference between what the pc does and what the next-gen consoles will do, will be moot. the diffs are there yes but it's on things you don't see unless you are actively trying to find something thats inferior in one way or another.

personally though i think that tech demo looks f'en great. i remember the first tech demo they showed one of these sites did a comparison and said how the eyes didn't look like they where on fire, but now we can clearly see in this vid that they are. also this article said the lava didn't look as good, i think his eyes needed checking.
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Nilemonitors13  +   1049d ago
I personaly don't give f*** if pc's are better, as long as consoles cost less and don't need upgrades every year im ok if they're behind, everytime I see a pc "elitist" I think to myself, do these guys have a life, or are they that stereotypical nerd ass muthaf***as, that live in mommas basement and eats pizza all day, and all they have going for them is their super computer, which by the way won't be so super when a new card comes out or whatever, you don't see a guy that has a sports car tell someone who likes a regular honda that the sports car is superior all the time, sorry abot the long rant.
pimpschitz  +   1048d ago
I totally agree. That kind of capability is uncanny for a system about to launch this year. Besides like someone said above it's in beta right now. Honestly, the thing that I care about is the fact that we have this kind of gaming technology right now. Either PC, Xbox or PS we have wonderful games to play right now, and that's amazing. I'm an original NES junkie, born in 84. I've played it all from Atari to 360. My grandparents would shit themselves at the graphics out today.
FlyingFoxy  +   1048d ago
The thing is people don't think about other costs with consoles, often times DLC you pay for on consoles comes free on PC. You don't pay for online services monthly, games are usually always £10 cheaper than the console version.

Then comes the performance bit, get a good base system to begin with, like if you still have an i7 from 2008 there is little difference between them and the new ones for game performance if you want 1080p and 60+fps you'd pair either one with a high end video card. Unless of course we get the odd poorly coded game like Crysis.

But a lot of people make out you need to keep spending on PC's to get better than console performance which aint true, you could even sell your high end card every 2-3 years and put that cash toward a new one. Simple.

Plus PC will always have better performance, frame rates are touch and go on console. Not to mention PC has some great exclusives, online Co-op games like Killing Floor.
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N4g_null  +   1048d ago
What console gamers don't understand is the fact that the numbered of characters on screen is going to be a problem for any thing under 2tflops.

Or maybe they will just not have as many characters on screen. I think you would be happier with a pc in this situation, if you are going to play ur4 games. Hey but if you can't afford a pc with a 680 then the ps4 should be fine but seriously I don't want to hear the lame ass excuse of develOpers not optimizing code. Certain qualities take power.
jcnba28  +   1048d ago
Typical sonydrone comment. PC will always be better in terms of graphics, get over it.
meetajhu  +   1049d ago
Epic fail by Ps4. Its a shame Nvidia is telling from start that the Next gen consoles are extremely low powered and this proves it. Every game will have poor image quality.

Look at how horrible that texture on the character is on the Ps4 version. What is the use of adding 8gb DDR5(the next cell processor)? Complete disaster and fail from start
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WickedLester  +   1048d ago
The fact that you use the term "epic fail" tells me all I need to know about you.

You do realize that Nvidia will be pushing hardware of their own, right? Don't you think there's at least a little bit of an agenda on their part with all this rhetoric?

Also, I dont recall anyone claiming that next gen consoles would be as good as high end PC's. I think most reasonable gamers recognize that PC tech stays ahead of consoles and it SHOULD considering the price discrepancy. However please tell me where I can play Gran Turismo, God of War, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Infamous, Journey, Twisted Metal, Heavy Rain, Killzone, Resistance, Demons Souls, etc on PC? Oh you cant can you? Game over!
N4g_null  +   1048d ago
Lester the point is how much will you pay for inferior tech? Sony has to get that right or risk a vita,3ds problem or even a 3do like situation.

We know a pc can run this engine but the ps4 is a lot of hoping. Wasn't the ps3 like that for the longest time? Skyrim along with other games still suffered. I like the bar Sony is aiming for yet if the next Xbox can run unreal4 just fine or better then Sony is going to have some problems. Ms can simply upgrade the gpu instead of adding more ram.

So why get a ps4 when laptops with 680s are coming. Would you watch a blu ray with half the framerate? Almost isn't good enough when paying over $500 after taxes.

