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first1NFANTRY  +   791d ago
Looking forward to what this man has up his sleeves for us. The Metal Gear Solid series are probably my favorite games of all time.

Does anyone know when he'll be demonstrating the fox engine today?
GenericNameHere  +   791d ago
Damn you school!! I can't watch it live, so I gotta wait till after school >:/
trenso1  +   791d ago
yea and i just submmited something kinda late but hopefully its approved so more people can see it
ANIALATOR136  +   791d ago
"probably"? They should be!
mrmancs  +   791d ago
hope he shows it running on a ps4
MrWonderful  +   791d ago
Damnit im at work and cant get video stream!!!
nevin1  +   791d ago
I want too see a return of MGO.
Prcko  +   791d ago
HERE WE GO guys and girls
ps3_pwns  +   791d ago
but where is the pc version hahaha

console master race confirmed yet again.
rezzah  +   791d ago
Good read.
LOL_WUT  +   791d ago
I guess no Wii U version of MGSV then...
Starfox-17  +   790d ago
Wiiu will get Smash bros soon it's been confirmed guys get ready for the best fighting game of all time.

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