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DJ  +   922d ago
The Xbox team is probably trying to make their reveal absolutely perfect. The downside though is that Sony keeps revealing more information on PS4 and building more hype month by month.

The new Xbox risks being overshadowed by PS4, especially if PS4 really does launch earlier.
billy2smooth  +   922d ago
As a loyal xbox guy its so obvious Sony has Microsoft scrambling I'm 75% leaning towards ps4 I got a feeling that they are gonna have amazing exclusives and with it being super easy to develop for and there main focus on western audience cause they revealed there system in new York ... I'm tired of kinect and same three games every yr forza fable and gears they are good but damn
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nix  +   922d ago
"...are gonna have amazing exclusives"

psssttt.. they already have. ((:
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oof46  +   922d ago
Maybe it has something to do with that streaming service they just bought? Might be trying to iron out some kinks before they reveal anything.
DJ  +   921d ago
That would make sense. Sony only showed a demo of their new online network, but didn't actually show it in action. Maybe Microsoft wants to show off the real deal.
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dafegamer  +   922d ago
Seems like the ps4 announcement was a great megaton
xDHAV0K24x  +   922d ago
If u don't work in the gaming industry, I don't wanna hear from u that it's too "late" or "impossible" to change such and such specs. Do urself a favor and stfu
urwifeminder  +   922d ago
Looking forward to the reveal its the console i will be buying for sure.
Nilemonitors13  +   922d ago
Hello everyone, im new in n4g and i want everyone to know that im mexican, so my english is not perfect, so please bear with me. First of all I wanted to ask if the xbox 720´s r umoured dual gpu would be more powerful than the ps4 and if there is a possibility that the ps4 has more specs under the hood that we do not know about, thank you fotr your time.
KillrateOmega  +   922d ago
I've seen several other comments saying that they are holding back on the reveal in order to try and make last minute changes to the Next box. This is highly unlikely. It's simply too late for that to be a viable option. They MIGHT be able to change the HDD or something, but that's about it...

What is more likely is that they trying to put together a reveal/show that will be just as exciting as the PS4 reveal. Getting together devs to come on stage and praise the Nextbox, trying to gather a collection of games to show with a focus on exclusives (good luck to them there), planning on how to advertise the Nextbox in a way that won't make them seem weaker or less 'core gamer'-focused than Sony, etc.

Now, if the rumors are true that they are holding back on the reveal because they are not worried and have something up their sleeve, then I must ask, what could they possible have that is so damn impressive that they are willing to concede this much potential press coverage and time to Sony?
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mamotte  +   922d ago
So it moved from "rumored date without proof A" to "rumored date without proof B"? Madness!
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dangerousjo33  +   922d ago
stop fighting he can be wrong nothing is sat in stone plus it would be silly to show it off a month b4 e3 it would be just waste of ms money
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5eriously  +   921d ago
Knowing the Microsoft camp they are frantically redesigning the next platform to enable them to compete with the PS4. I presume the shocker was just to much for them to handle. Yet looking at their poor performance re new IP's and games for the eXbox lately I am not sure they would ever be able to compete 1:1 again.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   921d ago
lol, why do people feel that this " rumours " are just that most of the time is true.

but yeah it is the last minute changes probably desperate ones too, lets hope they dont force it to release next year because of the ps4, my plan for next gen is for multiplatform games to be even on highest possible scale, xbox fans will wait for the xbox and so as sony, they both will sell.

i would be very worried if microsoft makes any type of changes to the motherboard this short amount of time.
DigitalSmoke  +   921d ago
I think they they will have to as one memory pool is unorthadox as hell, specially a GDDR5 one.
MS never expected this.

They will have to match GDDR5 if they wanto compete, so going from DDR3 will need drastic changes to the entire system, a total redesign of the motherboard atleast.

Its going to be interesting, specially when a intelligent move by Sony would be to release specs for MS to react to, but having an even more powerfull system in mind for E3.
TheKayle1  +   921d ago
they dont have too.......move engine do all what it need and do it better..not givin latency to the cpu....give more advantage for 3d engines


ppl talk abotu things without knowing the things itself

trust in em in a unified pool of gddr5 memory have mor cons than pros

and for what i know sony had to match the 8 gb durango ...moving from 4 to 8....

they using gddr5 coz they cant spent money in others solutions.....future is stacked memory not gddr5 HIGH LATENCY MEMORY

pls seriously read that article....u will find it interesting than come back and tell me if they need to "MATCH" the gddr5 or is just the opposite...(but sony cant match the move engines)
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