It is going to be interesting.
ijust2good  +   1049d ago
Ok PC looks slightly better but its a £1000 plus PC VS £300-400 console. Not bad at all for a static small box, not bad at all.

The little more details on high end PC isn't gonna make a consoles weep as console gamers do not spend huge amount of time staring at the world.

Looking very closely i can say that PC version does look slightly better but as a console that gonna make me weep and go to PC? Not a chance.

These details and others i have seen are not enough to merit it over next gen console especially when high end PC that this is run on is not worth the cost. Its something for the PC super geeks who like to spend as much time looking at the graphics an pixels as playing the damn game. If the graphics on next gen console games look similar to Killzone shadow falls, its good enough for me.

PC will have better graphics but console is all about the best exclusives and simplicity of booting the disc and ur good to play. No driver issues, no need to worry about over heads and bottle necks. Boot the game and play with our scientifically formulated controllers. Simple as.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1048d ago
People talk to much in terms of consoles matching pc and less about turning down pc to match consoles. Devs tend to do the second one.
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ichimaru  +   1048d ago
glad you know the price of the ps4
llMurcielagoll  +   1049d ago
I was bored enough to investigate, I used Ctrl + F and I only found 2 "obviously" in the whole thing. :P
Crazyglues  +   1048d ago
here's what I don't understand why do people compare the PC to the PS4 version..

When two things- one, it's unfair - your comparing a demo running on a PC using a (Gefore Titan Graphics card) - that card alone is over a 1000 dollars... I didn't even add the price of the PC..

And never-mind the fact that the Titan has the power of a Dual GTX 690 -in other words the Titan is one seriously badass graphics card

and Two - the PS4 is going to cost like 529 - 550 under 600... that's for the whole PS4 not just the graphics card in it...LoL

So if people think a console can surpass a high-end GAMING PC - which has like 16 gigs of ram and an i7 processor with SSD drives running in RAID 0 config - that most likely cost over 2500 dollars for the whole PC..

Then those people have no idea how Games are made and what they need to hit that kind of fidelity..

The fact that the PS4 even comes close to that PC, means you are getting one seriously Badass gaming console.. -that's all you really need to know-

||.........___||............ ||
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aquamala  +   1048d ago
actually the demo uses GTX 680, a <$500 card now (and will cost less by end of the year), a PC build with it will probably cost $800-900. yes it costs more than a PS4 but the comparison here is between PS4 and mid range 2013 PC, not high end
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Crazyglues  +   1048d ago
@ aquamala

LoL... you are right it was running on a 680 - I was looking at this when I was replying to this story -

So I over stated my point, which just was the PS4 can't be compared to a high-end PC - in the article above they are comparing it to the Titan... which is crazy

That's what I was talking about when I was saying it is crazy that people are comparing it to a High-end PC
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Kennytaur  +   1048d ago
I'm sorry, but 680 is high-end. Dual setups (including the Titan) is more like very-high-end.
Irishguy95  +   1048d ago
Why do Sony fanboys keep trying to Say Ps4 is more powerful than a high end PC?

That is the real question
Psn800  +   1048d ago
No console is going to compete with a £1500 games rig but the Ps4 get's close and it's a lot cheaper and that will do for me .
Walker  +   1049d ago
PS4 vesrion looked better
SlavisH2  +   1049d ago
are you on crack?
Gamer-40  +   1049d ago
No, I think Walker smoke 1 kg cannabis, and using very dark sunglasses + missing one eye. Look avatar.

-UE4 PC version better, yet- No doubt.
DwightOwen  +   1049d ago
No, he's drunk on Sony-flavored Kool-Aid.
SDF Repellent  +   1049d ago
Walker is a Sony Zombie just like his avatar.
saint_seya  +   1049d ago
sdf repellent: whats the difference with a zombie like u #ms side# ?
For trolls like u or greenpower #even some ps and nintendo ones# i wish this site had real bans.. under some requisits..
BACK ON TOPIC: The pc one looks better, yet if it looks good, idc if pc get this better.
Reportillo4  +   1049d ago
or we can always assume hes trying this new trend called trolling...
sak500  +   1048d ago

NO he's not on crack, he's crack..
dirthurts  +   1049d ago
Quote from the article
"More than anything, though, this shows a huge difference between last generation PC tech and new generation console tech, and how old PC hardware still runs circles around consoles that haven't even been released yet."

