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Ulf  +   850d ago
Umm.. wasn't this demo running on a quad, unlocked i7, with a couple GTX 680, on the PC? That's pretty serious hardware. Running SLI 680s costs a LOT of money, and making a comparison between a PC with SLI 680s, and a PS4, is ridiculous -- you could buy dozens of games for the PS4, with that price difference, and have *nothing* on the PC.

If the PS4 looks even close -- which it does, VERY close, that's mighty impressive. They've taken the equivalent of a PC with a notebook AMD processor, and a desktop GTX 660, and make it near imperceptably close to a high-end i7 and a GTX 680.

...and that's before the inevitable console optimizations really hit their stride a few years from now. All for the about the price of JUST the GPU on the PC.
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cyguration  +   850d ago
Single GTX 680.
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OWWO  +   850d ago
joke of the day
"PS4 will outpower most gaming PCs for years to come"
kung-fu-grip  +   850d ago
Joke of the century
"PC gaming is dead."

But hey. Why should the "PC elitist" say anything back?
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Ulf  +   849d ago
It'll be a long while before most PCs that play games, and buy games, can compare -- whether you like it as a PC gaming enthusiast,or not.

The near 5-years-old GTX 295 is practically the same as the GTX 660, when it comes to perf -- and hardware advancement is slowing down, not speeding up. If you believe that, 5 years from now, most PCs used for gaming will have a GPU better than a GTX 660 -- or more importantly better than the GTX 680 this demo was shown with on the PC -- you're dreamin'.

You'll be lucky to have such a rig,yourself, without the extreme, generation - of - games - plus - a - console expense of SLI/Crossfire. There's a reason nVidia and AMD both don't have plans to move to 20nm manufacturing anytime soon -- and that reason is bigger than making a nice PC rig that beats out a hyper- optimized fixed-hardware device like the PS4. That reason being *money*. It's pretty big these days.
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hesido  +   850d ago
I don't think Unreal Engine will use PS4 to its limits. Just wait for Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   850d ago
It is certain by next year PC is going to totally trash PS4(720 is already done) in raw perf. That is if numbers were everything.

But there are hardly any games(Crysis 3) on the PC that take advantage of a 1 year old card like GTX 680 and I don't think that situation is going to improve by a lot(Steam box with Linux is probably going backwards). Its still going to end up with mostly console ports, indies and a sprinkling of graphics monsters like Crysis 3.
It won't be surprising if discrete gfx market is totally gone in 10 years.

Consoles are all about providing a consistent platform for devs and gamers so comparing them with PC is ultimately pointless.
Ulf  +   849d ago
Next year's PC will have 22nm Haswell CPUs, and 28nm Steamroller CPUs, but the Radeon HD 8xxx series, and the nVidia GTX 7xx series will basically only be marginally better 28nm GPUs.

It'll be many years before we see PC GPUs really capable of seriously outperforming the GPU, in practice, in the PS4 without SLI/Crossfire. It'll happen, when TSMC and GF lower their 20nm prices, and make said GPUs affordable, but that will NOT be "next year".

I do totally agree with the rest of your comment... but not that first part. That's perpetuating the "PCs will get better forever" myth -- they won't, thanks to the laws of physics.
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ShiftyLookingCow  +   849d ago
You are underestimating discrete graphics cards. The most powerful(and overpriced) single GPU card, the Geforce Titan is already has more than twice the raw performance of PS4(1.8 vs 4.5 TFLOPS). No amount of design "magic" is going to be enough in 1-2 years.

Just enjoy the PS4. It being dev friendly, there will be a lot of great games(and exclusives) for it.
strickers  +   850d ago
I can't wait to see the stunning first party ps4 games followed by PC crowd "but,but,but...."
kung-fu-grip  +   850d ago
Certain lighting and shadow details are different in the PS4 renders. Also notice the fluid effects are deferent. Lava appears to have lower polys.
KontryBoy706  +   850d ago
LOL it's funny reading some of these comments. you people can't seriously believe the PS4 is going to out perform PC. Really??? How can you see how the 2 compare when it comes to performance etc by looking at a couple of tech demos... youtube vids at that??? Youtube is compressed so you can't see true quality and locked at 30fps.
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nosferatuzodd  +   850d ago
this guys a PC elites
WickedLester  +   850d ago
Like EDMIX has already posted, Epic has stated that the demo utilizes only about 28% of PS4's capability. So really I dont understand why we're debating this.

Having said that, the 2 demos have way more similarities than they do differences even running on unoptimized hardware. The differences are not THAT huge despite what Nvidia and the rest of the PC community want to believe. In an actual real gaming situation no one would even notice. Its like those Lens of Truth videos that point out incremental differences in textures or lighting. It only matters to geeks who think it somehow adds inches to their peckers.
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RE_L_MAYER  +   850d ago
Well it seems likd ps4 is gonna turn out complete shit compare to what pc can there any point even getting next gen
WickedLester  +   850d ago
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profgerbik  +   850d ago
This is stupid when Unreal isn't really pushing this engine on the PS4 to begin with, I could almost bet it was even optimized for PC.

Sadly I wasn't even that impressed with the PC demo. I think Unreal is finally going to be behind in the engine department. So who gives a shit about their engine and what it does, if it doesn't even amaze me on PC anymore.

Out of all the new engines shown off lately I find this one to be the least impressive. It takes a lot for me to say that as I have a lot of respect for UE but as I said it seems like now, they are finally behind the competition a bit graphically.

So I could careless what it does on consoles, when it isn't doing much on PC either. To me it seems like a slightly upgraded UE3 engine.. There is nothing about these new demo's from them that truly speak to me as a completely new version of their engine.

Not defending the PS4, it won't look as great, PC can already beat consoles with what it has now and it will only get worse in about a year or two when newer CPU's and GPU's are released along with faster RAM.

I thought everyone knew that though, so why even compare the two. I love everything the PS4 is trying to achieve but even I knew that it would not even beat today's high end PC's.

It will be damn close for the price, which will be good enough for many. Anyone with the money to blow can spend thousands of dollars and outperform a console.. It is just common sense, I see no reason to compare console to PC's simply because they are non-upgradeable PC's themselves.
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OWWO  +   849d ago
ps4 is utter crap. deal wid it
Tito08  +   848d ago
Judging by your comment history, you're nothing but an obvious Playstation hater -___-(Sigh)
OWWO  +   848d ago
im not a hater but dont compare it wid pc..
Tito08  +   848d ago
Not a hater, uhmm ok.

"yuck..blurry KZ4 textures..i cant see shit...while on the other hand BF4 looks jaw droping..fu.k that if ps4 is anything above 300$ i am not buying"

"PS4 my ass"

"ps4 is utter crap. deal wid it"

"dude WTF i was planning on buying ps4......not interested anymore...PC gaming is best"-(Obvious sarcasm)

Not a hater? You sure about that? Look, I'm ok with you being a PC fanboy. Because at the end of the day, it's a game, nothing more, nothing less. You deal with PC & I deal with PS4, everyone is happy & satisfied partner.
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