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NastyLeftHook0  +   1050d ago
if they announced shenmue 3 for ps4 i would literally jump from rooftop to rooftop in my neighborhood.
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Temporary  +   1049d ago
I just started playing Sleeping Dogs a few days ago, and it very much reminds me of Shenmue. Lots of influences were taken from there for sure. Cant wait to hear more about this rumor...but not going to get excited because it is a rumor after all.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1049d ago
yes i see the influence
MikeMyers  +   1049d ago
I don't see this game being exclusive unless Sony wants to help fund it. It's one of the most expensive franchises ever made and sales never helped Sega recover those costs. What we have is a very vocal group out there that wants another Shenmue title but we all know how those who are the most vocal don't necessarily mean the majority.

Japanese sales for consoles just aren't large enough to warrant such an investment. Even Final Fantasy versus has been missing in action and I imagine mediocre Japanese console sales are the culprit.
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jc48573  +   1050d ago
i also hope they bring Yakuza 5.
porkChop  +   1050d ago
Shenmue 1 & 2 were very ambitious games. 2 was fantastic. Seeing what they managed to do on the Dreamcast I would love to see what they could with a 3rd game on the PS4.
Amigaengine  +   1049d ago
shenmue 3 for ps4 would make me purchase a PS4 day 1
LOGICWINS  +   1049d ago
It would be better suited for Vita..if Sony's smart that is. The Vita needs a system seller, the PS4 already has several.
clintagious650  +   1049d ago
Or they can make it for the ps4 but have remote play with vita. Would be good either way.
jon1234  +   1049d ago
not really... i mean it would be cool, but i take my vita everywhere and, i dont have access to wifi everywhere i go, i do have my phone which i can tether , but thats only 3g... and it isnt always reliable. so remote play games would be nice, but not smart.
jon1234  +   1049d ago
i should have included this in my previous comment for those people who disagree with me, it would be smart to release the game for the vita, and not as a ps3 or ps4 game playable through the vita, only through remote play....
Amigaengine  +   1049d ago
Shenmue is a console game and shall remain that way. Personally rather see it released on DC hardware but a console release would be special and I dont care which box it goes to.
steven83r  +   1049d ago
No way man. That is game you cannot play on a 6" screen. Games like Shenmue require big screens, no other way to enjoy them.
Hicken  +   1049d ago
I think your logic is missing, again.

How does the Vita needing a system seller(debatable) translate into the game being better suited for it than the PS4? The two things have NO correlation whatsoever.

I'd enjoy it on my Vita, make no mistake. But there's little arguing that a third Shenmue belongs on a console. And if Sony was REALLY smart, they'd lock up that exclusivity for their soon-to-be-released home console: MANY gamers would buy a PS4 for that long-awaited title. Not to mention having it on PS4 means there's the chance of re-releasing the first two games on the same disc.

Can't really see how it would be better suited on a handheld that couldn't do that, as adding the first two would pull in even MORE buyers.
LOGICWINS  +   1048d ago
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante  +   1049d ago
No. Sega doesn't have the money to put on Shenmue 3. They've even tried Shenmue Online for PC which never released. If Shenmue 3 ever did get announced for the PS4 then they would just end up canceling it anyway.
PS4isKing_82  +   1049d ago
Not if sega and Sony make a deal that would result in Sony funding the development and having it on ps4 exclusively, similar to what Nintendo did with bayonetta 2. Plus yu Suzuki even asked ppl last week about kickstarter funding the project. So I say the possiblity of Shenmue 3 coming is very good.

So no, it will not get cancelled as long as Sony is behind it helping out. It'll just turn into another of Sony's long line of strong exclusive ips.
steven83r  +   1049d ago
Also Suzuki would get involved and he already stated he wants it and will find a way to pay for it. KIckstarter would be good. Also ya a partnership with Sony would def help. And this time it won't cost 300 million to make.
profgerbik  +   1049d ago
300 Million? Where the hell did you come up with that number.. not even certain there is a game in history that cost that much to produce.

Shenmue cost $47 million at the time to make, now that is around $70 million today. The budget for both Shenmue 1 and 2 was $70 million altogether which today is close to $100 million.

They never spent anywhere near $300 million on one Shenmue.
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profgerbik  +   1049d ago
If they treat Shenmue like the games they have been lately please no..

I'll pass on them announcing the game only to see it release in Japan with no news ever about a release over seas.. Cough PSO 2.. and Yakuza 5.
Magnus  +   1049d ago
Bring on Shenmue 3 and the PS4 it would be really great if Shenmue 3 was a launch title for the PS4
Deadpool616  +   1049d ago
If they are planning to make Shenmue III, the best part about that is the series doesn't end in a 3 part trilogy like the articles says. It goes beyond that from what I've read. Unless Yu Suzuki changed that.
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PFFT  +   1049d ago
Well then PS4 day 1 for me as well!

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