Sorry bro.
Ezz2013  +   1049d ago
but the games was showen on ps4 already look much better than that demo
and they are running on old ps4 kit
even killzone SF/Deep Down/Knack/Infamous:SS etc are not running on the final kit
they didn't even know that sony upgrade the RAM from 4GB to 8GB GDDR5 RAM

this has nothing to do with ps4 power
more like how lame UE4 really is on the new consoles..and it also 3rd party engine which will never use ps4 to it full limit

wait untill you see ND,SSM etc of sony's first party engines on ps4

of course i will get disagrees
facts here always get fanboys angry ;)
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SJPFTW  +   1048d ago
LOL an PS3 has an APU (no dedicated graphics card) and 8 gb of RAM. Many high end Gaming Rigs now have 16gb RAM and a dedicated graphics card at least. APU's were meant for low end computers, so PS4 would be at most a mid range machine when it releases, and be considered a low end machine within 1 - 2 years.

stop drinking that Sony kool-aid
dirthurts  +   1048d ago
Ram really has no effect on video performance. I doubled the ram in my pc to only see a around 2fps improvement, from 4 to 8 gb. In some cases it even slowed it down.
The games looked ok, but nothing there was truly impressive.
Killzone looked good, but there are already games on the market that look just as good or better.
PS4 will be nice, but it's no power house.
Deeloc  +   1049d ago
Lolol.ps4 all the way
The_Infected  +   1049d ago
It honestly still looks close to as good as the PC version on the PS4 compared to a multi thousand dollar custom PC.

Either way it's a tech demo an actual game probably will not look that good. I'm just glad to get some better graphics, AI, and bigger worlds with PS4 that's good enough for me.
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Tito08  +   1048d ago
I'm ok with it as well, one thing that really bugs me is some Nintendo fanboys, they're now getting defensive & offended at the fact UE4 will not run on Wii U, as if UE3 is not good enough for their console, like girls that still fights for an argument they already lost.
Tzuno  +   1048d ago
You have fan-boy cataract.
jay2  +   1049d ago
Well duh...........THE PS4'S ALREADY 5 YEARS OLD DEVELOPMENT TIME............
Arai  +   1049d ago | Helpful
The comparison below is better than the one in this article.


More comparison pictures can be found here:
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DaThreats  +   1049d ago
There not using the full dev kit yet.
BLow  +   1049d ago
I'll give you a bubble for pointing out the obvious. You forget that people on here know it all and know that this was made with 100% final hardware. I really don't give a shit because I'm not a PC gamer but they both look great. It's also impossible for this to look any better as developers get used to the hardware according to people on this site. Ok, the PC is better. You feel better now. Did this make your day? Your PC is the best. We all get it. Same shit different day.
Letros  +   1049d ago
Looks like Nvidia was right all along, oh well at least it will only be $500.
sashimi  +   1049d ago
Thats about the price of a graphic cards for these comparisons alone haha
Letros  +   1049d ago
I guess it's true then, you get what you pay for.
ironmonkey  +   1049d ago
Oh you pc gamers cry to much. Go back and play your world of warcrap. Conoles win.
Brucis  +   1049d ago
If you're going to attempt to start a flamewar, at least put in the effort to not make it obvious what you're doing. It's almost embarrassing how blatant that was.
papashango  +   1049d ago
I miss the days where trolling was actually good.
FlyingFoxy  +   1048d ago
Why would we play WoW when there's tons of PC exclusives consoles don't have?. PC is the home of FPS games, and that's where they stay.

Killing Floor ftw.
blackbirdi  +   1049d ago
really sad story :(
Arai  +   1049d ago
I'd like to point a few things out, UE4 isn't optimized for consoles yet and definitely not in this demo.
Just as UE3 wasn't during the early stages of the PS3 (happen later on during the console life cycle).

Of course the PS4 GPU won't out match a GTX 680 but it will come very close.

Quote from John Carmack: "Consoles run 2x or so better than equal PC hardware".
PS4 GPU is somewhere between 7850 - 7870 / GTX 660/660Ti, so I'd say it will come close to a GTX 670 in terms of performance.
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MoonWheel  +   1049d ago
Epic did say that the demo was basically rushed and not optimized very well. I didn't know Carmack said that either and if what he says is true then my excitement for next gen just got a boost.
_-EDMIX-_  +   1048d ago
Agreed. What Carmack said is true. It has everything to do with the optimization. ie JUST cause you have a beast rig, doesn't mean you will just have beast games.

