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ARESWARLORD  +   887d ago
Auto Aim is great on PC a lot of us play with 360 controllers because that's what we prefer. Now the elitist pc players will have a problem with that but they are relics. look at the Steam big picture and I would bet a lot of us played games on a pc before the so called PC elitist ever touched a key board. Kings Quest and Leisure suit Larry any one.
Pandamobile  +   887d ago
It's good for controller users, but I sure as hell don't want aim assist with a mouse.
TurboGamer  +   886d ago
A 360 controller on a PC with a FPS? Dude what is wrong with you. I can understand racing games and some hack and slash, but FPS? Auto-Aim Assist should be banished from from the gaming world because it's making games to easy.
Cobain19  +   886d ago
problem is that this auto-aim assist is present even when using keyboard+mouse

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