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etownone  +   1051d ago

Article of a rumor or a rumor.

Anyways, looking for to Xbox reveal, whenever it's announced.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   1051d ago
will lets be serious here, if the next xbox was is great that microsoft let sony go, because they are feeling no heat.. then yeah i agree..

ther are retards at microsoft for sure. just look at windows 8 what cloud of bs
Dee_Cazo  +   1051d ago
Rumors of a delay on a system that has no hard facts other than rumors.

...I guess we are ignoring logic.
Munky  +   1051d ago
Actual tweet:

Key responses:

- It will be fine. :) Lots coming in 2013.
- We'll see what happens May 21, actually.
- It will. (Release in 2013)
- This will be a happy year if you're an Xbox fan.
- Not sure about rumors but its all good news from what I know about.

With all the negative rumors flying around, this guy remains very positive about the Nextbox. Now the only question is who is this guy and how reliable is the information he is providing.
Hydralysk  +   1051d ago
Dear god people, it's a rumour about a console that hasn't even been anounnced yet.

You might want to think about all the untrue rumours that show up on a regular basis in the games industry before you actually put stock in it.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1051d ago
MS has always been known to finalize things before showing them off, which includes shiny beautiful hardware.

Hey Sony, sure beats showing off a spec sheet huh?
cell989  +   1051d ago
something tells me, all hell is breaking loose at MS HQ after the PS4 announcement. I think they were expecting SOny to launch until next year and they have been sitting in their laurels. Now that shit just got real, they are going nuts trying to come up with some game "demos" and are contacting 3rd parties to bribe them into bringing exclusives
TheTwelve  +   1051d ago
They also know that Sony is purposely waiting for them to say a word, and then match them hype for hype at every step. All last gen, Sony gave the appearance of playing catch up and Sony is like "no more of that".

wiz7191  +   1051d ago
All I keep hearing is RUMORS, RUMORS, RUMORS, AND MORE RUMORS about the next xbox. Im not gonna believe anything until I get conformation from MS themselves, who knows whats going on behind MS closed doors. The console wasn't even announced yet maybe this is what MS wanted to do hold out until E3.
Dfooster  +   1051d ago
A month to add more RAM and discard their plans for that always connected nonsense and the inability to buy pre-owned games which would have killed the console anyway.
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