I own a HD 5770 and a lot of games that I couldn't max (cause I thought I just couldn't) turned out I could with a lot of tweaks.

ie getting programs to turn off a lot of background programs, getting a SSD JUST for gaming that has pretty much no security or anti virus running (I don't use it to go on the web so I don't really worry, not much on my PC to take anyway)

and it GREATLY improved my performance. Like 35 fps to 60 fps. It goes to show that though I LOVE PC gaming because I have a lot of choice and its pretty cheap if you know how to pick parts and WHEN (this is a big key thing in building a great PC at a great price), but its very much true that consoles have such great optimization, that when you play a game, the system is not just using some or a little of it.....its using the hardware to the fullest.

Now if they came out with a program that fully optimized a HDD to have it run the hardware to the fullest on certain programs, it would be really great. But consoles have that sweet spot right now. Its actually why I'm getting a PS4 before I build my next rig.
Autodidactdystopia  +   1048d ago
Ok Arai, They said the same thing about the UE3 on the ps3 demo they showed in 05. it was "unoptimized"

when the game came out it looked like shit compared to the demo they showed at e3.

optimized means quality chopped, either mathematically or straight out. optimized means compromised precision for different algorithms that run faster and get a "similar" Result.

Similar meaning less precision (Quality) faster code. similar look.

there is of course the rare occasion where there is better quality and cheaper on resources. but those are far and few between, fxaa was a good example of that, however some would argue over aesthetics and perceived quality.
MasterCornholio  +   1049d ago
What PC elitist always forget is that consoles have low level APIs (The PS4 has 2 one that grants programmers direct access to the hardware and the other API is called a wrapper which supposedly emulates the APIs on PCs) and with consoles developers can optimize for the hardware that they are given.

Which is why consoles outperform PCs with similar specifications.

Motorola RAZR i
Autodidactdystopia  +   1048d ago
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WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1049d ago
So the 680 is old PC tech to the author of this article... I know it's 3rd in line on Nvidia's line up... but Old?
Bathyj  +   1049d ago
Why is there this desparate attempt to compare ps4 to a top line pc to therefore make it seem lacking? Of course pc will look better. You'd be pretty upset with your pc if it didn't and not as many people would buy them just for gaming.

As pc like as the new consoles will be, they are not pcs. They are consoles. I'm stating the obvious here, yet everyone seems to be overlooking this.

Console gamers don't care about how it compares to pc, they care about how it compares to last gens consoles and what games are coming out.
papashango  +   1049d ago
I'm pretty sure the sony fanboys are the ones making these comparisons.

They are so insecure about what the internal specs are that you see them constantly comparing them to high end pc's.
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urwifeminder  +   1049d ago
Pc really is where it is at so many awesome games .
MoonWheel  +   1049d ago
True, but I don't think you can deny that consoles can get some awesome exclusives as well. Also, if the ps4 can get into the indie market like sony wants it too then it imo takes away one of the key reasons to own a pc.
PotatoClock  +   1049d ago
An indie market on the PS4 wouldn't take over from what the PC offers though, it'd just mimic it at a smaller scale.
You got to remember that Sony has to get paid, while the PC is still an open platform.

If I was making an indie game, I certainly wouldn't make it exclusive on a console. Unless Sony made a ridiculously good deal and that's unlikely as indie games are only big hits once they're released.
M$ would never of taken on Minecraft before it became massive on PC.
KingKevo  +   1049d ago
The thing is, the 'PS4' demo is still running on a PC that is SIMILAR to the PS4, but not the actual and final hardware. And because of that and the fact that not even the developers do have the final PS4 hardware available and have not even been aware of the exact specs and final structure of the console (like the 8 gig ram) when demos, games and engine Demos like this were build, it's hard to make a real comparison, since it will always be incorrect at this point. People should keep that and the fact that a year in tech means a lot, for those who think that the PC demo looks worse, in mind when reading the article and watching the Demos.
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Ck1x  +   1049d ago
I think the thing that you fail to acknowledge in your comment is that the PS4 is closer to off the shelf PC components than any system Sony has made before. So a PC using a similar set-up in specs is just as good as the real thing in this scenario. There's nothing custom about these chips Sony is using and AMD even stated that they will be selling a version of the APU in the PS4 as a mass market chip after the system goes on sale. Just because the RAM amount changed and possibly a overclocking in the APU to 2GHz if the rumors are true. The foundation of PS4 has been set in stone some time ago. The increase in RAM and processor speed will only aid projects at this point, but people can't possibly think that Sony's going to at the last minute throw a more powerful GPU in or something.
KingKevo  +   1048d ago
So the unified memory is something I could get now? I don't think so. For a closed system structure that every console has it is hard to find an an equivalent, even if the PS4 is closer to a PC than any other console before. I hate when people look at this stuff and try to make things up based on what they see.

Imho it will take another one and a half to two years to finally see what the PS4 can do, because most of the games well see in the first year were designed for a console without knowing its exact specs (like KillZone that only uses 2 gigs of ram, and who knows, with 8 gig they could have easily made it a 60 fps game instead of a 30 fps game). What I took away from the two demos was: a) Epic really spend some time tweaking the enigne and b) That's what it looke liked a year ago on a current PC and what it looks like now on a current PC.

And that's about it. And of course the new Unreal Demo was just amazing and did show off the engine even better. I'm just excited to finally see some games using it, no matter if they are PC or PS4 games. All I wanted to say is that comparisons like that are, let's say suboptimal.

And about the things you say about the GPU. That is true, but AMD still provides thes components exclusively to the PS4 and will release versions similar to that later on, however the one on the PS4 will always be a custom variant of that that was build with the PS4 in mind, and it's easier to really customize a chip if you know that the other specs will stay the same, cause on a PC every user may use different components. I'm not saying it's better or worse, but it is different.
Autodidactdystopia  +   1048d ago
devkits aren't built using off the shelf parts, they usually have a custom mobo much larger than final for testing.

they likely do have access to unified system memory,and all of the component parts.

why even call them devkits, hey could just give the developer some specs and manufacturers and have them build their own, that is horsecrap anyone who thinks devkits are off the shelf parts are fulla spatooey.


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KingKevo  +   1048d ago
@ Autodidactdystopia: It has since games often do not run on a higher framerate because other processes take away that space and without having to make any sacrifices anymore they can render a game in 60 fps or more, like on PC. It might not have to be related directly, but indirectly and that's all it needs.

And about the devkit part, as you say there is a reason for why they are there. I think it has to do with the console creators who want to give developers a specific piece of hardware to develop for that is the same for everyone and that they can change and update when the creators need to and also to ensure that the games will run on the final system.
andrewer  +   1049d ago
Comparing only graphics, PC will always be better than any console, but at a higher price. I'm a PC gamer, but have to say that the vs. articles are getting boring. We know the truth, don't need lots of people to keep saying the same stuff.
coolmast3r  +   1049d ago
This demo sure looks fine on PS4 but not even close to the PC version. I hope EPIC will optimize it better so all the console guys will have nearly the same level of detail as PC has already.
imt558  +   1049d ago
Hm... This UE4 tech demo runs on PS4 dev kits that are not final ( like KZ : SF with 1.5 GB RAM ). Even with that spec looks good.

Quote from Digital Foudry :

What excites us the most is that we have some seriously capable technology here, with Sony providing the means for developers to get far more from the architecture than is possible on PC.

or read the entire article :

or :


64-bit x84 arch
Low power consumption
Low heat
8 cores, HW threads
2MiB L2-cache per 4 core group, 32kib I1 I/D-cache
PlayStation Shader Language
Similar to HLSL
Allows featured BEYOND DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0


Tessellation, adding geometric detail to smooth edges or create more organic shapes

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Bladesfist  +   1049d ago
You just listed a load of technology apart from the HLSL that has been on PC for many years. I have an 8 core CPU / DirectX 11 GPU and that in no way makes my PC high end at all.
imt558  +   1048d ago
OK! You have 8 core CPU and DX11 GPU in you PC. Tell me which game on PC in near future will use full potential of 8 core CPU and your GPU. And Nvidia Maxwell is near...
pandehz   1049d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
TheKayle1  +   1049d ago
i laugh everytime i heard this stuff about KZ WAS "using JUST 1.5 gb ram"

man theres no way to use 7 gb of ram for an entire game....coz the cpu/gpu cant handle it u need to calculate frame per second...and u will never NEVER fill up the entire memory...

plus u need to know the blueray is a 6x and can read just 27 mb/s now explain to the mass of ppl how u would fill that freakin 7 gb (leave 1 gb for security os share button etc etc)

if we r lucky after optimization games will use 2 2.5gb the ps4 theres no parallelism....and theres no way to have it with that sort of low end pc architecture....the 8gb gddr5 stuff is just to HYPE the ps4 ...coz ms going with 8gb ddr3...(but they got the moves engine so it make sense) ..but theres no way to use that 8gb gddr5 in games...with that architecture

....if u dont know how the things work..pls at least shhhhhh
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Zechs34  +   1048d ago
Everything you attempted to say goes double for PC. Playing a game on either system is the same thing. The game/installed is read from the CD or the HDD. The processor and RAM do all the work, obviously for background features (PS4) or run OS (Windows, they will need some of those resources. Nothing is ever truly available for ANYTHING to use. Saying the PS4 will use a MAX of 2.5 GB of the 7-8 GB available is foolish.

Ill leave this here...

"if we r lucky after optimization games will use 2 2.5gb the ps4 theres no parallelism....and theres no way to have it with that sort of low end pc architecture....the 8gb gddr5 stuff is just to HYPE the ps4 ...coz ms going with 8gb ddr3...(but they got the moves engine so it make sense) ..but theres no way to use that 8gb gddr5 in games...with that architecture"

^ WHAT?!

For you to sit there and call people uneducated and to please Shh speaks volumes of your own lack of intelligence, especially your grammar, spelling, and that AWESOMELY written post...

This is why video games have turned into what it is, a craptastic shell of its former self. Because people like you who just decide to eat garbage and spew nonsense rather than buying and supporting the hobby youre very poorly trolling into the ground.

*Ugh Nvm. I just saw your profile. Joined 4 days ago and youre just a troll who lurks next gen articles waiting to bash on Sony. GTFO.
#16.3.1 (Edited 1048d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
TheKayle1  +   1048d ago
1 in the pcs we r more USED to install the entire game in the hdd (nowdayws most r sdd ..a thing that ps4 or nextxbox dont have)

i think probably coz u havent (or u dont have any idea of) studied programming and dont know how and where games r developed

"The PS4's dev tools run on Windows 7 64-bit, and PS4-specific tools have been integrated with Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 and 2012. This includes the PlayStation Shader Language, which provides for functionality comparable or better than DirectX 11.0 and OpenGL 4.0, including tessellation support."

now :

u should know that MOST of the games r write on 32bit code...and this suffer of a limit running on a 64bit os ( as i hope is the ps4 os coz is 32bit is the half of the size) of 4gb

and u need to double the size for file paging..this mean most of the time for that 1.5 kz demo...1.5gb + 1.5gb of file paging....this dosnt mean THE GAME USE 3 GB MEMORY...but the system need that...

bf3 on max setting on pc (im talking about PC graphics eh) use 3.5 gb ram..

now can u explain me ..without installing everygame and make it load from a slow old s-ata drive how u would make fill 8gb gddr5 coz we r also talking of gddr5 176/gb s

have u an idea of how much data u need to fill 8gb at 176gb/s i think u have no a freaking idea...theres no hd that can fill that...imagine a simple blueray

so givin u an easy example...coz i think u need it
imagine we r in tha lvl 1 of a game ..and appear the text "loading"...ok the 8gb r full...(i would know what game need 8gb of stuff but anyway! haahha)...some second later u need to move ahead no? and refill the tell me from where and at what speed u think to fill the ram..without ..having the time to go and do a coffee..loading from an HD...or worst from a blueray explain pls magic wand?

they use 1.5 2 ole' make it 3.5 gb and while the game is going they can fill the others data in the next ram...or hd in file background

Pls come back in the bush before speak loud to me...

ps. this is a new old account is TheKayle....go to check it (i changed it after i wrote to the admin...about the bubble system problem)
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MegadethAndy  +   1048d ago
Some games could use a ram disk setup.
pissed999  +   1049d ago
Pc wins suckers. Stop crying and bitching about it.
Superior forever, until the end of time.
MuhammadJA  +   1049d ago
I hate to say this: BUTBUTBUTGDDR5!!!!111ONE!1
chukamachine  +   1049d ago
Pc elitists getting hurt, feel like crying, awww.

Few percent difference between a year old demo and a PS4 demo which has changes made to it for a 1.5gb dev kit.

32 cores this and 16gb of GDDR5 later on.

I love pc games and console games.

Although i'm not into wow,sims,oborion,borim,bortro2 033.

Those are over hyped games again and again. And yes even with 50zillion mods, they are still boring.
ExCest  +   1048d ago
You've just riled up an army against you. Thanks for making your argument valid with your CLEVER PUNS.
imchuckbass  +   1048d ago
PC looks better, but more importantly, you're forgetting that this is a tech demo. Your ps4 games will look nothing like this because you have extra overheads in an actual game, compared to a tech demo.

More importantly, PC looks better before the new consoles are even released... and these are supposed to last 6 years? Using a 2012 tablet cpu in 2018? The gap will become even bigger than it was last gen
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1048d ago
Cerny want to have a talk with you
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1048d ago
the fact is the ps3 crushes pc with comparable specs. Look at last of us and beyond two souls. Show me a pc with comparable as ps3 that can achieve the same quality games. There is none. Same thing will happen next gen.
imchuckbass  +   1048d ago
Why even bother getting something with 'comparable' specs... when you can get something with BETTER specs? You can't get a 'comparable' ps3 gpu, since it's a pile of rubbish from 7 years ago. Lol. Most gpu's on the market will be STRONGER

When PS4 is released, it will also be difficult to get something truly comparable, since it runs a hilarious 1.6ghz tablet cpu. Tablet! And even worse, made by AMD

I agree with you that the same thing will happen next gen. 720p version on consoles, running at 30fps. Same game on PC, 2560x1600, 60fps, hi res texture pack, 16xAA

And this is in the same year the PS4 is released. Imagine, 3 years from now, the gap between PS4 and PC, will be BIGGER than the gap between PS3 and PC after 3 years. 6 years from now, when the PS4 is still around, the gap will be shocking

I will still get a PS4, but I'm not naive enough to be oblivious to it's weaknesses and clear limitations
ZoyosJD  +   1048d ago
Your missing the point...The PS3 outperforms a Geforce GTX 8800 which came out a year later than the PS3 at the same price as the PS3s release.

In other words you can go buy a PS4 for $500 at the end of this year and have it outperform a $500 graphics card from the end of next year.

What's funny is how PC gamers don't realize how cut down their version of this demo is.

The the mountains are never rendered on the PC version while inside (even the door is fogged in the PC version when you can clearly see through it on the PS4), let alone with any physics. And the AA is just weird.

We have already seen game demos like Angi's philosophy, KZ, and Infamous that look better than this and even the new infiltrator demo on the PS4 hardware running on non-final specs.

It just shows how far they still have to optimize the engine, particularly when they actually get the final dev kits.
ExCest  +   1048d ago
Tei777  +   1048d ago
Even without direct comparison, the PS4 demo seemed lacking.

Oh well, I'm past caring about tech demo now. Just show me what actual games look like, E3 CAN'T WAIT!!!!
Phil4000  +   1048d ago
Ps4 supercharged PC! lol no
Much better comparison.
5eriously  +   1048d ago
Who cares what the PC guys think, that all they got while we have genuinely good exclusives.
ExCest  +   1048d ago
Are you freaking 5erious?
Holeran  +   1048d ago
For them to make it look this good on the PS4 at this point in time is admirable.
RockmasteR  +   1048d ago
lots are complaining that a high end PC will cost a lot

well if a PS4 will cost 500$ how would you play games if you don't have an HD TV with 1080p so that's another 500$
if you already have one you're lucky but you already paid for it
#27 (Edited 1048d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
FlyingFoxy  +   1048d ago
Well no problem for me, i'll just buy the next gen card whenever the best one comes like GTX 780 and be on top for performance again.
Hazmat13  +   1048d ago
lets all agree that, in the end. gaming wins.
gamernova  +   1048d ago
Lol @ the people saying that the ps4 is almost as good as a top of the line PC. The specs of the PC they listed was not even a high end pc haha And it is not like they benchmarked to see which system could get the highest fps with all the stuff maxed out. Anyone can take screen shots but can the game actually be played brilliantly with those settings? That is the true test. Not to slam the ps4 but it is not at all close to a PC. The ps4 needs to keep the price low so the specs will suffer. Still a great gaming experience but there is no comparison. You get what you pay for.

And by A PC, I mean a midrange and higher. Not an ultrabook with intel chipset graphics haha
#30 (Edited 1048d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
imt558  +   1048d ago
Read Digital Foundry's new article about PS4 and you will be suprised.:)
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